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Exandria Unlimited has begun, so let’s get to know the characters a little better… with some sick beats! We’ll be dropping ExU character playlists on Wednesdays so check back here each week for some sweet sweet tunes!

These playlists are curated carefully by each of the Exandria Unlimited cast members. All of our playlists can be found on Spotify via the official Critical Role account or you can listen to the playlist directly embedded below.

There’s really no better to kick this thing off than by starting with ExU’s resident bard, Dorian…. Take it away, Robbie Daymond!



To start, I’m not entirely sure that Dorian would trust me to curate his playlist… Yes, yes, I know, he and I are one and the same, but somewhere along the way, those edges that differentiate myself and his character blurred in places and sharpened in others. So, what I decided to do with this selection of songs was create something for both him and I. It’s partly an homage to who he is as a character, partly an Easter egg filled romp through my experience playing this campaign. It is most certainly music that Dorian would listen to and some that he might even play. There are a few tributes to unseen lands, nods to Dorian’s past, and comments on his relationships with other characters. Ultimately though? I made this playlist to be one thing: A VIBE… I hope you enjoy it.

Champ De Mars by Anomalie & Chromeo

Chromeo is my favorite band of all time and their recent EP with Anomalie is a haunting and beautiful departure from some of their funkier albums. To me, this is the music that plays when the double doors of the tavern burst open and Dorian floats into the room. Effortless, direct, grounded yet light, smooth, gentle and bluuuuueeeee…

Doin’ My Best by Tuxedo

Let’s be real. Dorian is a try-hard. He has lived a very cloistered life up until the point where the audience joins him in ExU and he wants desperately to prove himself. The meandering life of a bard has been fun, but it’s time for something bigger. He has no idea if he is equipped for any of this. But he’s damn sure going to try.

RnB vocals gliding into silky dance production make this a sexy and hopeful romp through modern pop. Obviously choosing a band with “blue” in the name is meant to be a cheeky nod to our sexy azure amigo, but the song itself feels to me like the top down on a summer afternoon just before sunset. Fresh air. Freedom.

Be My Friend by Free

Considered by some to be a one-hit-wonder with their song “All Right Now,” Free helped lay the foundation of modern rock with a natural and raw sound that I think comes across best in my favorite song of theirs; “Be My Friend.” The soulful vocals are longing without being sad or pathetic. The desire for connection is real. Fitting, to be sure.

Danger! High Voltage by Electric Six

Chaos reigns!! Electric Six was one of my favorite early 00s funk/punk/rock/new wave/metal bands. I’ve listened to “Dance Commander” and watched the “Gay Bar” music video more that I’d care to admit. That said, “Danger! High Voltage!” is about as good as it gets. Dick Valentine’s hedonistic vocals blow me away every time and when paired with Jack White’s bizarre singing style, it makes pure magic. This song feels like a chemistry set and one thing our group in ExU has in spades is chemistry. (Also the video is an amazing time capsule of 00s auteur music video making).

Levitating by Dua Lipa

Okay, this one is purely cheeky. You’ll have to look up Air Genasi’s special skills to get it. That said, there is a 100% chance that when this comes on at the club, Dorian IMMEDIATELY goes out onto the dance floor.

Weather Club by Luke Otwell, WEI, Wowflower, & Stan Forebee

This is the calm before the storm. A long rest. A musical interlude before the world turns. It took a lot of people to make it happen (this moment and the song itself). Close your eyes, have a nice cup of tea and feel the peaceful rain. It won’t last.

Thunder by Chloe x Halle

Sometimes siblings can do amazing things. Like Chloe and Halle. And yet, they often cause friction if they’re crowded in together. Particles rub too close together, too fast; competing for the same space… And then? Crack! Thunder. This song’s dissonance makes me uncomfortable. I think that was intentional.

you should see me in a crown by Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is certainly one of the great musical artists of this generation. Her songs evoke so many feelings of youth, confidence, fear, anger, sensuality, and power. For a young person, it truly feels like she owns her world and makes music for herself. This song is often overlooked on the album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? To me it feels like looking through a keyhole into the edge of madness.

Danger by BTS

So simple. This is the music I crank in my mental airpods when the team encounters their first high level baddy. One of BTS’s harder songs, it’s still poppy and fun in the breaks (like ExU), but when it comes time to get down to business, this squad gets NASTY (like ExU)!

Save Your Tears by The Weeknd, Ariana Grande

Moving from the dark to the light is never easy. This song ascends like our characters do. It always gives me mixed emotions and feels like I’m listening to two people getting a little bit better, together.

Song for Fela by The KutiMangoes

I spent 6 hours trying to find a flute song with a global vibe that slaps so fucking hard and still grooooves. This is it.

Always Be My Baby by Brasstracks

We’re on a theme here, let’s roll with it. I wanted another wind instrument song and this one took no time at all to come up with. Brasstracks is an amazing hip hop instrumental group that has done backing for some of this biggest names in the business. Their songs have amazing hooks and some of the best features in the game. I highly suggest checking out their original music, but the appeal of this amazing talent being put to covering a MASSIVE 1996 Pop/RnB classic is undeniable.

Embrace the Grind by Nine Sparks Riots and Sebastian Ågren (featuring Swatkins & Philip Lassiter)

Let’s take it to CHURCH!! The horns continue, but this time we return to the FUNK and pure SOUL. I picture this song playing in Dorian’s mind as he walks slightly behind his friends and watches them drink, hug, shout and cheer across the countryside of Exandria. Listen and try not to smile or move your feet. I dare you. PS: I couldn’t resist the RPG wink to the “grind.” Get that XP, baby!!!

Dreamers by Scavenger Hunt

Play this when the credits on Episode 8 roll. That’s all I ask. 😉 Much love!

Official character art by Hannah Friederichs (@agarthanguide)

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