HYPE: New Official Mighty Nein Character Art by Ariana Orner!

Written by on September 5, 2019

** Very slight spoilers from Campaign 2, Episode 76: Refjorged regarding leveling up and character design included below.**

As the Mighty Nein continue their journey through Wildemount, they’ve legitimately seen some sh*t — but also gained a whole Ball Eater boatload of XP in the process (Level 10 HYPE!). And as all adventurers acquire shiny new things (and maybe even some battle scars) in their travels, it’s due time to refresh our official Campaign 2 character art.

We’re beyond ELATED to share brand new, official Mighty Nein character art with you, dear Critters. Our revised character art was created by our official Campaign 2 artist, Critter and our friend Ariana Orner (@ornerine), who has worked closely with the Critical Role cast over the past few weeks to give our favorite group of misfits a visual update.

As you can see, the Mighty Nein is poised for confrontation in this group shot set upon the twilight streets of Rosohna under the moons of Exandria.

We’d like to take a moment thank Ariana — from the bottom of our hearts — for all of your hard work and for sharing your amazing art with all of us. We love you!



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