HYPE! The Third and Final Season of Midst Premieres February 14th!

Written by on January 24, 2024

The end is only the beginning…

The third and final season of Midst is ready for the world to see and there is a whole lot in store for our complicated anti-heroes!

Join us on February 14th, as Season Three of Midst debuts on the Critical Role YouTube Channel, your favorite podcast streaming platform, and for subscribers on Midst.co

Journey UN-ward to learn more about what’s UN-FOLDing in the cosmos this season…

What’s Going On In Season Three And Beyond?

The intertwined lives of our crotchety outlaw,  freakishly-virtuous cultist, and weird diabolical bastard have become a lot more complicated in these past two seasons…

Moons falling out of the sky are the least of their worries!

With reality bending Fold tearrors, crumbling economies, new unhinged leaders, haunted pasts, and a manhunt throughout the cosmos,  this new season has A LOT of explaining to do…

Season Three kicks off with the citizens of Midst continuing to rebuild Stationary Hill as the structure of power shifts within the Upper Trust. Phineas and Lark find themselves unlikely accomplices as they make their way toward the Highest Light, where a shocking new incarnation of Moc Weepe rallies the entire might of the Trust to hunt for the cosmos’ most wanted outlaw.

We can’t wait to show what lies ahead for Lark, Moc Weepe, Phineas Thatch and their fellow companions. Though Season Three will be our final season of Midst, rest assured this is NOT the last you’ll be hearing from these unreliable narrators!

We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Third Person as we explore more of this truly original and unique world.

Who Are the MIDST-erious Creators and Narrators of Midst?

Everything you hear, see, and experience in Midst is the work of the immensely talented performance and production studio known collectively as Third Person.

These three friends serve as the creators, artists, producers, and playfully omniscient narrators of Midst and we couldn’t be happier to continue bringing these cosmos to life with this gifted trio.

If you want to learn more about Third Person and their creative process, check out Midst Messages on Midst.co! In these bonus episodes, the trio answers your burning  questions and gives a peek into the secret, dark, and dangerous origins of Midst.

You can also check out our Midst Roundtable for an in-depth interview with these creators!

When & Where Can You Watch Season Three?

The first episode of Season Three will premiere February 14th on your favorite podcast streaming app at 5:00am Pacific with an illustrated video version of the episode available on the Critical Role YouTube Channel at 10:00am Pacific.

HOWEVER, if you’re a Fold Member on Midst.co, you’ll gain access to the first three episodes instantly on the release date! In addition to early access, Fold Members receive lore-expanding appendices, music downloads, art downloads, and Midst Messages from Third Person that are filled with behind-the-scenes content. So if you’re looking to delve deeper into the cosmos, come join The Fold here.

New episodes will continue weekly on Wednesdays (aka the MIDST-le of the week) for the 19 episodes of Season Three. 

Fold Members remain two episodes ahead of the free feeds—so for instance, on February 21st, free feeds will receive Episode 2  while Fold members will receive Episode 4.

Why is Season Three Extra Special?

This final season will be a new story for both the long-time listeners of Midst and the new members who have joined the Fold along the way!

Since Midst initially aired in 2020, we teamed up with Third Person to completely re-release Seasons One and Two of the series. With Third Person at the helm, we remastered the audio format of the show and worked with some incredible artists to bring the cosmos further to life with beautiful, lightly-animated video editions of every episode.

We are so excited to see what fate awaits our protagonists in this final season of Midst

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We hope to see you soon and welcome you back to The Fold…

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