Critical Recap: Critical Role C3E14 “In Too Deep”

Written by on February 23, 2022

Hello! Welcome to Critical Recap! I’m Dani Carr, the Critical Role Lore Keeper. Let’s dive into our recap of Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 14 In Too Deep!


Ashton and General Ratanish step outside for their duel as a crowd gathers to watch. Ratanish is a barbarian of some sort with extra fire damage, making him a formidable foe. Ashton holds his own throughout the fist fight, impressing Ratanish, but the general still knocks him unconscious. FCG heals Ashton while Ratanish turns the entire spectacle into an ad for the Paragon’s Call. The nobles at the party seem much more intrigued by the rough and tumble mercenary group after the fight.

Ashton is invited to sit with Ratanish and converse more. They give their name as ‘Aaron’ for now, which Ratanish accepts. As for the Nightmare King mask, Ashton explains that they saw the design and it freaked them out, so thought it would be a good scary mask. Ashton cites professionalism and is unwilling to divulge more information about where he saw the design or why he’s here at the ball, but promises that the two things are unrelated. Ratanish advises them to not show up in the center of politics right after being involved in major property damage, but he still offers Ashton possible work with the Paragon’s Call in the future.

Orym sees a human noblewoman speak with both Gavis and Armand – this is Mistress Orlana Seshadri. Laudna gets her attention with an unsettling presence and introduces herself as Lorelai de Rolo, a name that Orlana does not buy. Laudna tries to uncover if either Orlana or Armand are Quorum members but Orlana denies this, claiming to be of a lower Mahaan house that focuses on livestock. Laudna wants to talk business, but Orlana brushes her off.


Meanwhile, Chetney tells Imogen and Dorian about Cyrus and Lady Emoth. The description of Emoth’s change and the shade creepers reminds them of Duggar’s transformation. Imogen casts Sending to Cyrus, asking where he is, but Cyrus only says to not worry and that he is here paying his debts. Dorian is concerned, but willing to trust his brother. Fearne and FCG let Eshteross know that the rings have been switched, while Imogen requests to be shown where their rooms for the night are.

Chetney notices a half-orc man and a female gnome clothed in green talking to the guards and going into the hallway. These are the Green Seekers – well-known detectives with a strong moral compass who investigate all over Marquet. Dorian, Fearne, FCG, and Chetney look for Cyrus, convincing the guards to let them use the bathroom. Dorian uses minor illusion to make the sound of a woman screaming in the room where Chetney saw Lady Emoth, which causes the guards to investigate.

The four are unable to find Cyrus in the bathroom, but before they can keep searching for him, they hear the screams of the guards being attacked. FCG is determined to help the guards, so the four enter the suite. Upon doing so, they hear Lady Emoth asking what they’re doing here. They see her crawling on the ceiling, dripping mucus and wearing a half-full satchel as she re-enters the room from the hallway. She blocks the exit as Fearne tries to say that they’re in the wrong room.


A fight commences with Lady Emoth and the shade creepers. The other half of the group joins in once they realize that the others are missing. Chetney heals one of the injured guards with a potion, making sure that the guard knows he is friendly before turning into a werewolf. The fight continues and eventually Emoth flees, claiming that “she” will help her. Though the group tries to stop her, she escapes through a hidden hole in the wall.

They talk to the guard that Chetney saved, whose name is Dunot. Chetney assures him that they came to help, which Dunot can plainly see. Laudna tells him they are representatives of the deceased Betrand Bell. He tells them that this room was assigned to Gryz Alakritos, who the group had met earlier in the evening. Dorian and Laudna can hear Cyrus struggling in the hallway and telling someone that he was supposed to be here. As they rush out to see what Cyrus has gotten himself into, Imogen gives the guard their name – Bell’s Hells.


Cyrus has been apprehended by the Green Seekers, who are leading him out through the ballroom. Gavis makes an announcement, declaring that the Green Seekers and the Wilders have caught a burglar who will be dealt with. Faced with few options, Dorian pops a smoke grenade and tosses it at the Green Seekers, charging into the fog. He casts charm person on the male Green Seeker and persuades him to let him take Cyrus. Eshteross joins him in the fog and attacks the other Green Seeker, giving Dorian a chance to cast invisibility on Cyrus and lead him out of the fog.

Laudna puts up her form of dread and yells at everyone to get out, which successfully makes most patrons head for the door and gives Dorian cover to lead the invisible Cyrus out to the carriages. However, she gets the attention of the guards. Dunot comes out and vouches for Laudna, explaining that there was an attack and she was part of the group that aided in fending off the threat. The guards let her go, but they are all making note of Bell’s Hells, who are clear persons of interest.

The group returns to Eshteross’ manor, where Cyrus explains that he was trying to pay off his bounty by working with Lady Emoth. Someone in the Corsairs mentioned that Lady Emoth, who used to do work with Duggar, was looking for some assistance. She hired him to steal things from some lower Mahaan houses and said she would split a treasure with him. Cyrus thought her mother was her business partner – Emoth referred to ‘mother’ frequently. The Green Seekers thought that Cyrus was involved in the destruction of the Moon Tower, which means they were probably looking for Dorian.


Eshteross offers to put Cyrus on his skyship that’s heading to Emon. Dorian and Eshteross both know that Dorian needs to go with him, since the two look so similar and Cyrus needs guidance. Dorian agrees to go, though the others are devastated by his decision. Dorian is determined to look after his brother. He thinks they will go to Kymal – it seems like a good spot to blend in and make some money. They will have to go to Emon first and Dorian promises to tell Cyrus about his own mistakes that were made in that city.

Dorian gives a toast to Bell’s Hells, which is officially decided upon as their group name. He keeps one sending stone and gives the other to Orym, so they can stay in touch. Cyrus apologizes for his part in taking Dorian from them and recognizes his mistakes. Dorian promises that he will not forget them and that he will keep in touch. It’s not goodbye, only see you later. He will see them later. Imogen asks Eshteross if he’s mad at them, but he promises he’s not. He’s actually rather proud of their good, albeit messy, work.

In the early morning, Dorian and Cyrus leave in a carriage, heading for the skyship. Dorian leaves behind the toy skyship that Chetney made him – he has cast levitate on the ship, making it float. As it bobs up and down in the air, a child runs up and takes the toy to play with.

That is it for Episode 14 of Critical Role!


  • A round of applause to the amazing Robbie Daymond and Dorian Storm! We’ll see him again in a two-part Exandria Unlimited special, coming soon!
  • Ratanish knows that Ashton was at the Moon Tower – is that just because of the mask? How much does he know about the rest of the group?
  • Lady Emoth Kade referred to someone as ‘mother’ and I doubt she’s talking about the matriarch of the Kade family. Could this be the mother of the shade creepers?
  • Imogen mentioned being able to cast misty step as a feature from being Fey-Touched. Which means that she too has a mysterious connection to the fey!
  • A party name has been reached! Bell’s Hells, let’s have an adventure.

Anyway, catch Episode 15 next Thursday, March 3rd at 7pm Pacific on and on or a week later on our podcast. We’re taking a short rest this week, so… Is it next Thursday yet?

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