Critical Recap: Critical Role C3E90 “Mission Improbable”

Written by on April 10, 2024

Hello! Welcome to Critical Recap! I’m Dani Carr, the Critical Role Lore Keeper. Let’s dive into our recap of Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 90 Mission Improbable!


Ira leads Fearne, Ashton, and FCG through the Sprawl Grotto and into the fresh excavation tunnel at the base of the Prime Pillar. Fearne spots Sorrowlord Zathuda’s massive dragon mount Gloamglut sleeping near the beast pits. Ira’s disguise as a Thought Eater allows them to descend without issue, but they are sent to the barracks by two Reilora, where they find Zathuda telepathically speaking with the terrifying Sunder King Ozo Cruth.

Cruth leaves, but one of his avadons takes an interest in FCG (who is disguised as a myceit). The avadon is eventually recalled by the Sunder King and the group continues down the tunnel to a thick stone door that they cannot open. FCG casts passwall via the Staff of Dark Odyssey, making a hole in the wall that Ira covers with an illusion. They continue forward and find several Reilorans manning a massive machine that is drilling into the glass.

Ira dominates the soldiers and Fearne charms the distrustful Juggernaut, sending them all out of the room. Ira dances through the room, setting the six bombs and immediately setting the timer for one minute. They race out, turning the Juggernaut into a snail and telling the dominated Reilorans to go back to the drill. As they run, the bombs detonate in a massive explosion, far bigger than Bells Hells expected.


Meanwhile, Chetney, Orym, Laudna, and Imogen invisibly stealth to the Arx Creonum, the city within the Prime Pillar. They climb up to a balcony on a rope and enter a study. As they inspect the room, a burlap bag they were given by the Volition begins to shift. Within is the captured Volition scientist Evoroa’s cytaa named Gona, who knows she is still alive. Gona can guide the group to her lab. They move to a staircase guarded by two Hulk soldiers.

Chet tosses two of his masterpiece toys at the Hulks, distracting them with his legendary craftsmanship long enough for the group to stealth past. They pass through an arcane laboratory that Gona calls the Engineering Bay – Evoroa should be nearby. They notice a box of Aeorian tech, jars and tubes with failed and current biological experiments, and a sphere with a theoretical representation of the glass core of Ruidus. A table holds an autopsied Judicator, whose face clearly was melted by the mask the Judicators wear.

The final room contains Reiloran overseers (a Mystic and a Shrike) and a liquid tube with Evoroa still alive inside. Suddenly, the entire room shakes as the bomb goes off. Chetney shouts from the stairwell for an evacuation, clearing the lab of the scientists. The Mystic and the Shrike stay in the room. Imogen and Orym’s combined attack immediately drops the Mystic, but the Shrike uses its telekinetic blades to break an experimental Vidulch (insectoid creature) out of its tube to join the fray.


Meanwhile, Team Bomb are still racing to escape the explosion they set off. Ira grabs Fearne and casts dimension door, taking them both to the Ruidian surface. The ground begins to collapse in on itself, so Ira casts wall of force to save Fearne from falling before he vanishes. In the tunnel, Ashton activates the Shard of Ka’Mort, carrying FCG, but even their immense speed is unable to continue outrunning the blast.

Ashton throws down the portable hole as the blast hits. The hole gives them just enough cover to halve the damage, but they are still blasted out of the cavern. They are battered, but they are alive. More explosions rip through the air, including the angry scream of Gloamglut as Fearne surfs on top of the debris. FCG heals himself and Ashton as Fearne finds them. Back in the lab, the other half of Bells Hells finish off the Shrike and put the experimental Vidulch to rest.

Orym smashes Evoroa’s glass tube, freeing her. She is exhausted and weak, but conscious. Laudna, Imogen, and Chetney steal some items from the lab before Evoroa guides them out and off a balcony to the ground. The team checks in telepathically, confirming they’re all alive. Suddenly, they hear an earth-shattering scream of fury that belongs to Liliana. A shell-shaped building explodes and Liliana takes to the sky as a purple streak. Fearne and Imogen hear a voice in their heads, asking “Did she know?”

That is it for Episode 90 of Critical Role!


  • She?! Who she?! Who voice?! Liliana??? Otohan??? Rashinna???
  • Fey dragon on the moon! Fey dragon on the moon!!!
  • Who has survived and what is left of them!?

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