CRF: Welcome First Nations and Shanti Bhavan to Our Nonprofit Partner Squad!

Written by on March 16, 2022

As part of our 7th anniversary celebrations this week, we wanted to stop for a moment to encourage you to spend a bit of time today to make the world just a bit better – no matter how big or how seemingly small, whether it’s close to home or distant and far away, whether it’s a financial donation or just sharing the news about a good cause, or even paying a compliment to someone that you love.

As part of our continued growth, we have some really good news about the Critical Role Foundation, which has been such a wonderful bright light for us over the past few years. Due to your overwhelming support, we’re excited to share the good news that CRF is expanding our partner program from five to seven!

First Nations and Shanti Bhavan have joined the ranks of our nonprofit partner squad, all of which have mission statements that are important to us and reputable and longstanding histories of operating with integrity. Our partner squad includes OutRight International (global LGBTQIA+ advocacy and support), OSD (active military and veteran support), Pablove Foundation (fighting childhood cancer through science and art), 826LA (unlocking the passion for storytelling for children within our own community here in Los Angeles), and Red Nose Day (fighting childhood poverty). Our nonprofit partner squad is important because whenever we aren’t running a specific fundraising campaign, one-time and monthly donations are split evenly between these organizations. That way, we’re able to help so many different types of communities all of the time.


Image via ZYEP & First Nations Development Institute

In late 2020, we were able to raise over $200,000 together to support Youth & Culture programs for the Native community across the United States throughout the terrifying uncertainties of a global pandemic. Funds raised by the CRF community were distributed to virtual summer camps, programs that ensure that native languages are not lost, upgraded technology (needed for social distancing policies), native youth podcasts, and more. Since we first met, we have gained an infinite amount of gratitude for the admins and staff at First Nations and the incredible work that they do. It’s our honor to have the opportunity to welcome them into our partner program. You can learn more about First Nations and donate right here.


Image courtesy of Shanti Bhavan

Just a short year later, we raised over $160,000 for Shanti Bhavan, a transformative school dedicated to breaking the cycle of generational poverty for some of India’s poorest communities. The funds that you all raised will build one entire brand new girls’ dormitory and also helped finish up funding for Shanti Bhavan’s music program. The school is expecting to break ground on the new dorm in early summer this year and we’ll be sure to share progress along the way. To donate or learn more about Shanti Bhavan, please visit their website.

The good work that we have been able to do together through the Critical Role Foundation has shaped many lives all over the world. While our CRF party is really just getting started, we hope that you take a moment to support something good today in whatever fashion you might be able to. Of course, we appreciate sharing this post and considering your own donation to Critical Role Foundation as well, which you can do right here!

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