Critical Recap: Critical Role C3E67 “Bloody Flowers”

Written by on August 9, 2023

Hello! Welcome to Critical Recap! I’m Dani Carr, the Critical Role Lore Keeper. Let’s dive into our recap of Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 67 Bloody Flowers!


Bells Hells take a short rest and once more discuss the gods and their direction. Imogen feels that ending Predathos may remove her powers or even end her life, but she believes now that they should honor the people who depend on the gods. Everyone except FCG is undecided about how they feel towards the gods, though Ashton abstains from the vote. They discuss the Hishari and Ashton’s faint memories of the explosion that jettisoned them to Marquet.

They don’t have any real proof that Predathos is bad, but Ludinus certainly is. FCG thinks the gods help people. If the gods die, what happens to everyone else? What happens to the Ruidusborn if Predathos dies? They need more information. The group finishes their short rest and begin traversing the Grey Valley once more, seeing the ghosts of long dead soldiers wandering the scarred battlefield.

The scent of burning meat catches their noses and they see a hill cloven into two cliffs and the signs of a structure between these cliffs. As they stealth towards the structure, they are attacked by two vrocks. Laudna and Imogen get the kills on the danger birds and the group sprints to the structure. They realize that the small fort has been damaged. Plumes of smoke emanate from the fort’s base and the smell of burning meat grows more potent.


This is the Iridon Bastion, an extension of a Platinum Dragon temple meant to stand sentinel over the Abyssal presence in the Grey Valley and warn of incursions. Chetney uses grim psychometry, a hemocraft ability, and sees the structure and its soldiers attacked and killed a few days ago. The diminished presence of the Platinum Dragon was unable to help them. Imogen questions how many of these places exist, where the gods block fiends from the world. This fort is not unique, as numerous rifts dot the landscape of Exandria.

Bells Hells split up, with Laudna, Imogen, Ashton, and Orym going to the top of the fort. They see the aftermath of the terrible battle and the demons who have turned the Bastion into an encampment. There are three metal cages with humanoid captives and the demons are drawing runes and sigils, preparing for something. An enormous demon with small wings and massive tusks lands in the encampment. This is Extovass the Gluttonous and he wields a beautiful blade far too small for him.

FCG casts tongues as Extovass says “Hurry, I must feast soon. Prepare, then celebrate.” Fearne notices a demon pulled into an alcove and sees a devil with red skin, a lion’s mane of gray hair, handlebar horns, and leathery wings emerging from his velvet cloak. This is Teven Klask, a champion of the Lord of the Hells; he stays hidden, keeping an eye on the encampment.


Fearne causes a distraction by shouting for help while wolf Chetney pretends to attack her. Extovass sends two demons to bring back whatever made the noise. Imogen attacks the tower with Synaptic Static, killing one demon that stands guard over another cage. Team Top leaps to the tower while Team Bottom deals with the demons heading their way. FCG casts command, forcing the demons to mime long enough to allow Fearne and him to run to the alcove.

Fearne meets Teven and convinces him that she is a friend, creating a temporary alliance. Chetney finishes off the demons harrying him, impressing Teven. At the top of the tower, a cage holds a wounded Iridon Bastion soldier and a Tempest Blade. Laudna successfully picks the lock and freezes the captives’ manacles, making them brittle enough to break.

Extovass welcomes them all to the feast before teleporting to the tower, where he brutally attacks Imogen. Orym disarms the demon, knocking his blade to the ground. Laudna asks Imogen if she trusts her; at her assent, Laudna pushes her off the edge of the tower and leaps after her, casting featherfall and landing safely. Unfortunately, Extovass follows and knocks Imogen unconscious. Laudna, in her form of dread, shields Imogen’s body with her own.


FCG is able to bring Imogen back to consciousness with a cure wounds, so she casts invisibility on herself and Laudna to protect them both from Extovass. Chetney grabs the dropped blade and hears a voice in his head telling him they will do great things. Fearne casts blight on Extovass, killing him even as he threatens to find her and kill her. She takes his tusks.

Ashton destroys all of the fiendish sigils while Chetney and Laudna unlock the cages. The captives are two Iridon Bastion soldiers, two Tempest Blades, and Baernie – Orym’s sister. The two joyfully reunite, with Baernie surprised he was the one who came to save them. Between Bells Hells and the Ashari, they have more than enough flowers to return to Zephrah.


Meanwhile, Teven speaks with Fearne. He explains that he is a champion of Asmodeus, acting as his agent through many realms, and is known as Retribution of the Hells. Who does she owe fealty? Herself. He declares she is outside of the knotted weave. While Teven doesn’t know details, his Lord is shaken by what is brewing in Exandria. He was commanded to entreat those who walk both in the light and outside of it. For now, they meet on common ground.

Teven is looking to help his own god, which may in turn help all the gods. The deities have remembered, for this moment in time, that they are brethren. He tells Fearne to not feel nervous, as this armistice has precedent. Teven flirts with Fearne, speaking of the gifts that she could receive if she followed Asmodeus. The Lord of Hells offers an eternity of purpose, strength, and pleasure for his followers.

Fearne is definitely interested in excitement and pleasure. Teven kisses her hand, burning the symbol of the Lord of Hells into her knuckle. He tells her their pact is sealed. All she has to do is ask for his aid in the future. He promises her they will meet again and informs the others that their leader is wise. He tells Imogen their destinies may be entwined and disappears in flames.


Orym talks to Baernie, who explains that she volunteered to helm this expedition to find the flowers. They knew the dangers of the Grey Valley, but knew the Iridon Bastion would be a point of safety. Unfortunately, the Bastion had fallen. Some of them fled, some fell, and some were captured. The ones still alive were saved for a celebratory feast when the demons brought the rest of their group. Extovass the Gluttonous was sworn to a prince known as Vrudauliun.

They should not rest here. Baernie cannot get them back, but Imogen can teleport them in the morning. A funeral is held for the fallen and the soldiers give the death rites of the Platinum Dragon. These rites speak of loss and giving one’s life to protect the realm. True heroism is remembered for those that didn’t balk in the face of destruction. They fell so that others in the world could live. Baernie leads them down the crevasse and opens a cavern in the stone wall where they can safely rest for the night.

That is it for Episode 67 of Critical Role!


  • Fearne is out here making deals with devils for the purposes of getting supremely laid and I, for one, think she is iconic.
  • Travis Willingham is three for three on talking swords in CR campaigns. It must be destiny.
  • The Prime and Betrayer Gods seem to be in a truce due to Predathos! That is A BIG DEAL!!
  • Baernie lives! The flowers are found! Thank the gods, because Orym cannot lose another family member.

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