Critical Recap: Critical Role C3E68 “For the Tempest”

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Hello! Welcome to Critical Recap! I’m Dani Carr, the Critical Role Lore Keeper. Let’s dive into our recap of Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 68 For the Tempest!


As Bells Hells rest for the night in a carved cliff cavern in the cursed Grey Valley, Chetney shows off the new sword he took from Extovass the Gluttonous. FCG casts identify and is introduced to Graz’tchar, the Luminary Blade. The blade tells whoever wields it that they can do great things together and dispel Tal’Dorei’s darkness. He was once a great king but has no memory of his past. He believes the leaders within the Council of Tal’Dorei are corrupt.

Graz’tchar, or ‘Sir Chad’ as Chetney begins calling him, claims to have been wielded by corrupt forces, as well as a great warrior, a family with dark desires, etc. FCG casts Legend Lore, learning that Graz’tchar is masquerading as a good sword when it is actually an evil sword. Sir Chad says that FCG is just sensing the dark magic of his previous wielders. Chetney still attunes to the sword, promising they can get rid of it if something goes wrong.


Sleep comes to all and Imogen dreams, returning to the red storm. She sees hundreds of humanoid shapes walking multi-tiered streets. The shapes stop and look at her, their eyes glowing purple. A yearning consumes her, but she hears her mother’s voice again, urging her to run. Imogen pushes away from the yearning and flies out of the storm, above Ruidus.

Below her, she sees valleys and mountains, as well as unfamiliar herds of beasts. Ruidus has its biome. Behind her, Imogen feels a presence; casting detect thoughts, she realizes it’s her mother. Liliana claims she wants to protect Imogen, who asks if she was behind the white light at the solstice. Liliana does not think she was responsible for the shunting that saved so many.

Imogen asks why Liliana doesn’t fight this. She needs Ludinus as much as he needs her. She has to be careful, as he is older and more cunning than most. Liliana will find a way to end this, one way or another. Imogen asks if she is going to set Predathos free and if it will destroy the gods. Liliana believes her daughter deserves to be free. When Imogen asks at what cost, Liliana is pulled back and Imogen is consumed by the storm before waking.


Meanwhile, FCG casts commune and asks the Changebringer if the gods can save his friends, which she confirms. FCG gently asks if they are worth saving. She tells them of course. They ask if she is scared. She looks behind her shoulder, where a mountain detonates. Yes. FCG tells her that he’s coming as the sky turns red and he sinks into the ground, the ritual ending.

In the morning, Imogen tells the others about her dream and what she saw on Ruidus. For the first time, she is sure that she wants to end her connection to Predathos. She wants to help the gods. They’re the only things keeping the demons from getting loose. She has difficulty trusting her mother anymore, as Liliana is on Ludinus’ side. They need to go to the moon.

Bells Hells and the Ashari volunteers stealthily make their way to a large enough tree for Maeve to use and rescue them, but then Ashton gets the idea for some of their party to get in the portable hole. This would allow Imogen to cast teleport using the staff. Chetney, Laudna, FCG, and Fearne jump in the hole and Imogen teleports, using Orym as an anchor. They successfully return to Zephrah, where Baernie and Orym reunite with their sisters.


Bells Hells take their blue flowers to an alchemical herbalism lab. Nel, Orym’s mother, arrives late, but she is overjoyed with relief to see Baernie and delighted to see Orym. She joins the other herbalists in making a poultice from the flowers. The poultice is rushed to Keyleth and applied to her wounds. Keyleth’s wounds begin to close, her body healing and strength returning.

Keyleth dons her antlers once more and thanks Orym. She is not fully healed, but there is renewed life and strength to her, and Orym can see how thankful she is for another chance. She wants to speak with Bells Hells, but first she must see to her people. Keyleth takes up her mantle and gives a speech to the crowd before calling on Orym, Baernie, and the two Tempest Blade volunteers.

Keyleth celebrates Orym, Baernie, Jennis, and Erana for their actions in the Grey Valley. She also celebrates those who gave their lives in this endeavor so that Keyleth and the Air Ashari would live and ensure a future for their people. She tells them all to celebrate their surviving heroes and those they lost but will always remember. The crowd cheers as Orym speaks – always Ashari.


While the people of Zephrah celebrate, Bells Hells meet privately with Keyleth. She knows of attacks on various temples in Issylra, Marquet, and Tal’Dorei. Ludinus was sighted meeting with King Dwendal in the Dwendalian Empire. The King has been bedridden for many years while the Cerberus Assembly takes more power. There is rumored dissent in the Assembly due to the Ruby Vanguard, as well as insurgent attacks on prisons. The Empire is on the cusp of chaos.

Vasselheim is attempting to wall itself off from the attacks that are happening on temples in Issylra. Some of their armies are returning so the city does not split its strength, but Keyleth believes this is buying Ludinus more time. They tell her about the Iridon Bastion being overrun by demons due to the Platinum Dragon’s defenses being down. Keyleth confirms that a lot of forces that are kept at bay or in balance by the gods are now seizing this opportune moment.

Orym tells her about their visit to the Matron of Ravens’ temple in Jrusar and their vision of the man trapped in the orb screaming in pain. Keyleth looks at an empty perch on her balcony. She has a tumultuous history with the gods, but she would not see them banished. She keeps her distance but recognizes the balance they serve in the world. Laudna asks Keyleth if the Matron vanished, what would happen to the man in the orb? Keyleth has no idea. Ashton tells her they allied with a champion of Asmodeus and Keyleth warns them to not get too close.


Imogen informs Keyleth of the people on Ruidus, as well as its ecosystem. She summons a crimson shade to show what they look like, but this time, the Reilora that appears is far more corporeal and physically present than before. This Reilora is wearing vestments of chains and rings and their eyes flash purple. Imogen asks what the Reilora wants – to serve her until the binding is done. They have never seen someone like Imogen on Ruidus, but she is familiar of kin. The Reilora has been on Ruidus all their life.

Imogen is among the Dreamers, according to the Reilora. She asks if they are happy about what is happening with Ruidus. Imogen sees flashes of Exandria and its beauty and abundance. The Reilora knows their dreams. She realizes that the Reilora have not had this beauty, which hits a nerve with them. Imogen asks about Predathos; the Reilora calls it the Progenitor and the heart of their world. They know Imogen can feel it, too. Imogen ends the summon.

Imogen apologizes to Keyleth, who had gone on the defensive with thorn vines emanating from the wooden walls. It seems the Reilora are trapped on Ruidus and can see their dreams. This one seemed resentful and wanted to experience Exandria. If Predathos leaves twisted life in its wake, then were these Reilora just like Exandrians once? How did they come to be?


Orym asks what Keyleth would have them do. In her experience, no one ever knows exactly what to do, but they always do something. They trust in each other and look for friends and try to stop the ones who hurt people. Keyleth is planning to reach out to her allies and see who will join her – even those from her youth. She suggests that they also reach out to their allies. Bells Hells, unfortunately, do not have many of those left.

Ashton asks about the Primordials, but Keyleth explains that only shreds of their power remain. Ashton tells Keyleth that he was born to the Hishari and asks her for information about them. Keyleth has them step forward, taking their hand and focusing on them as magic motes drift from Keyleth through Ashton. She realizes that Ashton carries a fragment of primordial elemental ability within him. Ashton is a Titan of Blood. His potential is both vast and frightening.

Keyleth recognizes the symbol on Ashton’s jacket as the Hishari symbol. Whatever they did, whatever accident led to their downfall… it did something to Ashton. The fact that they are still alive and functioning is a testament to their willpower. It was said that Efterrin, the Hishari leader, had acquired the blessing of an ancient tree spirit known as Evontra’vier. They must have had some kind of artifact or essence of the Primordials in this ritual.


Evontra’vir, the Great Tree of Atrophy, watches over the cycle of renewal, its roots winding through the realm of life and death. Evontra’vir was a Gau Drashari who returned to the land by becoming a powerful tree spirit. Their home is in the Shattered Teeth on the island of Kalutha. The Shattered Teeth is a continent shrouded in mist and difficult to travel to, made of ever-shifting islands that are impossible to properly map.

Could they recruit the people of the Shattered Teeth to their cause? It is unclear if Predathos is a threat to the elementals of Exandria, but the Primordials were willing to help originally. The Primordials are gone, but their spirits remain. Ashton communicated with the earth eidolon in the temple, after all. The death of the Primordials created the elemental planes and the elementals are what remains now.

Keyleth once traveled to the island of Slival in the Shattered Teeth when she was seeking information about the limits of the gods’ power. She spoke to a therapist there named Jirana who helped her through her grief. The island itself was created during the sundering of the continent Domunas at the beginning of the Calamity. The residual elemental magic at the destruction of two titans caused the entire area to be inundated with chaotic elemental magic.


Hoping to use Ludinus’ former harness to channel elemental magic, Bells Hells show the harness and its notes to Keyleth. She realizes that he used this harness to mimic the druidic extension of life, drawing on the magic of fey entities instead of becoming one with nature spirits. ‘Feeding the root’ refers to an Ashari belief that the center of their connection to nature, known as the root, is the core of their being and is located at the back of the neck.

This spot may be a weakness on Ludinus – at the very least, it’s a place to potentially unravel the magic. While discussing possible ascension, a path that Ludinus does not seem interested in due to his desire to free mortals from the gods, Keyleth mentions the Whispered One. Laudna recognizes the name, despite having never heard it before. Imogen considers giving in to Ruidus when she’s dreaming, to learn more. It would be a heavy gamble, but maybe others could come with her.


Bells Hells want to fix the harness and use it against Ludinus. They consider contacting D, who rescued FCG and sold him to Dancer, or Dancer herself. FCG scries on D, who is walking the Menagerie Coast with his cart and horses. FCG then scries on Dancer, who is asleep in an unfamiliar room. They go back and forth on whether to search out D or Dancer, causing FCG to cast divination three times seeking an answer from the Changebringer.

The Changebringer, however, cryptically tells FCG to seek the path with one from their past that they are most bound to, the mind that gave them life renewed, whose name begins with D. Bells Hells think they will have better luck with D, but FCG is sure that Dancer is the one who brought him back. He is willing to go look for D, though. He can scry on D tomorrow and then teleport to that exact location.

For today, they will get supplies and enjoy Zephrah. Keyleth is immensely grateful for their help and is very proud of Orym. She encourages him to trust in his bravery and to find the strength to keep fighting, even when life isn’t fair and the world is too heavy to bear. This is all bigger than them as individuals, but together, they can carry the weight. She gives him a title – Orym, Savior Blade of the Tempest. He is never alone. Keyleth leaves to rest and the group heads out to celebrate.

That is it for Episode 68 of Critical Role!


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