Written by on December 3, 2018

We love Pumat Sol here at CR Land — so much so that we took the Invulnerable Vagrant to Gen Con this year (complete with simulacrums and a special appearance from Pumat Prime himself!).

Respectfully, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Pumat than a week dedicated to our dearest firbolg merchant. Over the course of this week, you’ll find a new Invulnerable Vagrant tee in our shop, a new PuMATT emote for our Twitch subscribers, a bunch of rad Critter Pumat impressions, and a special Saturday Fortnite stream on our Twitch channel.

More details for everything Pumat Week below!


There’s a new Critical Role tee in town! Our new emerald green Invulnerable Vagrant tee is a perfect way to show your love for Pumat (and his simulacrums). It’s ultra soft, comfortable, and should arrive in the time for holidays domestically. Pick up yours right here through our online shop!

This extra fresh t-shirt was designed by Critter Bryan Weiss at RPG + Co. and GearHouse Studios, who also designed our Mighty Nein tee!

As a side note, our Tusk Love blank notebook, designed by OrcBarbies is also available right now in our shop!

Please note that this shirt and notebook will not be available in our UK store at the moment, but we are working hard to get more products to our UK shipping center in the coming months.


We have a new emote available for our Twitch channel subscribers! This new emote, which features Matthew Mercer as Pumat Prime (PUMATT PRIME, if you will), was designed by our beloved Arsequeef. Our new PUMATT emote joins our existing Pumat illustrated emote as a perk for our channel subscribers. It only makes sense that we’d have more than one emote for the best shopkeeper in Zadash, right?


Dear Critter community, we have a mission for you, should you accept it. All you have to do is record and upload your best Pumat impression and use the hashtag #WeArePumat and we’ll share our favorites from the Critical Role Twitter page!


Join us on Saturday, December 8th at 12pm Pacific for a very special #EverythingIsContent livestream featuring Matthew Mercer and Taliesin Jaffe, who will be playing Fortnite using our brand new custom Pumat Killer Voices pack by Overwolf. The Pumat voice pack allows you to add our favorite shopkeeper(s) voice to some of your favorite PC games (like League of Legends, PUBG, and Fortnite). For more information download your own Pumat voice pack, please visit critrole.com/killervoices.

In the interest of transparency, our Pumat Killer Voices pack is part of a paid partnership with our friends at Overwolf. We always disclose when we have a cool new sponsorship or partnership.

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