Critical Recap – Critical Role C3E81 “The Eve of the Red Moon”

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Hello! Welcome to Critical Recap! I’m Dani Carr, the Critical Role Lore Keeper. Let’s dive into our recap of Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 81 The Eve of the Red Moon!


Bells Hells plan to spend tonight with Nana Morri in the Fey Realm and then have Allura take them to the Tishtan Excavation Site tomorrow to meet with their allies and begin their run to Ruidus. Chetney still wants to make his “wish” to Nana Morri so he can look young again, but Orym reminds him of the potential price to pay.

Meanwhile, Ashton and Fearne are running around in the forest testing out their new powers and learning how to combine them to greater effect. Ashton realizes that they are not in pain while in this form. He drops it, his gem exterior cracking and falling away so that he once more looks like himself. The pain returns, almost welcome, and allows Ashton to feel like themself again as well. Fearne drops her form upon returning to the manor, but a mote of fire still shines in her pupils and gentle smoke still idly emanates from her ears and fingertips.

Chetney goes to Nana Morri’s collection room, where he names the sentient door Sir Push-Pull. Chetney asks Nana about becoming young again and is transported to a dark space, alone with Nana and her lantern. She asks him to be specific in what he wants — where does his passion lie? Chetney wants to be the most famous toymaker the world has ever known. Nana agrees to that bend of fate, so long as he gets her a piece of Predathos. Chetney agrees and the deal is struck. He will be notorious.


Chetney returns to his friends and reveals the deal he made, but assures them that, if he fails, it will only affect him. Fearne is delighted that he made a deal with Nana, he just has to do what was requested. FCG makes a Heroes Feast for everyone and Imogen discusses her desire to have him cast shared dream on her tonight so she can take the Bloody Bridge in her psychic dreams. Everyone except Chetney and Fearne are linked to her via the spell.

Imogen and the others are pulled into the bridge and into the storm of Ruidus. Imogen lands in the eye of the storm, where she can see Exandria and the red tether above. She feels the calling from Ruidus and the ground vibrating below. She tells the moon to bring her home and no longer fights the call. Imogen tumbles into darkness. She feels comfort and warmth and love while her friends feel dread and an alien presence.

The pull strengthens and Imogen realizes she is passing caverns, subterranean rivers, teal glowing crystals, and alien life. Her descent slows as she hears her mother’s voice in the distance, telling her no. Then the voice is gone and Imogen stops. The others wake up, but Imogen is still in the dream. She senses a presence and her body is suffused with power. She feels at home here, in this womb. She only wants to return there.


Imogen wakes up, asleep only a moment longer than the others. She claims to be okay, but is clearly affected by what she felt. FCG thinks it’s time for them all to stop shying away from their darker sides and embrace them instead. They all go to bed and when everyone is asleep, Orym finds Nana Morri. He tells her that he feels unprepared for tomorrow. He wants everyone to get back safely and is willing to make a deal to ensure that.

Orym finds himself transported to that dark space with Nana and her lantern. His passion is to protect his friends and loved ones: if he can see them all through and they get this done, he will serve her. Nana can smell the touch of divinity upon him, enticing her. She thinks it would be nice to have a caretaker now that Fearne is all grown up. Orym says that everyone in Bells Hells has to return alive and see this through. They make their deal and Nana tells him to call upon her when he needs her help.

Long rest is acquired by all, even as Imogen is distracted by how much she misses Ruidus. Breakfast is served by Ollie and Birdie. FCG is served a silver sphere decorated with different faces. He eats it and belches – several voices scream from within his mouth. Birdie and Ollie will stay with Nana and both want to get to know Fearne better when things calm down. Fearne says goodbye to her Fey loved ones and Allura teleports them all to the Hellcatch Valley. Nana Morri adjusts their time displacement, returning them to Exandria the same day they left.


Allura leads them to a ramshackle fort, past signs of battle and through legions of troops. They meet three of the leaders of this alliance – Mythtaker Qi Mandozi, Guardian Tofor Brotoras, and Earthbreaker Groon (who angrily stares at Fearne and Imogen, unsettling them). Keyleth and Percy are in the tent and are happy to see everyone back so quickly. More doomsday cults have risen, distressing the people. The Ruby Vanguard’s numbers are growing.

Percy goes over the plan with everyone. Allura and Mandozi will create the illusions. Meat carts, or butcher wagons, will be exploded to aid the illusions. The illusions will then be destroyed to keep the charade up. This will give Bells Hells between ten and thirteen minutes to get to the Bloody Bridge. They will approach from the southeast and enter unnoticed. They have to be wary, though, as the Reilora are the bulk of the defensive forces near the Malleus Key. Keyleth will guide them to the best spot for them to enter the ruins.

Groon reveals that he is aware that Imogen and Fearne are Ruidusborn, which unsettles Tofor and Qi Mandozi. They have tried working with Ruidusborn before, but at a certain point, their Ruidusborn allies forgot what they were doing and joined the Vanguard, turning on them. Allura vouches for Bells Hells and Groon says that if they turn, the storm will find them. Imogen assures him that she is the storm. Keyleth calls them the tip of the sword and says that she believes in them.


Percy needs one more hour to finish up his preparations. Imogen privately tells her friends about the strong pull to Ruidus and how she might need their help. Laudna questions if they should stand between her and the moon, but Imogen knows what’s right. Laudna talks to Keyleth, asking her about the man trapped in the black sphere. Keyleth is determined to set him free, but she knows she can’t do it, yet. Vax is powering the Bloody Bridge and they need the bridge intact until this is finished.

When they’re done, they will set him free. Keyleth is grateful she can check on Vax from a distance. Laudna says she will see if there is a solution to be found while she is on Ruidus. Keyleth apologizes to Laudna for everything, though Laudna does not know the extent to what Keyleth means. FCG casts Telepathic Bond on the team so everyone can communicate.

Imogen is approached by Earthbreaker Groon, who puts his hand on her shoulder without a word. She sees a flash of white and a face in the clouds. In her head, she hears the voice of the Stormlord telling her that she has his eye. He tells her there is greatness in her and to not let them down. She won’t. The vision fades and Groon gives Imogen a nod before leaving.


It’s time. Keyleth joins Bells Hells as the butcher wagons are sent off with the arcanists. Imogen activates the Scroll of Non-Detection, protecting their minds. Keyleth turns the group into clouds so they can travel quickly to the edge of the ruins. As they fly, they watch the butcher wagons become a frontal assault of lumbering beasts and ember rocs. The illusion is in full effect.

Keyleth leads the clouds to a rocky outcrop, where she slowly summons a powerful hurricane. Bells Hells don their Ruby Vanguard outfits. Keyleth explains that the cloud form that she cast lasts for 8 hours, but it takes a minute to make the transition. It may be useful when they arrive in Ruidus to escape the drop point. Fearne leads them through the dust clouds to the closest wall of the excavation site. They watch in the distance as numerous Reilorans head to confront the beasts. The race is on.

That is it for Episode 81 of Critical Role!


  • Two deals! Two deals with Nana Morri! Chetney and Orym what are y’all DOING!!
  • Imogen gave into Ruidus! What will happen now that she’s given into the call and why did Liliana not want her to do so? The eyes of the Stormlord are upon her!
  • Keyleth + Vax Forever and Ever.

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