Critical Recap: Critical Role C3E13 “A Dance of Deception”

Written by on February 16, 2022

Hello! Welcome to Critical Recap! I’m Dani Carr, the Critical Role Lore Keeper. Let’s dive into our recap of Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 13 A Dance of Deception!


Separated in their two carriages, Dorian’s team and Eshteross’ team discuss their tactics. Fearne is posing as Dorian’s date while Imogen and Orym are his entourage – they’re focused on switching Armand Treshi’s ring with the tracker ring. Eshteross is having his team pose as bodyguards as well, with Chetney taking point on his protection while FCG, Laudna, and Ashton mingle and try to uncover Chandei Quorum gossip. Weapons are either hidden or left behind, so that no one has to check anything with security.

The two groups are announced, with Imogen irritated to play the role of servant and the ballroom abuzz to see Lord Eshteross, as his presence at such events is a rare occurrence. General Ratanish of the Paragon’s Call is announced, and the group gets their first look at these five rough looking mercenaries from the Hellcatch Valley. After some time, Lord Armand Treshi is announced – he has a date with him, Lady Emoth Kade. The two immediately separate upon arrival and the party keeps an eye on both of them.

Headmaster Gryz Alakritos introduces himself to Eshteross, pleased to see someone else who is clearly uncomfortable with these sorts of events. Gryz works with the Allegiance of Allsight in Ank’harel as a researcher of ancient history and ruins. He is here as a guest of Ajit Dayal – that name piques Chetney’s interest as connected to the Gorgynei lycans. Laudna claims to be studying at Starpoint Conservatory and asks Gryz what he knows about strange dreams. He gives her a very detailed account of a dream he had in which he was a mango.


Meanwhile, Dorian and his team meet Lord Preston Drodelon, who claims to be the self-made Lord of the Quadroads. He flirts with Fearne and gossips about Armand, saying that he’s a try-hard and the black sheep of the Treshis. He also points out Gavis Aranda, the gregarious Voice of the Quorum. Orym, however, notices someone of even greater importance — Cyrus, Dorian’s wanted brother, is also in attendance and speaking with Lady Emoth.

Dorian elects to leave Cyrus alone for now. He and Fearne consider doing a dance to gain attention, but before they can, Gavis makes a speech to truly kick off the party, toasting the people here and the prosperity of Jrusar. Several people in the crowd interrupt, asking about the attacks and questioning what the Quorum is doing about safety. Gavis brushes off the interruptions and tells them to speak with the Quorum privately if they have concerns.

Mingling continues as the music begins. FCG spends time moving through the entire ballroom, eavesdropping as they get drinks. He hears about how the “high and mighty bumpkins” of the Stratos Throne denied the invitation to the ball, as well as a rumor that the collapse of the Moon Tower was to cover up a burglary. Ashton watches Lady Emoth, who they can tell is waiting for a cue. Ashton tries to talk to her, but she brushes him off. Gavis Aranda approaches Dorian’s group, delighted by FCG. Gavis talks about the Paragon’s Call (an effective group of unsavory soldiers undergoing a rebrand) and the Dance of the Crossroads (a partner switching dance that’s the highlight of the evening) before declaring their boredom and wandering off.


Orym points out Cyrus to Chetney, who goes over to talk to him and try to keep him out of the way. Cyrus is posing as Lord Durtanya and claims to be here taking care of things – apparently Lady Emoth is helping him out. Lady Emoth arrives and pulls Cyrus away. The Dance of the Crossroads begins and most of the guests take to the floor. Dorian dances with Master Duasad Keef of Port Damali, whose business is emotions. Fearne dances with Preston, who continues to flirt with her and invites her to Yios.

Dance partners switch and Fearne manages to partner with Armand. She reveals herself to be from the Feywild, but this information puts him on edge. Imogen hears his unease via detect thoughts, as well as his distaste for the Nightmare King. She telepathically informs Fearne, who switches her tactics, asking about Gavis. When Armand passes her over to Gavis, Fearne successfully gets the ring off his thumb, dropping it to the ground.

Dorian kicks the ring away and tries to dance with Armand, who rebuffs him while he anxiously searches for his ring. FCG grabs the original ring, removing it from play, and Orym tries to send Armand in a different direction, but the perceptive Armand sees through this. Dorian tosses the tracker ring to Fearne, who catches it and sneaks it to Imogen. She pretends to find it on the ground and gives it to Armand, who hastily puts the tracker ring on his thumb.


Cyrus and Emoth leave the dance floor and she leaves the ballroom itself. Chetney goes invisible to follow her, getting the attention of the guards but managing to slip past them and into the hallway. He smells Emoth’s strange, earthy scent and tracks it to an unlocked door. Within is a suite and he can hear the sounds of furniture being moved. A sweating Emoth returns to the door and closes it, leaving Chetney outside.

Back in the ballroom, Vali Dertrana has noticed Ashton’s Nightmare King mask. He goes to General Ratanish and points them out, so Ratanish approaches Ashton. He wants to know where Ashton got that mask and Ashton claims it was a gift, that someone told him to wear it. Ratanish asks for the name of this person, but Ashton refuses to give the name of a client. Ratanish rips the mask off their face and Ashton slaps him. Ratanish challenges Ashton to a fight outside.

As they head outside with the attention of the party on the fight that’s about to happen, Chetney looks for Cyrus. Unable to find him, he returns to Emoth’s room. Upon unlocking the door, he sees four shade creepers stealing things from the suite, as well as Emoth. She is sweating mucus and her eyes have gone black, similar to Duggar’s previous state. She issues orders to the shade creepers and notices the open door. Chetney hastily exits and makes his way back to the ballroom.

That is it for Episode 13 of Critical Role!


  • Well I for one am very worried about all of this. Ashton in a duel? Another Duggar???
  • Laudna danced with General Ratanish, who bore a symbol of the Duskmaven and recognized Laudna as undead. This guy has LAYERS.
  • How is Cyrus connected to Lady Emoth? How is Lady Emoth connected to Armand Treshi? Are all of the attacks the work of one man sowing chaos?
  • We finally got the identity of the Lord of the Quadroads!!! (Light Campaign 1 spoilers in link)

Anyway, catch Episode 14 on Thursday, February 17th at 7pm Pacific on and on, or a week later on our podcast. Is it Thursday yet?

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