Written by on September 6, 2019

We have a special treat of the musical variety for you today: a new playlist that chronicles the later part of Vax’ildan’s journey, curated by our half-elf rogue himself, Liam O’Brien.

Our playlists are curated carefully by each Critical Role cast member and our previous character playlists can be found on Spotify via the official Critical Role account or you can listen to the playlist embedded below.

The below contains content inspired from the end of our Vox Machina campaign.

Without further ado, here is a brand new Vax playlist and track breakdown from Liam.


It’s been almost two years since the close of our first campaign and even though I no longer get to wear his boots, I still think about my wayward twin on a daily basis. I’ve also, in that time, come across a handful of songs that I think suggest an inkling of his new… existence. They get pretty regular rotation during my work week.

I wasn’t actually sure a proper moment would come to share them.

But, well, here we are. Hope you enjoy this small collection of music.

So long, Champion. I wish you well.

What’s Up Danger? by Blackway, Black Caviar

One last song for man of flesh and blood.

Dead Man’s Arms by Bishop Briggs

And the new man.

The Wanting Comes in Waves by The Decemberists

The Champion and his Queen. A Shadowfell version of Jean Paul Sartre’s No Exit.

Dancing After Death by Matt Maeson

Voice of the Tempest

Far From Home by Sam Tinnesz

“I am far, but not gone.”


Playlist art by Ariana Orner (@ornerine).

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