Critical Recap: Critical Role C2E99 (High Seas, High Stakes)

Written by on March 18, 2020

Hello! Welcome to Critical Recap! I’m Dani Carr, Production Coordinator and 5-Year Critter. Let’s dive into our recap of Critical Role Episode 99 High Seas, High Stakes!


The Mighty Nein rush to the sides of their fallen comrades. Caduceus quickly casts gentle repose on Fjord and Orly, searching for the orb within Fjord’s chest. Unable to find it, he casts revivify on Fjord, pulling their captain from death’s clutches. Jester, after confirming that Fjord is okay, revives Orly as well. Caduceus hands out more healing as the group tries to recover and Fjord realizes that he still carries the Cloven Crystal within him, despite the sword’s destruction.

As they discuss what just occurred, a half-elven woman dimension doors onto the ship, paralyzing some of the Nein. This is Vess DeRogna, and the group quickly clarifies that they were not the aggressors. They tell her of the fish creatures, but convince her that they were attacked due to the dangers of ship travel (and that they are famous pirates). She tells them that the Martinet speaks highly of them and that they may eventually have some work for them in the north. Caleb speaks to her in Zemnian, thanking her, and she leaves the ship.


The Nein notice that the Deep Scions’s fish bodies have reverted form to a human fisherman, a male goliath, and a female elf. Jester dissects the fisherman but finds only gray intestines and a briny smell. They know they need to remove Fjord’s orb, but have no idea how to go about it. Caduceus can sense something inside him, but it’s not tangible. Jester casts commune, and the Traveler tells her that they don’t need to carve Fjord up — there’s another way.

With this knowledge and some of Veth’s residuum dust, Caduceus casts Greater Restoration. Fjord draws strength from his friends, but is hit with intense pain as he feels something move within him. He retches, and the Cloven Crystal is expelled from his body. Caleb, with the group’s agreement, stores the orb within Widogast’s Vault of Amber. Fjord still has his Warlock abilities, to his relief, and Jester sweetly tells him that the orb wasn’t the source of his power.


After a hard night’s sleep, Caduceus (disguised as Avantika) is ready to cast speak with dead. They speak with the elven woman first, confirming that Uk’otoa seeks the orb, that she was a willing follower, the shape change was part of the “reward” for her allegiance, and that she was following both the orb and the one who carried it. Upon questioning the goliath, they are met with resistance and learn nothing as the dead man does not recognize Avantika.

Jester helms the third speak with dead, disguised as the elven woman and pretending that she forgot their plan’s next steps. This actually works, as the dead fisherman tells her that the orb and the “betrayer” are one and the same and to find the betrayer and take the body to the final seal. They must prepare for these attacks to continue while they’re at sea.

Beau and Caleb discuss Vess DeRogna’s offer of work. Caleb is intent on keeping up appearances with the Assembly, to avoid suspicion. Beau wants to speak to her and the Martinet, so they agree to do that soon. Caleb talks with Yasha, who is acting sentinel on deck. She asks him if he has ever dreamed something that became reality, like with Fjord’s orb — no, but he doesn’t discount the possibility. They both count themselves lucky to be here with their friends. As Fjord sleeps, he dreams of the Wildmother’s comforting presence washing away his anxieties. He believes that she would have caught him in his darkest hour.


A couple days later, Caleb casts Fly on himself and Beau, taking them over to the Wind of Eons. They tell the Martinet they are here simply to check in — the Martinet didn’t know that DeRogna came to the Balleater the night they were attacked. The wizard herself comes to the deck and the two discuss the plans for the peace talks. They tell Beau & Caleb that the Nein will be watching from a distance and not present for the talks themselves. Caleb asks to inspect the beacon, so the two mages lead them down to a lower level.

Tea is poured in a strange sitting room and Beau discusses the job offer with DeRogna. She’s tight-lipped, but does tell them that it may have to do with collaborations between the nations should the peace talks go well. The Martinet presents the beacon and Caleb takes the time to study it as Beau stands guard. He pulls a mote of possibility with no interference and detects no other magic outside of dunamancy, so Beau and Caleb return to the Balleater. They tell the Nein what occurred and Beau mentions picking up on some hostility between the Martinet and DeRogna. Caleb takes this as a sign of discord within the Assembly — possibly a power grab.


On day 10, the fleet of ships arrives at their destination. The Balleater stays back as the discussions begin. As they watch from a spyglass, Essek teleports below deck, disguised as “Lord Thain.” He feels safer with the Nein and knows he should not be any closer to the talks. They can see mirrors allowing King Dwendal and the Bright Queen to speak with each other. The Nein are tempted to get closer, to do something so they can hear, but they stay put, afraid of causing a disturbance. With no sign of forward movement, the talks of Day 1 end.

Jester messages both the Bright Queen and the Martinet, learning that things went well. Essek teleports back to his tower, but not before Jester begs him to bring them some pastries. Beau reminds her that Essek is a war criminal and Veth brings up her desire to see him and the others who started the war punished, though Essek can be at the bottom of the list. Caduceus reminds her that they are included on that list of hers.

The second day of negotiations begins. The beacon is presented and the prisoners are traded. Beau asks Essek how he feels seeing someone else in chains for his crimes: “Freeing.” A horn blares and an announcement rings that the talks are finished. The war is over. Essek tells them that subterfuge and tensions will continue as usual between the nations. He wants to meet again when things have settled and discuss more about what occurred — to keep working together. With that, he teleports away, leaving Beau suspicious and Caleb worried.

Fjord and Orly discuss their path to Rumblecusp and Fjord chooses to go south, past Urukaxl. Three more days pass at sea when Caduceus spots something: a landmass that is following them. A landmass that is gaining on them. As the tiny island takes shape, they begin to see limbs, a snout, and Fjord realizes that this…is a dragon turtle.

That is it for Episode 99 of Critical Role!


  • Oh thank the Wildmother, both Fjord and Orly are alive!
  • Jester confirmed with Isharnai that she got her cupcakes. That is a very unsettling pen pal to have, Jessie.
  • The war is over! The peace talks were a success! That’s good news, despite the continued animosity between the nations. Peace can reign.
  • …though with a dragon turtle now chasing our intrepid adventurers, it doesn’t seem like peace will last very long.
  • Oh Mighty Nein.

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