Critical Recap: Critical Role C3E94 “Where the Red Fearne Glows”

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Hello! Welcome to Critical Recap! I’m Dani Carr, the Critical Role Lore Keeper. Let’s dive into our recap of Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 94 Where the Red Fearne Glows!


After toasting to FCG, Ashton excuses themselves for bed. He is still deeply wounded by FCG’s sacrifice, having long anticipated this tragedy. Fearne checks on them and the two agree to fall asleep in a comfortable cuddle. In the night, Fearne is awoken by a sugar glider, who motions for her to quietly follow. She does, though Orym wakes up and trails behind to ensure her safety. The sugar glider leads Fearne out into the desert all the way to a suddenly appearing shape – her father, Sorrowlord Athion Zathuda.

Zathuda can sense how Fearne’s power has grown. He is proud to see what she’s become, finally validated in his bloodline. He was disappointed that he had been unable to produce a powerful Ruidusborn, but now Fearne has the potential to pass the Hallowed Cage and awaken Predathos. Red energy glows around Fearne as he tells her to come with him to learn and show Ludinus what power they hold. He is aligned with Ludinus, but he senses opportunity here.

Fearne is interested in learning from him and intrigued by his offer, but she isn’t willing to leave her new family. She can’t leave with someone she doesn’t know. When he calls her Fearne Zathuda, she corrects him – her name is Fearne Calloway. Zathuda tells her she doesn’t need to volunteer: it’s time to face her demons. He pulls out a black mirror, which shows Fearne her reflection. She casts scorching ray, causing her reflection to come through and attack.


Mirror Fearne wants to take Fearne’s place. She summons three other shadow Fearnes from the shattered mirror as Orym calls Dorian for help on the sending stone. Orym jumps into the fray to aid Fearne, to her intense relief. Mirror Fearne says that Fearne has wasted her gifts. Fearne activates her shard and is attacked by one of the shadows, a Voice Thief. Fearne destroys two of the shadows by dropping her fire form, causing an explosion, but she is overwhelmed and knocked unconscious.

Luckily, Orym is there to heal Fearne with a potion. She takes down the Voice Thief, who shatters like a mirror. Zathuda reappears with Gloamglut, commenting on Fearne’s capabilities and asking why she clings to morality instead of taking what she wishes. Fearne loves these people; that’s what she cares about. Zathuda says that Fearne passed his test. Now he knows what is important to her. She needs to embrace her destiny, and their blood will become the devourer of the gods while Ludinus and the Courts fall to dust.

Zathuda leaves on Gloamglut, spooking everyone at the encampment. Orym and Fearne return to the fortress, where they are met by the awakened Bells Hells. They discuss Zathuda wanting to be the vessel for Predathos and how they need to be wary of him returning. The Ruby Vanguard must be fracturing if Otohan is dead, Liliana has turned, and Zathuda is prioritizing his own desires. These fractures could be in Bells Hells’ favor.


In the morning, they meet with Keyleth, Tofor Brotoras, and Qi Mandozi – three of the high-ranking figures in the alliance known as the Exandrian Accord – and report all they learned on Ruidus. The Accord has been challenged in gathering resources, as the recent breaking of ancient magical bindings has let loose long forgotten evils. This loose dark magic has sowed chaos and distraction, as Ludinus intended.

Keyleth is gathering allies, as well as reaching out to unsavory types who could be of assistance. Since Bells Hells need to go to Aeor, she contacts Caleb Widogast of the Mighty Nein, asking him to send someone who can help them navigate Eiselcross and the Aeorian ruins. Keyleth hesitates to ask Bells Hells to go on another mission, but they’re invested. So they will go to Aeor and if they encounter Ludinus, stop him or slow him down – but be cautious.

Chetney chafes at this warning, demanding respect for Bells Hells and to understand what they have lost. Keyleth apologizes, which Chetney accepts, and adds that these challenges are being asked of everyone on Exandria right now. The best way to attack is as a simultaneous assault, tackling at once as a distraction. Ludinus prepared for armies and gods, but not for people. They have a week to discover what troops are at their disposal.


They are interrupted by the envoy sent by Caleb: Seth Domade, a sorcerer and archivist of the Cobalt Soul. He has been studying Aeor with two other archivists over the past twenty years, though the Cerberus Assembly took complete control of the site a few years ago. The Cerberus Assembly abandoned the Dwendalian Empire, but Seth knows one member who they might be able to interrogate and partially trust. Seth will teleport them to Zadash to find this Cerberus Assembly member.

Bells Hells are given some money and Dorian and Ashton grab a few pieces of armor before emptying the portable hole of its bodies. Keyleth kindly removes two of Fearne’s exhaustion points. She leaves to locate more allies, but not before she and Orym exchange a private word. He attests to Bells Hells’ character and says that if Imogen or Fearne were going to go dark, they’d have done it by now. Keyleth knows that if they did, Orym would handle it.

Seth teleports the group to Zadash and leads them through the streets of the recovering city. The city looks like it was recently under siege, with multiple buildings showing signs of fire and destruction. Seth leads them to the affluent Tri-Spire district while the group asks about his life – his mother was a tavern wench and he’s never met Ludinus. They are followed by a guard, but give him the slip via group invisibility and sneak into the luxurious district.


Seth warns them that they will have to subdue the individual they are seeking. When he says ‘do not panic’, they should grab the individual and restrain them. Seth doesn’t know what to expect, as a friend told him where to find this person. Seth takes them to Chastity’s Nook, a smutty bookstore run by Iva Deshin. She gives them a rundown of some delightful book options before Seth asks to speak to another employee named Erma.

Erma, a young half-elf, is in a back office, reading. Bells Hells enter and Seth tells her that “Bren” sends his regards. At Seth’s cue, Bells Hells immediately try to subdue Erma, who shrugs off multiple spell attempts and counterspells Dorian’s forcecage. Ashton and Orym pin her with the hammer and Seedling and Seth casts an anti-magic field. Erma’s illusory disguise drops, revealing a blond human woman with a burn scar.

This is Astrid Becke, the Archmage of Civil Influence of the Cerberus Assembly and Trent Ikithon’s successor. Astrid prefers the term ‘usurper’. However, Astrid’s disguise is not the only one that faded. Seth is revealed to be Essek Thelyss, a dark elf arcanist ally to the Exandrian Accord and enemy of Ludinus Da’leth. They all need to have a conversation.

That is it for Episode 94 of Critical Role!


  • Daddy Zathuda needs to leave our girl Fearne alone; either get her a pony or back off!
  • The Exandrian Accord is the name of the alliance that Keyleth has gathered – love a group name!
  • That Ashton and Fearne cuddle session was very soul healing. Everyone needs a good cuddle sometimes.
  • It’s Zadash! It’s Essek! It’s Astrid! It’s Iva! OH MIGHTY NEIN WE’RE BACK BABY!

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