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The third installment in our Mighty Nein playlist series is centered on our IDGAF attitude slangin’ monk, Beauregard.

Our playlists are curated carefully by each Critical Role cast member and our previous character playlists can be found on Spotify via the official Critical Role account or you can listen to the playlist embedded below.

And now, a few words from our creative director, Marisha Ray.


Beau is a mood, and so is this playlist. Even when I look at fan art of her, whether the style is realistic or chibi, it always seems to evoke a familiar vibe. Like looking at pieces from Picasso’s Blue Period and realizing, “Damn, there’s a few repetitive themes emerging here, and I’m not just referencing the color palette.” I actually found building this playlist a bit more challenging than it ever was with Keyleth, and I think it’s because of that need to sync with Beau’s frequency. Her brash and bullheaded outer layers are protecting her deep-seated insecurities. This gives her a tone that almost demands that it’s honored in every derivative form. I feel like I had nothing to do with that reality; adding to further proof that these characters truly take on a life of their own. Regardless, I am excited to see how Beau’s palette changes as we get to see more and more of her true colors. Enjoy.

Here Come the Runts by AWOLnation

Level 3! Level 3! Level 3! This song hit the airwaves right as the Mighty Nein branched out into the world. I’d be driving home after an epic battle with this song blaring through my speakers, setting the scenery in my brain for reflecting on murdering gnolls.

Just A Girl by No Doubt

I couldn’t pass up including this song for Beau. Being the loner female human of the group, she continues her long standing battle of being perceived as “just a girl.” She came from a life of being forced into a box of what the ideal daughter should be, which can only lead to eventual rebellion. I imagine if the world of Exandria was blessed with the existence of Gwen Stefani, a young Beauregard would have for sure rocked out to this in her bedroom at full blast while her parents were out of the house.

Breaking the Law by Judas Priest

This song works on a few levels.

  1. After a highly controlled life, Beau rebelled by breaking the law… and…

Blood in the Cut by K.Flay

The quintessential Beau song. If Samuel L. Jackson were to initiate Beau into the Avengers and Marvel Studios had to give Beau her own introduction solo blockbuster, I imagine this would be the song they would use for the trailer.

Alabama Song (Whisky Bar) by The Doors

I always have a song influenced by my Dad, and this one’s it! Whenever I hear this song, I imagine a tipsy Mighty Nein roaming the streets of Hupperduke tracking down information from pub to pub. Uhhh, yeah! That’s what Jim meant with the creepy “little girl” line, right?

All Apologies by Nirvana


Book of the Dead On Sale by Saintseneca

Conversing with Caleb has its… challenges. Him and his damn books.

I Am Here by P!nk

Molly’s death hit Beau hard. It was her first real lesson that in this world and in this life that they’re living, if you hold onto something that you want to say to someone, you might lose the opportunity forever, at any moment. Molly preached to enjoy and savor life, because it’s fragile and finite; Beau responded to that with a “Don’t tell me what to do” and a middle finger. It took losing him for her to realize he was right. The best thing she can do now is try to make him proud, and not to anything that he wouldn’t do…. which isn’t a lot.

Lady Monk by Tangerine Dream

Fun fact: Beau meditated by the ocean for about as long as the runtime of this song.

Sinking Ship by Cake

I honestly found Avantika to have many inspirational qualities about her. She was a stalwart leader with a fierce sense of competitive tenacity. Unfortunately, her protagonist ego blinded her to the reality that her relationship with the Mighty Nein was a sinking ship from day one. Damn, we’re the worst thing to have ever happened to that poor woman.

Liar by Queen

I find this to be an incredibly tragic song from Freddie Mercury. He was clearly questioning his place in a judgmental society. People have always doubted elements of who Beau is as a person, often writing them off as fallacies for attention… beginning with her father. This caused Beau to grow up having a confusing relationship with honesty. To this day, most people take everything Beau says with a grain of salt, even when she’s telling the truth. The only difference between then and now is that Beau is starting to realize that this perception can be used to her advantage, and honed as a skill.

Pursuit of Happiness by Lissie

This was the very first song that I put on Beau’s playlist. Once again, I know everyone thinks that Beau is full of shit when she says that she’s here to have a good time, but there really is truth to that statement. She has never had an extended moment of happiness her whole life, and she’s still searching for it. Now that she is developing friendships amongst a group of weirdos who accept her for who she is, she might actually have a fighting chance of finding it.


Featured art by Ash (@planarbindings)

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