Help Us Design our Tavern Keeper for The Legend of Vox Machina!

Written by on September 4, 2019


Earlier this year, we embarked on an epic adventure to create a short, 22-minute animated Vox Machina special — which incredibly morphed into an entire animated series thanks to the overwhelming and humbling amount of support from you, our amazing community of Critters from around the world. 

As we continue to work on The Legend of Vox Machina, we want to collaborate with the community to create a very special tavern keeper that will appear IN our animated series.

Here’s how it’ll will work:


We have created a short poll which will allow you, our dear community, to vote on some of the basic character details for our tavern keeper, RPG-style. You can make your selections by visiting Our tavern keeper character build poll will be open until Monday, September 16th at 5pm Pacific.


Yesterday, we announced that there will NOT be an episode of Critical Role on Thursday, September 12th.

We didn’t want to leave you hanging on a Tuesday evening with nothing to watch so, on Tuesday, September 17th at 7pm Pacific on our Twitch channel we’ll host a very special character build with Travis Willingham and Sam Riegel, our fearless executive producers of our animated series. During our livestream, we’ll announce our poll results and we’ll also continue to build out our soon-to-be-beloved tavern keeper with you. We’re looking to you to suggest things like accent, name, and other interesting characteristics.

If you miss our livestream, don’t fret: VOD will be available on our YouTube channel on Thursday, September 19th.

We can’t wait to build out this very special character with you!

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