Critical Recap: Critical Role C3E10 “Ghosts, Dates, and Darker Fates”

Written by on January 19, 2022

Hello! Welcome to Critical Recap! I’m Dani Carr, the Critical Role Lore Keeper. Let’s dive into our recap of Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 10 Ghosts, Dates, and Darker Fates!


Vali Dertrana gives chase to Chetney, having spotted his invisible form attempting to escape in the rain. The group distracts Vali with an extra creepy Laudna, convincing him that the courtyard is haunted by ghosts. This causes him to run away in terror and gives Chetney time to escape and rejoin the group. Laudna continues spooking guards away from them, feeding the narrative that the Mirror Tower courtyard has become deeply haunted.

Chetney fills them all in on the Nightmare King, a name that Fearne recognizes from tales her nana told her about a creature in the Feywild who bent and twisted nature for fun. Now it seems he’s in Jrusar, kidnapping people for some new scheme. Chetney, Orym, and Dorian decide to stay in the area to keep an eye on the activity around the Moon Tower while Imogen, Laudna, and Fearne go on their date with Pretty the Ogre. FCG decides to join the date, so that he can observe one for the first time as a “bot on the wall.” Ashton is going to chase a possible lead.

They decide to meet back at the Spire by Fire at midnight and learn before parting ways that Dorian gave their other sending stone to his brother Cyrus. The groups disperse and Orym, Dorian, and Chetney begin their watch of the Mirror Towers. They look for any more possible entrances but find none. Eventually, Vali Dertrana leaves with two auspicious Wilders. They hear Vali tell the wardens that he will be moving offices in the morning and to add more guards overnight.


Laudna, Imogen, Fearne, and FCG return to the Soot and Swill Tavern for their date. Pretty is waiting for them, dressed up in a bow tie and with wrapped presents of kitchen vegetables, which the women wear as accessories. They give him a crafting project of Laudna’s that falls apart in her hands, but he appreciates the thought. It seems many patrons in the crowded bar were betting against Pretty’s dates showing up and he delights in proving them wrong before shouting for everyone to leave so they can have a meal in privacy.

Later, they attend a performance of Kendra’s Flying Lauders at the Dreamscape Theater. Pretty speaks on his love of the arts before letting his dates down easy. He doesn’t feel a deep connection to any of them, but still wants to be friends. He is sure they will find their special someones one day and asks them to visit him again — he’s invested in their happiness now. Pretty leaves and the others discuss the date. Imogen saw this coming, as she could hear his thoughts – Pretty was more interested in watching the show than in any of their charms. They all enjoyed the date, though, and agree that the best part was spending time with each other.


Meanwhile, Ashton heads to the fancy Lucent Spire and the manor home of Jiana Hexum. The older elven woman is the person to whom Ashton owes much of their considerable debt. Jiana is a wealthy collector of various relics who is in a deep wager with a rival – Evon Hytroga, owner and proprietor of the Twilight Mirror Museum in the Heartmoor Hamlet. This rival has relentlessly teased her since her home’s recent failed burglary.

Evon claims that his new security system is impenetrable and Jiana bet that one of her people could bypass it. If she wins, she gets an item out of Evon’s personal collection and if she loses, he gets one of hers. The ante has been expanded, as now Mistress Isha Sabanis is sponsoring a rival troupe. Jiana has heard that Ashton is working with a new group and they confirm that the new crew is probably up for the challenge. If Ashton succeeds, she will consider their debt paid off.

Jiana confirms that it was her golem crate that was stolen and that she holds the bounty on Cyrus. Ashton wants to look into it for her, but she’s hired others to do so. He tells her that she’s chasing the wrong person. She’s feeling vengeful, but would be interested in real proof, should they find some. Ashton asks about the Nightmare King, who she’s never heard of, but Jiana is intrigued by whatever dark business the well-connected Vali Dertrana is tangled up in, as well as the recent chaos in the city.


All three disparate groups meet back up at the Spire by Fire. Ashton explains what he learned at Jiana’s, as well as their relationship. Ashton’s old crew was the Nobodies, who they grew up with in the Greymoore State Home. The Nobodies were hired to rob Jiana’s home. They were in an office in an upper story when Jiana came in — Ashton got hit by a magical blast and fell out the window. Milo fixed them up as best they could with some strange chaos dust that was lying around, as well as the melted gold of Ashton’s payment for the job.

Jiana found out who they were and let Ashton pay off the debt to her while the rest of the Nobodies skipped town. Ashton holds no ill will towards the crew – he would have done the same thing. Ashton took the fall and protected their family. As for Cyrus, Ashton thinks that if they can get Jiana proof of his innocence, it’ll make her call off the bounty. Dorian appreciates that Ashton tried to dissuade her without naming names. The group will consider Jiana’s job.


The group returns to the Mirror Towers to break into Vali’s office. After scaring one guard with Laudna’s haunted house magic, they hop a wall and Orym guides them around some patrolling guards. When they’re nearly discovered, Laudna conjures a young ghostly girl with Silent Image, terrifying guards and clearing the path to the tarp-covered window.

They successfully get inside and Chetney opens the secret bookcase entrance. He heads down the stairs, hearing humming and arcing energy. He hears someone speaking to his “pets,” saying that he’s trying to see what he can get done before they have to uproot the operation. Chetney sees a pulsing blue light in a prison-like room, as well as a strange metallic contraption. A tall humanoid man sits at a table and tinkers with a strange blue stone. The person is thin and lithe, wearing a black coat and tails and sitting with an unsettling posture.

Chetney sees Gurge locked behind bars. The figure tells Gurge that his gift should be shared with other people. He then places the blue stone in the contraption. The others creep down the stairs to meet up with Chetney. As they do, the figure turns around and speaks to them – they see that he is hairless, with pale jaundiced skin and green, full sclera eyes. He has no nose and no lips, but a jack-o-lantern grin that curls up to his incredibly long ears.

That is it for Episode 10 of Critical Role!


  • Holy shit y’all, I think that guy earns the moniker Nightmare King. This might be one of my favorite of Matt’s villain descriptions. SO TERRIFYING!
  • Major lore drop from Ashton! We finally know what happened to them and their old crew, as well as their immense debt. Jiana’s job sounds intriguing, too.
  • Hopefully they can find a way to prove that Cyrus was a fall guy and not responsible for the missing golem! Otherwise he’s just going to be on the run forever.
  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – protect Pretty at all costs!

Anyway, catch Episode 11 on Thursday, January 20th at 7pm Pacific on and on or a week later on our podcast. Is it Thursday yet?

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