Critical Recap: Critical Role C3E24 “The Hellcatch Valley”

Written by on May 25, 2022

Hello! Welcome to Critical Recap! I’m Dani Carr, the Critical Role Lore Keeper. Let’s dive into our recap of Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 24 The Hellcatch Valley!


On the final day of air travel, Orym spots something large moving underground and chasing after a caravan in the valley below. Captain Xandis calls it a dusttra, noting that it’s odd to see one chasing a group of people, as the creatures are not carnivorous. The dusttra emerges from the ground, revealing itself to be an enormous cephalopod-like creature covered in spines. Chetney uses the alarm horn to try to warn the caravan, but he’s unsure if it worked. They fire the ship’s ballistae and lock onto the dusttra while Imogen flies down to read its thoughts.

Imogen can sense the intelligent dusttra’s pain and anger, of it being taken from its home, its children taken away, and its burning desire for vengeance. The caravan is not the source of its anger, merely the closest target. They decide to try and pick up the dusttra and turn it away from the caravan. While they prepare, FCG casts speak with animals and talks to the creature, who is single-mindedly focused on finding its children.

The group manages to attach all three chained ballistae to the dusttra. Laudna casts featherfall on it, which allows the skyship to lift the creature into the air and turn it around. They release the chains and drop the dusttra, allowing the caravan to escape. Bells Hells speak with the people of the caravan, who very clearly had nothing to do with the kidnapped dusttra children. The rest of the day is uneventful as their flight takes them to the outskirts of Bassuras.


Bassuras is an expansive city where tents and small buildings surround a massive wall that houses the city’s interior, with one tall metallic tower rising from the center. As the skyship approaches the city, it is scanned by a spotlight, the Tahdiq Glow, coming from this tower. Xandis drops Bells Hells off outside Bassuras and the skyship departs, reminding the group to contact them when they’re ready to leave. As the skyship flies off, a group of crawlers approaches from the Carmine Skids.

These crawlers arrive on their scrap metal vehicles and the leader tells Bells Hells to state their business. Ashton speaks up, calling himself Greymoore and confirming that he’s from ‘the house’. Ashton is here to find someone who pissed them off, which the leader understands. He tells Bells Hells that they’re under the protection of The Gajakhandas (which seems to be the name of this group) and that they should take care to be less noticeable and not mention they arrived on the skyship.


As Bells Hells enter the city itself, Orym notices that they’re being followed by someone, but the group is unable to figure out who it is. At the gate, the guards seem to be members of the Gajakhandas, distinguished by a black scarf and a black sun tattoo. The group heads to the Raha Den, a caravanserai – half inn, half shopping mall – where they get some rooms for the night. Before bed, they inspect the tracking ball, which indicates that Armand is in the southern portion of the city.

During FCG’s watch, he hears a large bird landing on the roof. They immediately hide and wake up Chetney, asking him to look for the bird. Chetney can see that it’s some sort of hawk, which slightly calms FCG down. They explain that a specific mangy bird they’ve named Shithead follows him around and shits on his head. FCG has no idea what they did to upset this bird, but he clearly wants FCG either dead or humiliated. Chetney promises to protect FCG from Shithead by any means necessary.


In the morning, Bells Hells head south, following the tracking ball. As they walk through the Salmagunda Strip, they hear some people attempting to mug someone in an alley. This is Dusk (she/they), an elven warlock with a fancy rapier that she refuses to give to the muggers, as it’s all they have. Bells Hells rush in to assist and a fight breaks out. During the fight, Imogen’s wild magic crystal activates, causing all of her hair to fall out.

Ashton’s Temporal Morass ability slows the mugger’s leader, but Ashton is overwhelmed by the spell phantasmal killer, which procures an image of their own self, shadowy and broken, that attacks him. Bells Hells and Dusk overcome the muggers and the shadow version of Ashton disappears. Dusk finally introduces herself, saying she’s not from Bassuras. Dusk’s memories are a bit fuzzy after having seen the Fey Realm. All they remember is a beautiful glen at sunset – thus their name.

During this conversation, Fearne explores a nearby tent, finding an old woman inside holding a bowl that produces an odorous smoke. The woman says that she’s enjoying her “after lunch” and is clearly very high. Fearne leaves and meets Dusk – they are both delighted to meet someone who has seen the Feywild and wonder if Dusk saw Fearne’s specific glen. The group and Dusk decide to go to the restaurant A Taste of Tal’Dorei for lunch and conversation.

That is it for Episode 24 of Critical Role!


  • Welcome to the table, Erika Ishii! So excited to get to know the delightful Dusk!
  • The dusttra had at some point been captured and put to work, so someone must be taking these creatures for a purpose – but what??
  • How long has Shithead been terrorizing FCG? Will we get to meet this notorious bird?

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