Critical Recap: Critical Role C2E131 “Into the Eye”

Written by on March 31, 2021

Hello! Welcome to Critical Recap! I’m Dani Carr, the Critical Role Lore Keeper. Let’s dive into our recap of Critical Role Episode 131 Into the Eye!


Yasha is in the middle of a vision from the Stormlord, who has challenged her worth as his champion with six lightning and storm spirits. The formidable spirits (which are controlled by the rest of the players!) end up killing Yasha, but her zealot barbarian rage allows her to keep fighting past death. Once the spirits are defeated, she flies up to the stormy clouds, using the Holy Avenger blade to channel one of the lightning strikes and keep her rage sustained.

Yasha flies into the clouds, where she sees and speaks with the Stormlord. He asks her where she finds her strength and her answer is in her ability to protect. Her strength is found in her friends and family and in laying her life before them. The Stormlord tells her to protect them, then. When Yasha awakens, still sitting in the Blooming Grove, she is attuned to the Holy Avenger and able to use the full benefits of the sword.


Earlier that evening, Jester sent a message to Wensforth to check on him and Yussa – he’s okay, the other wizards left quickly, but Yussa’s mind is still in the Astral Sea. Later, Jester sits alone to scry on Vandran – despite Fjord’s earlier opposition. She sees a jungle and a driftwood cabin, inside of which sits Vandran, reading Tusk Love. Jester messages him, asking if there was anything he wanted to tell Fjord. Vandran responds to tell Fjord to take care of himself.

In the morning, while enjoying the hot spring, Jester tells Fjord about her scry. He’s surprised by her actions, but he’s not angry with her. Fjord is steadfast that they’ll be fine, but knowing more about where Vandran is and what he’s doing just strengthens his resolve to find him. Since they’re going to Eiselcross soon, Veth wants to know what the plan is: meet up with Essek, go to the secret entrance, maybe set a trap and try to take out some Tombtakers. If they can’t stop Lucien in Aeor, they’ll have to follow him to the Astral Sea.

Caleb brings up that Trent likely knows about their connection to Essek. They discuss trying to ally with Trent and the Assembly, to gain their firepower. It is unlikely they could appeal to Trent’s morals, but maybe they could appeal to his lust for power and control. Caleb thinks he could work alongside the man for a short time and Veth thinks this could possibly help Caleb move on. Others worry that a Trent alliance could just present more problems. They decide to go to Eiselcross and talk to Essek first and then maybe reach out to Trent.

Caduceus shares a gentle goodbye with his family. Veth speaks with Constance, giving her a letter and asking her to deliver it to Luc if they don’t return. Constance agrees and tells her that what Veth is doing as a mother is the definition of bravery. Veth confirms her decision to go with the Nein and Caleb promises her that he will do everything in his power to return her to her family. He teleports them back to Eiselcross.


Unfortunately, the Nein land off target of their destination. They wind up southwest of the Vurmas Outpost, two to three days of travel away. They decide to fly as much of the way there as possible, with Caleb and Jester polymorphing into eagles a few times to carry them over the mountain range. Once they clear the mountains, they find themselves on the edge of Aeor’s sunken valley. They walk until nightfall and polymorph again into owls, traveling deeper into the valley until the spell is up and they are forced to camp for the night.

Safe under the dome, Jester lets Essek know that they’ll be there tomorrow. Fjord asks her if she knows which jungle Vandran is in, so Jester messages him and asks. Vandran isn’t sure – he just knows he’s somewhere near Bisaft. Fjord consults the map and realizes Bisaft is the closest island to where his ship exploded. He berates himself for not looking there first. They wonder if he’s stranded there, but then how does he have a copy of Tusk Love? Fjord wants to focus on the problems at hand and Jester resolves that they must make it out.

They all have to survive, especially Veth, who must get home safely no matter what. Fjord is confident in their chances. Even so, they discuss their requests, promising to take care of each other’s families, as well as finding Vandran, giving Marion some chaos and keeping the Traveler company, and killing Trent. Beau doesn’t want to be a device for Lucien and asks them to take her out if she turns. Caleb agrees and calls in the favor he requested of Fjord in Dashilla’s lair – to stop him. To get them out. Fjord agrees to keep his promise, but he doesn’t believe it will come to that. They are the Mighty Nein.


In the morning, the Nein head out, with Jester, Caleb, and Yasha as eagles flying them part of the way there. They finally arrive at the outpost and are taken to Essek. They give him a veiler and explain the complications that have now arisen, as well as their idea about a temporary alliance with Trent. Essek understands the benefits of such an alliance, but he does not trust Trent and cannot travel with them if Trent is there.

Essek thinks it’s the wrong kind of aid – the power of the Assembly would be useful, but why wouldn’t Trent take the Somnovem’s power for himself? Essek questions the Nein saying they have a contingency for that. Caleb shows him the red eye on his shoulder, which worries Essek, and explains that his other reason for wanting this alliance is to possibly use it to kill Trent, if the opportunity presents itself.

Despite Caleb’s conviction, his argument does not convince Essek, who considers himself a coward. He would still work with the Nein separately, but he could not travel with them if Trent is involved. Beau thinks Essek has a point – Trent might not be worth the complications. At Cad’s request, Essek slightly disrobes, showing them a lack of red eye tattoos. If they do not ally with Trent, he will definitely still accompany them into Aeor itself. It’s their decision to make – Essek leaves them alone to go get ready.


The Nein weigh their options – it’s a choice between one powerful person they know they can trust, or a group of powerful people that they absolutely cannot trust. The Volstruckers would likely stay on Trent’s side and they can’t count on Astrid defecting. Jester messages Astrid, who explains that no other Volstrucker has ever broken away before. No one has ever revealed what Trent does to make a Volstrucker, the trauma they endure. So Caleb’s knowledge, along with his connections to both King and Kryn, makes him a dangerous liability. Trent is invested.

The Nein take this as confirmation that Trent is following them. Beau thinks that decides it – pick Essek and hope the timing works in their favor to take Trent out at the same time. They need to be on alert for the Volstruckers and will need to conserve spells to prepare for a fight at any moment. Caleb gives the silence collar to Beau, who will likely have more opportunity to put it on Trent in a fight.

They discuss various plans for when they reach the secret entrance, which they need to see for themselves in order to plan a proper ambush. The moment they spring a trap, they’re revealing themselves to Lucien. Essek returns, dressed for a journey. Caleb confirms that they are sticking with Essek, as they trust him over Trent. They welcome Essek into the group, and begin their day’s journey toward the secret entrance.

That is it for Episode 131 of Critical Role!


  • No new red eyes for Caleb and Beau. I’m glad but…distrustful. What does that mean?
  • Caleb’s knowledge is super dangerous for Trent. Would he have even accepted an alliance if one had been offered?
  • Essek Thelyss – welcome to the Mighty Nein! It’s gonna go great, guys.
  • Oh Mighty Nein.

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