Written by on August 11, 2023

Greetings Esteemed Investigators,

With the release of our show Candela Obscura, our love for storytelling has transcended this realm and made its way to otherworldly places. As such, music continues to be an important element in bringing these new worlds to life whether it’s to set the scene or enhance the emotions of the moment.

We’re delighted to bring you the newest addition to Scanlan Shorthalt Music, the Candela Obscura (Original Soundtrack)!

Available today for purchase and streaming on all major digital music platforms (including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, and more), these 12 haunting tracks will immerse you in The Fairelands and take your gameplay to new heights. The entire album was composed by the inimitable Colm R. McGuinness, includes cover art from the wonderful Bryan Weiss, and was produced by our very own Maxwell James & Steve Failows.

“Everything Colm makes is a catchy, memorable, masterpiece. His main theme not only sets the stage for the show, it also gets you excited for it. We set out to take a big swing with Candela Obscura, and we knew we needed the music to match that level of effort. Horror is like 80% sound… And Colm’s soundtrack is the lifeblood of our show. He crafted a sonic landscape that elevates the tension, accentuates the scares, and keeps our viewers on the edge of their seats. Candela wouldn’t be what it is without his contributions to the score.”

Maxwell James (Senior Producer)

We hope these tracks can enhance your own stories and welcome you to use this music in your own investigations, actual plays, and streams. Our only request is that you include a link to stream or purchase the album.


Check out the full tracklist below:

  1. Candela Obscura (Main Theme)
  2. Welcome to Newfaire
  3. The Fourth Pharos
  4. Let Them In
  5. Lullaby for the Lost
  6. No Way Out
  7. The Last Scar
  8. Grayslate
  9. Swift Escape
  10. Halls of Oldfaire
  11. Forbidden Ritual
  12. The Eaves


Music by Colm R. McGuinness

Composed by Colm R. McGuinness

Cover Designed by Bryan Weiss

Produced by Maxwell James and Steve Failows

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