Critical Recap: Critical Role C3E41 “Call of the Wild”

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Hello! Welcome to Critical Recap! I’m Dani Carr, the Critical Role Lore Keeper. Let’s dive into our recap of Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 41 Call of the Wild!


In the morning, Bells Hells ready themselves for their trek to find Zha’vrollo, the Temple of the Savage Heart. Chetney is eager to face whatever destiny awaits him in his trial. The group is hopeful that they’ll be able to help him out somehow during it. They discuss what their were-creature choices would be, if they were able to pick. Ashton would choose an alligator, Orym a rabbit, Imogen a horse, Fearne a quokka or a capybara, FCG a bass, and Laudna a rat.

Five of the Gorgynei, including Annaline, Manad, and Uther, lead Bells Hells into the Gloomed Jungles. The woods are foggy and filled with unusual trees and brightly colored fungus. Chetney asks Fearne if the fungi can be eaten. She says yes and eats a piece, which poisons her and makes her mildly hallucinate. Manad keeps an eye on her and she flirts with him as they move through the woods’ vibrant ecosphere, which is both unsettling and beautiful at the same time.

As the day progresses and they journey through the jungle, they get hunted by a family of five twilight tigers. The Gorgynei shift into their hybrid forms and Annaline gives a growl, convincing the tigers to disperse and not attack. She explains that she established a respect and a hierarchy with that growl. They continue traveling and the day is uneventful as night falls and camp is set.


Fearne is still a bit joyfully delirious from the fungus, making FCG want to try it as well. He eats a mushroom, but doesn’t notice any change apart from an odd tickle. FCG wonders if Fearne might have some otherworldly insight since she’s high, so they talk to her about the Changebringer and the mixed signals they’ve been receiving from this god. Fearne thinks that faith is possibly bullshit, but also possibly real.

Fearne tries to reach out to the Changebringer and hears a voice say ‘hi’ – she sees a beetle with a human face. She talks to the beetle about FCG, asking if he’s on the right path and if the Changebringer guided her coin flip. The beetle keeps saying hi and flies to her face. Fearne feels a hugging sensation and tells FCG that the Changebringer accepts him. The beetle flies away in a stream of color, telling her ‘love you’. Fearne’s altered state will wear off tomorrow.


Annaline takes a walk with Chetney, wanting to see what he can do with hemocraft. He transforms into his wolven form and shows her that he can light up his chisel with fire – she calls this the basics. She asks why he has come here to cut corners on his lycanthropy training and he explains that he wants to learn as much as he can, but now he’s with a group where his actions matter. He wants to be of help and that means learning more, quickly.

Chetney’s purpose in wanting this power is complex. He deeply enjoys the rush of killing and no longer being overlooked and he doesn’t view it as a curse, but a gift. He also believes that it’s an opportunity to make change and help the world. Annaline appreciates his honesty, but warns him that he will always be hunted by those who don’t understand. The Gorgynei are some of the few who can live with this gift. Every year they welcome a few new people and every year, they say goodbye to a few.

Lycanthropy is a day-to-day, lifelong struggle. Even Annaline’s mentor Ometho, who was a member of the Claret Orders and helped found the Gorgynei, woke up one day and gave into the beast because they had grown tired of the struggle and no longer wished to fight. Chetney is willing to take the chance and cohabitate with this gift. It will be up to Sahyaadon and the trial in the end.

Annaline teaches Chetney some advanced glyph work and Chetney gifts her a detailing chisel. She explains that Divasheela was her name before the curse, when she was a student at Dayal Hall. A mislabeled delivery to her uncle contained a lycan who bit her. If Chetney ever meets a pale, scarred elf named Dorao – kill him for her.


In the morning, they continue their journey to Sahyaadon’s temple. Manad gives them more information about the trial and the temple’s history, explaining that Sahyaadon is a representative of the jungle’s protective spirits and that the temple was used as a military outpost for the Stratos Throne during the Apex War. Sahyaadon took the temple back herself, though it was damaged in the process. The temple is a beacon for different spiritual energies.

They arrive at the temple, which is built into a cliffside and surrounded by gorgeous, unusual trees and fauna. Within is an entrance akin to a mineshaft leading to a bigger chamber, where sits a statue of Serataani, the Wildmother, clutching an empty scabbard. The Gorgynei and Chetney leave offerings at the statue and Annaline instructs Chetney to meditate and see if the spirit will listen.

Chetney sits at the statue and introduces himself to Sahyaadon. It’s taken four centuries, but he’s ready to make a difference. He’s going to use this gift for personal gain, but only a little bit. He wants to push back on the bad in the world and also squash a personal beef, but do some good. He’s open to any wisdom. As the hours tick by and the sun sets, the moon rises and a moonbeam appears. A presence arrives in the chamber.


Fearne notices a ghostlike glimmer in the water mist as Chetney feels emotions within him that aren’t his own. The spirit asks him questions, chiding him for his answers – when he answers that he is a hunter, she says he is hunter and prey. When he yearns for freedom over indulgence, she calls him a fool. He spoils the earth rather than seeds the garden and she calls him a catalyst. Red flares behind Chetney’s eyes and he accepts the trial. The Gorgynei stand up as one, blue mist drifting out of their eyes. They remain motionless, only watching.

Chetney feels a tug on the tether within him that connects to Ruidus, urging him to give into violence. The mist and the water fall onto Chetney, as well as the moonbeam. He shifts into a massive wolven form and his eyes take on the same blue mist as the Gorgynei. Imogen reaches into his mind, but an ancient will shuts her out. Chetney attacks Bells Hells!

The group is unsure what to do, both attacking their friend and attempting to reason with him. Orym holds out a nearly finished wolf carving and reaches out to Chetney, where he sees red in Chetney’s eyes and red smoke trickling from his chest. Fearne changes into a “sexy wolf” and tells him to fight through this. All these attempts help to whittle Chetney’s abilities down, but he continues to attack.

Laudna casts a magical darkness on the moonlight, which causes Chetney to shrink down to his normal wolf size, but he is still trapped in the trial. Trying to reason with Chetney works better than attacking him, so the group focuses on that. Eventually, Ashton yells at him and tells him to either knock it off or fight him directly, because the others don’t deserve it. This call to meet him one on one, to show his true strength, finally allows Chetney to regain control of himself.


Chetney returns to his gnomish form and Ashton punches him, to the Gorgynei’s amusement. The spirit speaks to him, telling him she has eaten the scar of an unworthy predator and has left her scar in its place. Red energy leaves Chetney’s body, resembling Ruidus before dissipating. Manad interprets the trial as Chetney dealing with tensions among his allies and coming to an understanding. He will hopefully have greater control now, as the worry has been lifted.

Chetney thanks the statue of Serataani and sees the fractal image of a snouted creature in the moonlight. The group decides to go streaking in the woods together in celebration of the trial. As they run out, Orym is about to join them when he notices a familiar and faint smell in the room – the scent of Will’s skin. It seems to be coming from the statue. Fearne stays with him while he investigates.

Orym notices vines emanating from the top of the scabbard, so he hops onto the statue. The scabbard has an opening, so he slides his sword into the sheath. The vines wrap around the blade and around his hand and light pours from the gaps. When the light fades, he pulls the blade out – ivy now grows from the hilt and wraps his hand like a handguard. The blade glows a faint emerald green. Orym thanks Serataani, grateful and in awe. He and Fearne join the streaking party after she too thanks the statue and gives a platinum in offering.

That is it for Episode 41 of Critical Role!


  • Dorian’s response to Orym’s sending was played! “Oh, Orym. My heart aches that I cannot be there to help you. Find strength. Stay steadfast. Sending you fairer winds. …Is this thing on?”
  • Chetney has a new feat called Savage Spirit! Is this part of his control or does it offer him new abilities?
  • Orym’s sword was blessed and enchanted by Serataani! That’s incredible! I hope we find out more about what the sword means to him in the future.
  • The party leveled up to Level 8! GO BELLS HELLS!!

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