Critical Recap: Critical Role C3E82 “Rush for the Bloody Bridge”

Written by on January 31, 2024

Hello! Welcome to Critical Recap! I’m Dani Carr, the Critical Role Lore Keeper. Let’s dive into our recap of Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 82 Rush for the Bloody Bridge!


Bells Hells survey the outer edge of the Tishtan excavation site, see a patrolling automaton Warder, a Reiloran manning a large arcane ballista-like device likely meant as a defense against aerial attacks, and an additional two guards keeping watch. Chetney invisibly infiltrates a tent, finding one nervous Ruby Vanguard soldier within. The group enters the tent, where Imogen and Ashton intimidate the nervous soldier into joining the battle fray.

Chetney attaches Percy’s arcane disruptor to the Warder, using FCG’s sourdough starter and some honey for stickiness. The device incapacitates the Warder, distracting the guards and another Reiloran Juggernaut. A combination of FCG’s silence, Chetney’s acting, and Imogen’s deception gets them nearly into the ruins, but the Reiloran sees through the group ruse. Luckily, Imogen ends the encounter quickly by telekinetically destroying the ballista and the Reilora along with it.

The group creeps down the switchback path into the excavation site, feigning confidence as they make their way slowly to the interior of the ruins and past several Vanguard members. They approach a cavern and hear voices questioning whether to stay at their post or join the fray. Chetney uses the monocle of true-seeing to cast arcane eye within the cavern – he sees an unconscious man in shackles, as well as two Ruby Vanguard soldiers and two Reilora.


The prisoner piques Bells Hells’ interest, so Chetney and Imogen approach the cavern, claiming to be there for a shift change. The two Ruby Vanguard members leave, while the Reilora remain suspicious. One clocks Imogen as an Exaltant but doesn’t recognize her; Imogen reveals herself as Liliana’s daughter and requests the prisoner. The Reilora refuse, citing specific orders from Otohan Thull to guard this man.

Imogen leaves the cavern, taking a moment to drop her confident mask and have a brief panic attack. With her gone, Chetney transforms into a werewolf and attacks the Reilora. One Reiloran, known as a Shrike, wields an impressive chain weapon. Ashton kills one Reiloran with their portal attack and Laudna kills the other with an eldritch blast hole in the gut. They set up the two Reilora to look as if they are still on guard duty and turn their attention to the prisoner.

FCG heals the prisoner back to consciousness. He introduces himself as Ishto, a holy warrior of the Lawbearer from Yios. He is the only survivor of a recon group – his team was killed and turned to stone by the numerous protective sigils around the Malleus Key. His goal is to save the realm, so he is willing to keep fighting and even give his life for that duty. Ishto cannot show them where the sigils are, as they are hidden and frequently shift.


Bells Hells and Ishto, posing as their prisoner, return to their path to the Malleus Key and the Bloody Bridge. When they reach the bottom of the ruins, Imogen summons a hex mind Reiloran ally. This individual is not allied with the Ruby Vanguard and refers to the Reilora that are as being with the Imperium. Fearne notices that Imogen’s lightning marks are now faintly glowing.

Chetney, using the see invisibility feature of the monocle, guides the group around the sigils and towards the tower. As they near the outskirts, they see two Warders, two ballistae, and a ruin-crawler close by. Suddenly, four individuals exit the Bloody Bridge – a Reiloran mage known as a Thought Eater, a Vanguard elven figure of elevated stature and mantle, a soldier, and Otohan Thull. She orders them to maintain a perimeter and to not abandon the Key before leaping off to join the fray.

Undeterred but on a tighter timeline, Bells Hells keep moving. Orym accidentally activates a petrification glyph, so FCG casts greater restoration and releases him from the spell’s hold. They decide to make a distraction, so Imogen catapults two bombs, which Laudna and Fearne explode. The group sprints to the base of the tower, but Imogen’s attempt to cast blindness on the Thought Eater launches a chaotic fight.


Bells Hells focus on attempting to infiltrate the Bloody Bridge, even as fighting erupts around them. Fearne polymorphs the Reiloran Juggernaut into a possum, Chetney uses the impressive lightning ballista, and FCG debuts his grand new spell guiding bolt. FCG is the first to board the bridge, trusting that their friends will quickly follow. Ishto, despite only having 1 hit point, continues to fight and survive. Orym uses his indomitable will to resist domination by the Thought Eater.

Laudna boards the Bloody Bridge, though not before telling Imogen to be right behind her. Ashton tosses Orym and Fearne into the bridge before jumping in behind them. The angry possum leaps into the bridge, as well, to Fearne’s delight. Chetney dashes to Imogen, who uses the scroll of dimension door to deliver them to the base of the Key. The Thought Eater threatens to find Imogen, who responds that she will kill them and all their friends.

Imogen and Chetney successfully board the bridge and all of Bells Hells travel at immense speed through a red light. They find themselves standing on a structure and surrounded by walls and barricades. A red storm stirs on the horizon and Exandria looms above them. Bells Hells, welcome to Ruidus.

That is it for Episode 82 of Critical Role!


  • What is the Imperium?? Tasty Reilora Lore!!
  • Fingers crossed that Ishto and his 1 hp survive that kerfuffle.

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