Critical Recap: Critical Role C2E95 (Blessing in Disguise)

Written by on February 19, 2020

Hello! Welcome to Critical Recap! I’m Dani Carr, Production Coordinator and Ioun Acolyte. Let’s dive into our recap of Critical Role Episode 95 Blessing in Disguise!


While the Mighty Nein sleep, Jester is shown the true nature of the Traveler — he is the Archfey Artagan of the Morncrown, and not quite a god. Jester’s strong belief in him as a child is what gave him more power and gave her the powers of a cleric. Traveler Con is rapidly approaching, and he needs Jester’s help in figuring out what to do about his followers. He wants people to still believe in him, but he’s tired of being so hands-on with everyone’s prayers. They brainstorm different ideas (some more dangerous than others) and enjoy the idea of making it look as though the Traveler has ascended and is now too busy and too powerful to answer everyone individually. Jester wants to introduce him properly to the Nein, and he agrees to show himself in the morning. Jester heads back to the dome to get some rest. She is disheartened by the knowledge that the Traveler is not truly always with her and is not a real god.

Before the Nein set off in the morning, Jester carves a dick into a tree, praying ostentatiously to the Traveler. The tree splits and becomes a doorway, which the Traveler enters through. The group is stunned and confused. Jester confesses that the Traveler is not a real god, but an archfey. The two explain their goal of trying to convince everyone at Traveler Con that he can’t answer them in person anymore. He wants things to be kept interesting and fun, but he wants to disengage from the constant requests from his nearly 200 followers. The Nein are concerned by the Traveler’s revelations, but are willing to help Jester, and therefore her pseudo-god as well.

Caduceus thinks that the Traveler needs to give his followers a story; something to put their faith in. His best story lies in Jester — his first, his protege, his powerful cleric. While Jester wants to embellish, the group encourages the truth; not all of it, just enough to foster faith and further creation of their own beliefs and stories about their so-called deity. The ‘miracle’ of the Traveler’s ascension still needs to be workshopped, but Jester thinks they can figure it out in time. The Traveler makes his exit and everyone checks in with Jester, who confesses that this is a lot of information to process. He didn’t lie to her, per se, but it hurts to know that she is actually in a cult. Beau tries to turn it around, telling her she should feel validated that her imagination is powerful enough to create a god. They all want to help her make this situation into a positive, and are here for her no matter what.


They continue on the path, still looking for the oasis. As they walk, they begin noticing a waxy substance on the ground and on the trees, and very clean red dirt in mounds, like large anthills. They continue on, coming across another mound and a large, waxy cocoon. They inspect it, pondering whether to mess with it or leave it alone. Frumpkin messes with the mushrooms that cover the cocoon, and they release a cloud of spores, poisoning him (though Fjord fixes him with Lay on Hands.) Caleb casts a few firebolts at the cocoon, revealing a dead creature inside that is decomposing.

They move forward, past the cocoon, but the horrible smell of the dead beast attracts another denizen of the forest — bladerakes, a white scorpion-like creature that has brought many friends. A fight with these monsters begins, which proves difficult due to the multitude of the creatures and the restraining wax that they can encase the party within. Caleb nearly goes down, but polymorphs into an ape (Capeleb) to save himself. The group takes out most of the beasts, and Jester transforms into a mammoth, scaring off the last few while Beau finishes off the final pest. The party takes a short rest after the long fight, guided by Beau through another group meditation. Yasha catches Nott trying to steal her flask back and tells her she’ll return it to her once they arrive at the oasis. Jester harvests one of the bladerakes and collects acid for Nott, and the party continues on.


After a couple more hours of travel, they find a small oasis with statues of beautifully carved animals lining the lake bed. More statues guard the entrance of a cave, some of beasts and some of people. As the Nein continue to inspect them, they see looks of fear on the faces of the statues, poised in defense. It is then that Caduceus sees the statues of firbolgs. His mother, his aunt, his father, his sister, all petrified.

Solemnly, quietly, Caduceus tells everyone to stay back and be careful. He tries to lead everyone back to the forest, but an impact is heard. An immense beast emerges from the treeline, a swollen bull-like creature covered in strange metal plates. He charges the party, who now have to contend with this creature and keep the Clay family statues safe from the damage of upcoming battle.

That is it for Episode 95!


  • When Jester talked with Artagan alone, he mentioned taking her with him to different planes, the two traveling together. Would Jester leave the Mighty Nein??
  • Jester’s original name was Genevieve. Beautiful, but she prefers Jester, the name she gave herself.
  • This was a rough episode on Team Cleric. Jester’s in a cult and Caduceus’s family is literal stone. That’s a bad day for anyone.
  • This is going to be a dangerous fight. They have to stay alive, stay un-petrified, AND protect the statues. There are so many variables!
  • Oh Mighty Nein!

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