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The shelves of Darrington Press are piping hot with a new edition of the adored storytelling game, For the Queen, by Diana Jones Award winning game designer Alex Roberts, available right now! Grab 2-6 of your royal gamer buddies to use this card-based game to collaboratively build a fun-filled tale of admiration, despair, or betrayal […]

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Fix your crown to enter the queen era of Darrington Press! Just on the heels of Queen by Midnight, Darrington Press has just announced their release of a new edition of the beloved storytelling game For the Queen by Alex Roberts (Diana Jones Award winner, Starcrossed, Till the Last Gasp), coming to your palace on […]

Hey Critters—it’s that wonderful time of year again! From our hearts to yours, we bring you the 2nd Annual CRITMAS CAN’T MISS SALE! We’ve released a lot of new shows, games, and merch this year and want to thank you for coming along for the ride with us. From now through Friday, December 1st at […]

The Candela Obscura Core Rulebook is finally here!

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