Written by on April 18, 2023

Draw your bow and ready your daggers: our dear, dangerous twins are being immortalized in a dynamic bust from our friends at Dark Horse! This wonderful creation is the first in a line of busts based on the Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins comic books, and we’re eager to give you a closer look at the caring detail put into these beauties.

Imagined in the thick of a bar brawl, cool and collected as ever, this polyresin bust stands at 7.5” tall and was sculpted by Tommy Hodges and painted by J.W. Productions. Vex and Vax are slinging arrows and brandishing daggers, sending a barrel and coins flying. A tankard of ale previously enjoyed by Vax is being flung behind him, sloshing the beverage in an amber arc. The dynamic scene is such a delight!

We’ve immensely enjoyed getting to tell the origin stories of Vox Machina in comic form with Dark Horse (as well as plenty of other Critical Role stories!), and now these characters are leaping off the page in a new way.

The bust is highly collectible, limited to only 1,000 units. It’s available for $149.99 and will ship out to customers between February and April of 2024. However, if you preorder this week (through April 24th), you can take $10 off! Read the io9 announcement for more information, and pre-order exclusively from DarkHorseDirect.com.

Enjoy the detail photos below, and take a close look at the barrel for a cute carving for a furry friend we know and love, too!


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