Critical Recap: Critical Role C3E87 “Arrival at Kreviris”

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Hello! Welcome to Critical Recap! I’m Dani Carr, the Critical Role Lore Keeper. Let’s dive into our recap of Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 87 Arrival at Kreviris!


Bells Hells journey through another dust storm as they cross a mountain range. They are hunted by underground sand piranha-like creatures that track them via their vibrations, so Imogen telekinetically lifts a boulder, carrying the group further away and escaping their hunting ground. As the storm dies down, another flare occurs and causes Imogen to float again, though Laudna keeps hold of her hand.

FCG successfully casts sending to Ira Wendagoth, but Ira refuses to divulge where he is on Ruidus. Imogen contacts Zhesh, the Volition ally that Elder Barthie introduced them to, convincing her to meet with them. Zhesh tells Imogen to find her in The Jagged Edge within The Clutch, then to tell Jidoh that they are Ruby Vanguard and are looking for a contract. Chetney suggests they go to a nearby military outpost first, to get a lay of the land. Fearne casts disguise self to transform into a Reiloran Willmaster, with Imogen as a mental ventriloquist.

Bells Hells arrive at the military outpost, a 40ft tower guarded by several Ruidians. One, a Sasquatch-like individual, approaches the group. They convince him that they are recruits whose caravan broke down and are allowed entry. They explore the tower, learning that this outpost is called Tyren A, and Ashton learns that everyone here craves Exandrian food like fruit. Fearne’s Reiloran disguise is questioned by other Reilora, but she is able to deceive them.


Bells Hells head down to Kreviris, entering the city proper. They find that the city is made up of numerous clustered stone buildings, with a rope network of walkways and bridges that the people traverse, as well as winding alleyways. They meet two children, one a bormodo and the other a Reiloran, who are delighted to meet the Dreamers. The Hells learn that this area is known as The Clutch and that the people are known as Clutchfolk.

The Clutchfolk aren’t allowed underground, which is known as Vaterra Kreviris. Above ground is Caeluma Kreviris, which holds The Banners and The Clutch. They are warned against visiting The Crumble, where the rougher folk live. Chetney gives the kids a toy rocking horse, saying he is Chetney Claws. The Reiloran parent arrives, nervous to see the children talking to Dreamers. The parent directs the Hells to The Jagged Edge before leaving with the children.

As Bells Hells make their way through the alleyways, they see civilians scattering at the approach of two Reilorans mounted on avadons, with a Juggernaut wheeling a cart. The group tries to hide, but an avadon sniffs out Fearne. She is questioned as an Exandrian and a Ruidusborn. Cornered, Fearne wildshapes into a fly, but she is attacked before she can escape.


A fight breaks out between Bells Hells and the Reilora in the quiet street. Laudna and Ashton use the prismatic shard in Ashton’s hammer to split her spell blight, making the spell hit several enemies. The group emerges victorious, killing the Reilora and the avadons. They toss the bodies in the hole and steal a box from the Juggernaut’s cart. Orym notices someone looking out from a tower, so Laudna sends Pâté to intimidate the civilian.

They leave the scene and check their tracker ball, discovering that Otohan is to the south. FCG casts locate creature on Jidoh and the group follows the ping through the alleys, passing more Reiloran troops. The entire town has a feeling of military occupation. They locate The Jagged Edge, a glass shop, and meet Jidoh. He brings out Zhesh, a Reiloran Shrike who speaks with them vocally instead of telepathically, a decision Zhesh says is due to wanting everyone to live at the same level.

Zhesh questions Bells Hells, who convince her that they are here to stop Ludinus’ plan to awaken Predathos. Zhesh herself is not a member of the Volition, but she is aligned with their cause. She explains that they have to move houses every few weeks, so they signal their new pass house location with a certain color, this time royal purple. She suggests they go to the Overspoke, the highest tower in the Banners, and search for the house from there. If they talk to the watchman Arrot, he should let them in.


Arrot works around dusk, so the Hells have a few hours before they can attempt to enter the tower. They lay low in the shop and purchase some items, like a scythe with a glass blade for Chetney and a commissioned emotion reader for FCG’s chestplate. Zhesh allows Laudna to have a little glass dancer that she takes a shine to. They go down to the basement and take a short rest, during which Imogen re-attunes to her circlet.

They examine the box they took and realize it reminds them of the one they took from the Paragon’s Call before, though this one does not carry a Cerberus Assembly stamp. It has a magical lock, so they decide to wait until tomorrow to open it when FCG can cast dispel magic. Orym discovers he can make small pieces of fruit via druidcraft. Chetney reveals that his new toy has some sort of ability to distract people.

They contemplate having one or two of them get captured and Fearne volunteers – which would be a bad idea, since the Vanguard are looking for her and Imogen. Chetney also volunteers to get captured. Before they can make any solid plans, Imogen hears a mental voice telling her to be quiet and they all hear half a dozen footsteps above them in the shop. Launda casts darkness around the group as they listen in still silence above.

That is it for Episode 87 of Critical Role!


  • I’m sure that everything is fine and the people above are at The Jagged Edge for like a birthday party or something. Definitely not searching for Bells Hells. Nope.
  • Some of the Ruidians at Tyran A had firearms. So good job Percy, there are guns on the moon!
  • If I had never had a strawberry, but I kept dreaming about people eating strawberries, I would also only ever think about getting to eat strawberries.
  • What does the glass do for the weapons? It has to have some special property, they’ve seen it all over the place!

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