Critical Recap: Critical Role C3E88 “Seeking Sedition”

Written by on March 20, 2024

Hello! Welcome to Critical Recap! I’m Dani Carr, the Critical Role Lore Keeper. Let’s dive into our recap of Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 88 Seeking Sedition!


Surrounded by Laudna’s magical darkness, Bells Hells can only wait in silence beneath the floorboards as they listen to voices above search for them. The voices are seeking vengeance for the Reilorans killed only hours ago. They hear the people above beat up Zhesh and force her to open the cellar. Unable to see anything, they send domesticated slithers (the piranha-like creatures) down to investigate. The first burrows through the stone itself and searches out the group, but cannot find them.

As the first slither leaves, convincing the others above that the cellar is empty, two other slithers enter, with one bumping into Imogen. As the second slither leaves, the third begins to bite into Imogen’s head, chewing her like a dog with a toy. Laudna attempts to distract the slither, but it returns to its favorite Ruidusborn chewtoy. Stressed and remaining silent, Fearne wildshapes into a slither and Laudna throws her out of the cellar while Orym kills the one attacking.

Fearne!slither convinces the Slitherlord and their cohorts that she can smell enemies elsewhere. She leads them out of the Jagged Edge, freeing Bells Hells from their trap. Fearne!slither picks a random house to lead them astray, then burrows into the ground. She gets lost attempting to return to her friends, but FCG casts locate creature and, through their telepathic bond, is able to guide Fearne back to them using the techniques they learned in the Fey Realm.


There are a couple more hours until sunset, so Zhesh allows them to stay longer, as this is the safest place for them right now. Zhesh explains that she used to live underground, in Veterra Kreviris, but now the mines and the city are Imperium controlled. Chetney collects his commissioned scythe, made from Ruidian glass. This glass glows faintly when it’s near Ruidusborn and gives a mechanical boost when near psychic individuals.

This glass is a natural resource that the Ruidians mine. Bone is another renewable resource for the Ruidians, with some cultures remembering their ancestors by crafting items like keepsakes or weapons from their bones. Zhesh allows Bells Hells to take whatever they need after Chetney and Ashton give her both gold and gems for materials. Orym takes a glass shortsword, Laudna takes a dagger that Chetney attaches to Sashimi, and FCG gets a mood gem for his chest as well as an upgrade to his buzzsaw.

Before they leave, Fearne casts dispel magic on the box they took from the Reiloran cart. Within is an odd, hexagonal device wrapped in velvet. The device is covered in runes and reminds them of the devices at the base of the Malleus Key that dispelled magic. Laudna reads the runes, which speak of disruptive abjuration magic. They realize this is Aeorian technology, as it is similar to the runes within FCG. He inspects the device, which seems to be part of a bigger piece and intended to scramble other types of magic as a disruptor.


Bells Hells leave the Jagged Edge and head to the Overspoke Tower, a military watchpoint. Imogen approaches the tower with Laudna. They are stopped by a guard who thinks that Imogen is her mother Liliana and treats her with respect. Imogen plays along and he leads them up to meet with Earot, who agrees to let “Liliana” into the crow’s nest alone. Laudna spots the Volition’s purple fabric signal and the two leave without issue, their path to the rebels charted.

The group arrives at the Volition’s pass house, where a man, Watcher Amido, comes out and threatens them. This time, Imogen must convince him that she is not her mother before he lets them in and brings them to Rashinna of the Golden Hammer. Rashinna is the leader of the Volition and she will decide if they are trustworthy. They are led to an antechamber below and introduced to Rashinna, a Reiloran with a tattooed head crest and wielding a bronze hammer, as well as other members of the Volition.

Orym pushes Imogen forward as Bells Hells’ leader and she is recognized as Liliana’s daughter. Imogen swears that her blood carries no loyalty and that they want to destroy Ludinus, Otohan, Liliana, and all who would seek to control the people of Ruidus – including the Imperium. Rashinna leads the group to a window that looks out over a large underground cityscape, where a glowing glass spire sits in the center like a massive tree. The Volition want the Weavemind, the five minds that have enslaved them for years. They aim to take down that glowing heart.

That is it for Episode 88 of Critical Role!


  • Happy 9 years, Critical Role!
  • Orym could have a beautiful life as a fruit vendor. He was passing out strawberries and blueberries left and right.
  • Ahhh Bells Hells have found the rebels!! It’s go time!!
  • Fearne wildshapes into strange creatures in order to get out of danger is my personal favorite Bells Hells narrative device.

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