Critical Recap: Critical Role C2E139 “Rebirth”

Written by on May 26, 2021

Hello! Welcome to Critical Recap! I’m Dani Carr, the Critical Role Lore Keeper. Let’s dive into our recap of Critical Role Episode 139 Rebirth!


The Mighty Nein assess the situation: Lucien’s attack on the Somnovem has critically injured them, but Jester’s attack appears to have slowed him down a bit. Lucien and the nine faintly glowing orbs of the Somnovem float up and out of the Aether Crux, heading topside, so the Nein decide to take the time for a short rest and a heroes feast, confident that Lucien won’t leave. The big question that is running through all their minds is: why did Lucien leave them alive?

As Jester prepares the heroes feast, the Nein notice that the Aether Crux is slowly healing itself from the damage of the earthquake spell. They sit down for their feast, enjoying the various offerings and attuning to different items. Beau and Caleb take off their medallions to attune to other items and Jester attunes to the ring of fire resistance. Yasha gives a ring of protection to Caduceus, and Essek gives a bead containing the haste spell to Yasha.

With the hour winding down, Veth asks if there’s anything anyone wants to say to each other. Fjord and Beau think they’ll have much to say after they kill Lucien. Veth tells some jokes and Cad tells them all that they’re doing their part for the world and that he’s proud to die with them, though will be prouder to survive with them. Essek will not focus on his shame, but on the good things he has done since the Nein have become his friends and entrusted him. Caleb thinks that they, the Mighty NINE (or the Mighty Ten, with both Sprinkle AND Frumpkin) can overpower the Somnovem. Time to commit some crime.


Moving into the Aether Crux, the Nein notice that red pulses are coming from multiple chambers and moving up into the center of the ceiling, where Lucien and the orbs left earlier. It seems that Lucien is siphoning the power of the city. Jester and Cad attempt to will a path to the surface through the ceiling, and while Caduceus gets another red eye for his trouble, Jester manages to open up a tunnel and remain eyeless.

The Nein float through the tunnel and onto the streets of Cognouza, seeing a pulsing cocoon. It peels open and Lucien emerges, with nine stalks protruding from his back – each ending in a red eye. He lifts himself into the sky as the people of Cognouza stare up at him. He speaks to the Nein and beckons them to join him, which they do, flying up above the city. He welcomes them and Fjord asks why he left them alive. The question makes Lucien pause, confused – why DID he leave them alive?

Beau thinks he wanted someone to watch his ascension, but Jester and Caleb both call to Molly. Lucien twitches, but he agrees with Beau – he wanted witnesses. The Nein begin attempting to draw Molly out by singing Toya’s song and quoting Molly’s own words. The actions are affecting Lucien, but he keeps his focus on returning Cognouza to Exandria. It is then that he realizes the second threshold crest is gone.

Lucien rounds on the Nein, asking what they’ve done. He declares that he will come to others in dreams, maybe someone they care about. Like Yeza or Luc. He’ll show them the Pattern and have them bring him another crest. They can become his Nonagon. The Mighty Nein continue to push, trying to remind him of Molly or bring out their friend.


An intense aerial battle ensues between the Nein and the Nonagon. Lucien has a multiattack, called the Gaze of the Somnovem, wherein he can choose two eyes of the Somnovem to strike out. Each eye’s attack corresponds to their main emotion and every time the Nein make a save, they have to subtract the number of red eyes they have from their total, making them more susceptible to failing. Jester sends out the arcane field generator to illuminate the anti-magic field, which is emitted by the ninth Somnovem eye, Vigilan.

Even as they fight, the Nein continue to try to reach out to the Molly part of Lucien, with quotes and memories and nicknames. Successes result in Lucien losing Legendary actions and physically twitching, but his anger leads him to taunt the Nein, telling them that Molly is dead and never really existed. Despite charms and slow spells, necrotic damage and fireballs, the Nein continue to whittle away at Lucien and keep each other alive.

Eventually, Lucien decides that he has had enough of fighting this battle alone. He wants to use the city’s full power. He dives down into a hole in the ground, which opens up to accept him. The Nein quickly follow him down, getting healed by Jester and Caduceus. They return to the Aether Crux and see another pulsing cocoon. As they descend, the cocoon breaks open – Lucien appears, but his lower half is now twisted and connected to Cognouza. The red eye stalks are gone and two giant, muscular wings now sprout from his back. Time to finish this.

That is it for Episode 139 of Critical Role!


  • Holy shit y’all, two part battle! Round two! FIGHT!
  • This Final Fantasy goodness feels way better when I have save points. Where’s the M9’s save point??
  • I really hope the tactic of reminding Lucien of his Molly side is able to continue in this second round. He’s gotta be in there somewhere!
  • Oh Mighty Nein.

Anyway, catch Episode 140 on Thursday, May 27 at 7pm Pacific on and on or a week later on our podcast. Is it Thursday, yet?

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