Critical Recap: Critical Role C3E40 “Compulsions”

Written by on November 16, 2022

Hello! Welcome to Critical Recap! I’m Dani Carr, the Critical Role Lore Keeper. Let’s dive into our recap of Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 40 Compulsions!


Imogen wakes up Laudna and tells her about both the dream and the message to her mother, Liliana. Imogen contacts her again and the two converse via sending messages, which Liliana can also cast. Though Imogen tries to get her mother to tell her where she is, Liliana refuses, telling Imogen to run and that she is only safe far away from her and her destiny. Imogen tells her mother that destiny has caught up with her and she is tired of running, but she gets no response.

Laudna promises Imogen that they will find answers whether Liliana helps or not. Imogen is still focusing on her joy at having Laudna alive and back with her. They go up to the deck for some fresh air and find the aftermath of Chetney’s uncontrolled lycan attack on Fearne and Orym. They explain that Chetney changed during the flare and Imogen tells them about her dream and her mother.

They regroup with FCG and Ashton below deck and discuss the possibility of them all turning on each other, with the exception of Orym. This frustrates Orym, who returns to the deck of the ship alone. FCG talks about the discovery that he has a soul, but how he expected it to have more meaning. Laudna assures them that the meaning is simply what one makes of it. They discuss how so many of them are connected to Ruidus, like Chetney, Imogen, and Fearne. Even Orym has tattoos of both moons.


Meanwhile, Orym uses the sending stone to inform Dorian that they’re headed to Yios and they found his husband’s killers, but Eshteross is dead. Orym is both glad that Dorian isn’t here while wishing he was at the same time. Ashton joins Orym and the two have a heart to heart talk about the pressure of Orym being considered “the good one” by everyone. Ashton is planning to ask Orym for help with things in the future and hopes Orym would do the same. They all need a break soon.

Ashton has been gaining introspection lately. They don’t feel like the same person they once were. He’s never been big on other people or human contact until Bells Hells. Ashton allows Orym to touch their arm as Orym explains that he can’t do this by himself. On the days that Orym doubts, he looks to the others. He tries to honor those who have been left behind. Ashton thinks Orym is doing a good job by taking care of himself in the meantime. The two hug, with Ashton accepting the pain, and they both agree that pain becomes background noise after a long enough time.


The Silver Sun skyship continues its travels over the next few days with few mishaps. On the seventh day, however, after FCG asks the Changebringer for a sign that she can hear them, a flock of cockatrices hounds the skyship, which is then attacked by a chimera. Chetney uses the scythe Turmoil for the first time and Laudna uses her new tree-inspired form of dread. Imogen also premieres a new ability, summoning a crimson entity that deals psychic damage.

Fearne kills the chimera with the ship’s ballista and the others question Imogen about the entity. Imogen, unfortunately, has no answers. It’s another ability that has come from within her that she cannot explain. Eventually, the skyship approaches the Gloomed Jungles, a surprisingly colorful patchwork of forest surrounded by the Kaal Mountains. A storm kicks up as they venture over the jungle and they spot an abandoned stone watchtower peeking out of the canopy.


Chetney wants to find the Gorgynei, the group of lycans who live in this jungle that may be able to help him control his abilities, so they land on this watchtower and make their way down. Chetney reveals that he was originally bitten by a wounded werewolf while trapping for food. A group of blood hunters who had been hunting this werewolf arrived and gave Chetney an ultimatum – either learn to control the gift or be reined in.

Chetney plans to prove himself to the Gorgynei’s “alpha” so that they’ll teach him how to avoid the red flare and not be a danger to the group. He’s not going to challenge the alpha, as he has no desire to lead them. He just wants to learn from them and maybe recruit them in the fight against Otohan. Following Ajit Dayal’s instructions, Chetney wolfs out at dusk and howls… but nothing happens. After some time passes, the entire group joins in on howling with him.

This time, their howls are answered by other howls in the distance. Eventually, they’re surrounded by members of the Gorgynei – a weretiger, a werepanther, two werewolves, a wereboar, and a werebear. Chetney explains that he was sent by Ajit Dayal to meet with Divaasheela, in order to learn more about his gift. The weretiger leader introduces herself – she is Divaasheela. Chetney wolfs out once more to prove his abilities, then the lycans take the group to their village of Barinack.


Barinack is a hidden commune, made up of elaborate treehouses and home to about three dozen people – a small society of both warriors and farmers. Bells Hells are welcomed to the village and Divaasheela reveals her real name, Annaline. “Divaasheela” was a password of trust. Chetney explains that his change has recently become more unpredictable, occurring during a Ruidus flare. Annaline has experienced a stronger than usual itch during the flare, but implies that she and the Gorgynei haven’t changed during this phenomenon.

She recognizes that Chetney is a blood hunter and user of hemocraft and he explains that he is self-taught, but looking to know more. It will take many weeks of training to hone his skills and control the beast, but Chetney doesn’t have weeks with the apogee solstice arriving soon. Annaline explains that this is a lifelong discipline. The Gorgynei have an arrangement with someone in the Court of the Lambent Path in Yios that allows them to live in the jungles in secrecy while eliminating unnatural threats and maintaining the safety of the roads.

Annaline explains that they are guided by the ancient spirit Sahyaadon and shows them a statue of a human and bestial figure with three different howling heads. The statue holds a heart and a growing sapling. Sahyaadon is the Keeper of the Savage Heart and is protector of both hunter and prey in order to maintain the balance of the jungle. Some say that the spirit has always existed, while others say it is a vigilant spirit under Serataani – the Marquesian name for the Wildmother. Maybe Sahyaadon will have wisdom for the hurried Chetney.


Annaline leaves to discuss this with the other hunters, like Manad the werepanther and Uther the wereboar, and Bells Hells have dinner with a gnome named Tarad Cornei. He explains that only a few in the village consider their lycanthropic abilities to be a gift – most consider it a curse and just try to get by. Every few months, new people arrive, and every few weeks someone leaves, not wanting to live in secrecy. Sometimes someone loses control and has to be dealt with in order to prevent outbreaks. He points out a massive tree wrapped in chains, for those who have difficulty with their control.

Annaline returns, telling Chetney that there is something they could try. Tomorrow, they will travel to the temple of Sahyaadon, Zha’Vrollo. There, the spirit will meet with him and either extinguish the itch or Chetney himself. Chetney is up for the trial. Annaline asks Bells Hells if they care for Chetney and if they would be willing to put him down if he lost his way – they can do it. There may be trials for them, too. With their plans in place for tomorrow, the group beds down beneath one of the treehouses for a night’s rest in the open portable hole.

That is it for Episode 40 of Critical Role!


  • Dorian’s reply to Orym’s message will actually be recorded by Robbie Daymond for next episode and I’m so excited it’s ridiculous.
  • Taliesin and Liam’s acting during the Orym and Ashton conversation was truly beautiful. I ache for both of those characters and the way they deal with their pain.
  • Travis and Laura’s son Ronin is the one who chose the chimera for them to fight, which is hilariously adorable.
  • The Gorgynei are so COOL! What might the trial entail?

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