Critical Recap: Critical Role C3E89 “Divisive Portents”

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Hello! Welcome to Critical Recap! I’m Dani Carr, the Critical Role Lore Keeper. Let’s dive into our recap of Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 89 Divisive Portents!


Bells Hells tell Rashinna that they want to help to end the Imperium’s abuse of its people and she cautiously accepts their aid. She introduces them to her right hand, a Reiloran Hulk named Gaz Tomo. Gaz is a friendly and confident soldier who cares for the myceit, the fungus creatures who are part of the ecosystem of Ruidus. Rashinna explains that the Weave Mind, the 5 individuals who have maintained power for over 400 years, have experimented with bioengineering for generations and altered the evolution of the Ruidian people.

The Weave Mind can psychically project themselves into the minds of Ruidians who were marked at birth, a mandatory process for all. Volition members have had their marks removed, but any civilian is potentially an extension of the Mind. The Dominion of Cruth is led by Sunder King Ozo Cruth, a terrifying tactician from a long line of military leadership whose bloodline can control animals. The Tectus imposes the will of the Weave Mind and the Dominion on the streets, but the Volition has a few double agents amongst them.

Ruidian society has been reset at least 4 times in their history, but the Prime Pillar, the glass spire, is a constant. There are many veins of glass weaving through Ruidus. This one is a symbolic seat of power. A group called The Collective led the Ruidians before the Imperium. There were once multiple societies on Ruidus, but a series of massive earthquakes known as the Crush destroyed those societies 300 years ago. Bending to the Imperium was deemed the safest option. The only faith Ruidians have outside of the Weave Mind is Predathos, the One Who Sleeps.


As for Ludinus and the Ruby Vanguard, they’ve been here a few weeks, bringing strange devices from Exandria across the Bloody Bridge. Those devices were taken beneath the Prime Pillar to the large excavation below the ground. The Imperium has been promising relocation to the Ruidians, for those true to the Weave Mind to leave Ruidus for Exandria. The Volition didn’t know about the plans to awaken Predathos.

Laudna asks Rashinna if she wants to know the Ruidian history they’ve uncovered, but she’s not ready yet. They re-focus on their plans for tomorrow, as there are a few plots that will occur simultaneously. The first: a detonation of a section of the excavation site to slow down their progress. Sorrowlord Zathuda (Fearne’s father) is overseeing that excavation. A demolition team died in the last attempt and the only survivor has been crafting the bombs. Surprisingly, that survivor was Ira Wendagoth, a great ally to the Volition. He’s pleased to see the Hells.

The second endeavor is an infiltration to rescue Evoroa, a bormodo scientist and a Volition spy. She was working on Ludinus’ Exandrian tech and has gone missing. She was last seen in the Colloquium of Candescence at the base of the Prime Pillar. They’re unsure if Evoroa is still alive and want to find her research. The third is an operation to rescue allies from Exandria imprisoned in the Glasshold Garrison at the lower end of the Arx Creonum, a city within the Prime Pillar. It will be led by Vezodan Amerai, Champion of the Strife Emperor.


Rashinna doesn’t want to discuss the final mission, but Imogen speaks with her telepathically and learns they are planning to assassinate her mother, Liliana. The meeting adjourns and Bells Hells find a private place to rest. Imogen tells her friends about the plan to assassinate Liliana and her mixed feelings. She had written her mother off, but this feels so soon. It’s just an attempt and it could fail, but it could also succeed. Imogen isn’t sure if she wants to be there to either try and save her mother or to allow strangers to kill her.

Imogen thinks Liliana’s redemption would take a lot and even if she succeeded in saving her mother, it could look bad in the Volition’s eyes. The other mission may involve taking out Zathuda – does Fearne want to be there to confront her father? Chetney points out this could be the last chance for both of them to talk to their parents. He says this is Bells Hells’ story and they can’t help Exandria without taking care of themselves first. This has always been personal.

They discuss whether to split up and try to do two missions. Gaz Tomo returns and they ask how he ended up with the Volition – he’d spent his life feeling like he was doing the wrong thing. He joined the Volition after he failed to kill Rashinna’s father, the original Volition leader. He confirms that the assassination tomorrow will take place at the Woven Music Grand Hall, where many Ruidusborn are gathered. Laudna worries this will mean death for the Volition team and that they don’t know how powerful Liliana is.


Imogen goes to sleep and finds her mother in a dream. Liliana apologizes for thinking this wouldn’t have burdened Imogen. She’s trying to make a difference from the inside, as Ludinus listens to her. She’s worried what would happen if she wasn’t here. Liliana wants Imogen and all the Ruidusborn to be free but Imogen wants her mother to leave the Vanguard. Liliana says there are children here who rely on her. Keeping Predathos asleep will delay the inevitable.

She believes that Predathos won’t kill anyone, as he’ll only go after the gods. Liliana calls the gods tyrants, only protecting their worshippers, and urges Imogen to question them. Liliana loves her daughter and apologizes for not being there. Imogen asks if Liliana is willing to kill her. They’re on opposing sides in this war, but Liliana disagrees – they just have different methods. Imogen tells Liliana that it’s her turn to run, and wakes up.

Imogen tells the others that Liliana is in too deep to change her mind. She doesn’t want to take part in the assassination attempt. They’ll warn the Volition to expect a fight. Orym apologizes to Imogen, but she knew all along. Everything about this situation is gray, even the gods. What does Liliana know about the gods? Chetney thinks they’re missing information. All the myths and history they know was written from Vasselheim’s perspective. What is the truth?


In the morning, Fearne finds Ira in the midst of working on the bombs. She asks why he hates Zathuda and Ira says he’s just a prick like all the others. Ludinus is who he hates for stealing his designs. As for why Fearne was to be Ruidusborn, Ira isn’t sure, but he thinks they were trying to create as many Ruidusborn as possible to create extra special children. They wanted an Exaltant and Ira suspects that Zathuda is disappointed that Fearne isn’t more.

Before they attend the meeting, Laudna pulls Imogen aside. The two feel a distance between them and Laudna doesn’t understand how Liliana could love Imogen and abandon her at the same time. Imogen counters that Laudna is still tangled up with Delilah, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t also love Imogen. Bells Hells worked so hard to free Laudna of Delilah’s influence, but the second they separated, Laudna found that flame again and now it’s bigger than ever.

Imogen apologizes for her words during Nana’s trust exercise, but Laudna doesn’t want to be a burden. Ruidus and Delilah – they aren’t sure either of them can be rid of them. Laudna swears she didn’t mean to give Delilah power, but Delilah never really left. Laudna swears she isn’t lying to her. Imogen needs Laudna and kisses her as a vow to never let her go, but Laudna worries she is a weight on Imogen’s path to greatness. Imogen needs Laudna to keep her grounded from Predathos’ pull. This all feels so complicated, but they swear to hold onto each other.


The meeting begins and FCG takes charge, asking what they need for each mission so they can decide who to send where. The Infiltration mission will be very dangerous and require a strong will, since it will be closer to the Weave Mind. Chetney, Laudna, Imogen, and Orym volunteer for this mission to find Evoroa. The Detonation mission is the spark that sets the other missions off, as the bomb will distract the city. FCG, Fearne, and Ashton volunteer for this explosive mission with Ira.

The assassination will be led by Gaz Tomo, whose team is armed with Screech Plumes, devices that can scramble psychic abilities. Imogen warns them that Liliana is stronger than the Thought Eaters and suggests taking her prisoner instead, so she can give them information. Rashinna refuses, saying they only have one shot at someone this powerful. They have lost too many people due to showing empathy. They will do what is necessary to survive.

An elderly Mystic named Ivanas scratches a mark on Team Infiltration’s foreheads, though Chetney refuses to let her do it to him. This mark allows them to see invisibility, as she then casts invisibility. Chetney has the monocle of true-seeing, so he’s set. Ira casts seeming on his compatriots, making Ashton look like a quanikka (the sasquatch-like people), Fearne look like a bormodo, FCG look like a myceit, and himself look like a Thought Eater.

The two troops diverge and enter Kreviris, a city that mixes influence from different types of Exandrian societies and architectures remembered from their dreams. The city seems to be preparing for a move and they see numerous Cruth soldiers and Juggernauts. The two troops can no longer see each other, but they can still hear each other in their heads thanks to FCG’s Telepathic Bond. The missions are ready to begin.

That is it for Episode 89 of Critical Role!


  • Gaz Tomo please stay forever, stay forever Gaz Tomo. And bring your mushroom babies.
  • Plot to assassinate Liliana??? That’s… not going to go well for anyone involved.
  • Oh hey Champion of the Strife Emperor, just out here confirming that the Betrayer Gods are also worried about Predathos!
  • Splitting the party has never once gone poorly, everything will be fine.

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