HYPE! Chapter 2 of Candela Obscura Premieres August 31st!

Written by on August 15, 2023

Greetings Investigators,

There is no rest for the wicked and thus no rest for Candela Obscura!

The fight against the otherworldly evils plaguing The Fairelands shall continue with a new three episode chapter that includes a new circle, a new gamemaster, and a whole new set of magickal foes.

On August 31st at 7pm Pacific, the Circle of Needle and Thread, will face off against a duplicitous threat wreaking havoc  on the war-torn Fairelands. Our brave investigators will include Travis Willingham, Brennan Lee Mulligan, Zehra Fazal, Luis Carazo, and Marisha Ray, alongside our gamemaster and lead designer for Candela Obscura, Spenser Starke! Our trusted lightkeeper and co-creator Taliesin Jaffe will also continue to serve as the all-knowing steward for the audience.

While Chapter 2 is completely standalone and does not need previous knowledge of Chapter 1 to enjoy the story, we thought we’d include some helpful tips if this is your first time joining us!

What’s Candela Obscura & How Can You Play?

Candela Obscura is an ongoing monthly horror drama that follows an esoteric order of investigators as they use centuries of knowledge to fight back against a mysterious source of corruption and bleed. Leveraging gaming as a story mechanic, the series features the Candela Obscura tabletop roleplaying game from Darrington Press, which is built on the Illuminated Worlds system.

You can learn more about the Candela Obscura TTRPG by downloading our Candela Obscura Quickstart Guide and even find folks to play with over on our Darrington Press Discord. Be sure to also keep an eye out for the FULL Candela Obscura Rulebook by Darrington Press that will be releasing sometime at the end of 2023.

The entire first chapter of Candela Obscura is available to watch right now, along with some BTS videos of the character creation process and an in-depth interview from our inaugural gamemaster, Matthew Mercer, to give you insight into this whole new thrilling world.

When & Where Can You Watch Chapter 2 of Candela Obscura?

We will be unveiling the premiere of this new chapter on August 31st at 7pm Pacific on Twitch, YouTube, AND in Cinemark Theatres!

To properly introduce this new circle of investigators, we’ve partnered once again with our friends at Cinemark for a special in-theater experience at select locations nationwide! If you would like to watch this premiere episode on the big screen, check out tickets and locations right here!

And for those of you unable to attend a theater location, we will also be streaming the episode at 7pm Pacific on Twitch and YouTube. The rest of Chapter 2 will continue on the last Thursday of each month on Twitch and YouTube

The YouTube VOD will be available the following Monday after the episode’s initial broadcast and the podcast version will be available one week following the initial broadcast on your favorite podcast streaming service.

To learn more about the show, the world of Candela Obscura, and the Illuminated Worlds gameplay system behind it, please check out our series premiere article as a helpful guide.

We sincerely hope you will accept our invitation to join Candela Obscura, and cannot wait to welcome you back to The Fairelands!

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