Campaign 1: Vox Machina

Episodes of the first campaign, Vox Machina.


(VM, EP1) Arrival at Kraghammer
(VM, EP2) Into the Greyspine Mines
(VM, EP3) Strange Bedfellows
(VM, EP4) Attack on the Duergar Warcamp
(VM, EP5) The Trick About Falling
(VM, EP6) Breaching the Emberhold
(VM, EP7) The Throne Room
(VM, EP8) Glass and Bone
(VM, EP9) Yug’voril Uncovered
(VM, EP10) K’Varn Revealed
(VM, EP11) The Temple Showdown
(VM, EP12) Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Tips
(VM, EP13) Escape from the Underdark
(VM, EP16) Enter Vasselheim
(VM, EP18) Trial of the Take
(VM, EP19) Trial of the Take Part 2 ft. FELICIA DAY
(VM, EP20) Trial of the Take Part 3
(VM, EP21) Trial of the Take Part 4
(VM, EP22) AraMente to Pyrah
(VM, EP25) Crimson Diplomacy
(VM, EP26) Consequences and Cows
(VM, EP27) The Path to Whitestone
(VM, EP28) The Sun Tree
(VM, EP29) Whispers
(VM, EP30) Stoke the Flames
(VM, EP31) Gunpowder Plot Part 1
(VM, EP31) Gunpowder Plot Part 2
(VM, EP32) Against the Tide of Bone
(VM, EP33) Reunions Part 1
(VM, EP33) Reunions Part 2
(VM, EP34) Race to the Ziggurat
(VM, EP35) Denouement Part 1
(VM, EP35) Denouement Part 2
(VM, EP36) Winter’s Crest in Whitestone
(VM, EP37) A Musician’s Nostalgia
(VM, EP38) Echoes of the Past
(VM, EP39) Omens
(VM, EP40) Desperate Measures
(VM, EP41) In Ruins
(VM, EP42) Dangerous Dealings
(VM, EP43) Return to Vasselheim
(VM, EP44) The Sunken Tomb
(VM, EP45) Those Who Walk Away…
(VM, EP46) Cindergrove Revisited
(VM, EP47) The Family Business
(VM, EP48) Into the Frostweald
(VM, EP49) A Name Is Earned
(VM, EP50) Best Laid Plans…
(VM, EP51) Test of Pride
(VM, EP52) The Kill Box
(VM, EP53) At Dawn, We Plan!
(VM, EP54) In the Belly of the Beast
(VM, EP55) Umbrasyl
(VM, EP56) Hope
(VM, EP57) Duskmeadow
(VM, EP58) A Cycle of Vengeance
(VM, EP59) The Feywild
(VM, EP60) Heredity and Hats – LIVE
(VM, EP61) Denizens of the Moonbrush
(VM, EP62) Uninviting Waters
(VM, EP63) The Echo Tree
(VM, EP64) The Frigid Doom
(VM, EP65) The Streets of Ank’Harel
(VM, EP66) A Traveler’s Gamble
(VM, EP67) The Chase to Glintshore
(VM, EP68) Cloak and Dagger
(VM, EP69) Passed Through Fire
(VM, EP70) Trust
(VM, EP71) Vorugal
(VM, EP72) The Elephant in the Room
(VM, EP73) The Coming Storm
(VM, EP74) Path of Brass
(VM, EP75) Where the Cards Fall
(VM, EP76) Brawl in the Arches
(VM, EP77) Clash at Daxio
(VM, EP78) The Siege of Emon
(VM, EP79) Thordak
(VM, EP80) Raishan
(VM, EP81) What Lies Beneath the Surface
(VM, EP82) Deadly Echoes
(VM, EP83) The Deceiver’s Stand
(VM, EP84) Loose Ends
(VM, EP85) A Bard’s Lament
(VM, EP86) Daring Days
(VM, EP87) Onward to Vesrah
(VM, EP88) Tangled Depths
(VM, EP89) Curious Tides
(VM, EP90) Voice of the Tempest
(VM, EP91) Vox Machina Go to Hell
(VM, EP92) Deals in the Dark
(VM, EP93) Bats Out of Hell
(VM, EP94) Jugs and Rods
(VM, EP95) One Year Later…
(VM, EP96) Family Matters
(VM, EP97) Taryon, My Wayward Son
(VM, EP98) The Mines of the Many
(VM, EP99) Masquerade
(VM, EP100) Unfinished Business
(VM, EP101) Thar Amphala
(VM, EP102) Race to the Tower
(VM, EP103) The Fate-Touched
(VM, EP104) Elysium
(VM, EP105) The Fear of Isolation
(VM, EP106) The Endless Atheneum
(VM, EP107) Scaldseat
(VM, EP108) The Core Anvil
(VM, EP109) The Ominous March – LIVE
(VM, EP110) The Climb Within
(VM, EP111) Shadows of Thomara
(VM, EP112) Dark Dealings
(VM, EP113) The Final Ascent
(VM, EP114) Vecna, the Ascended
(VM, EP115) The Chapter Closes

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