Candela Obscura: Chapter 2 Q&A with Spenser Starke

Written by on August 29, 2023

Greetings Investigators, 

Chapter 2 of Candela Obscura is premiering this Thursday at 7pm Pacific on Twitch, YouTube, AND Cinemark Theaters! This means we are officially TWO DAYS away from our otherworldly adventure to the Fairelands and we can’t wait to share this epic tale with you all.

With a new circle, a new game master, and a whole new set of magickal foes, we thought it would be fun to introduce our brave-hearted circle members with a Chapter 2 Candela Obscura Q&A! And since our esoteric order is constantly dealing with the supernatural forces of their realm, we decided to make this Q&A horror themed…

Each day leading up to our Candela Obscura: Chapter 2 premiere, check back here at to learn more about these courageous characters and the brilliant cast bringing this story to life.

In this next Q&A, we’ll be hearing from our one and only, Spenser Starke!

Tell us a little bit about you and the role you play as Gamemaster in Candela Obscura Chapter 2

I’m Spenser Starke, I’m the game designer over at Darrington Press and the co-designer of Candela Obscura! As the GM for Chapter 2, I lead this new circle into the horrors of their past, exploring how their old wounds never healed. It gets dark and intense and brutal this season, and I’m excited for people to watch!


Are you afraid of the dark, or are you afraid of what’s in it?

In the Fairelands, I’m always afraid of what’s in it. But in this latest season, it’s so much more about being afraid of what is already in the light. The horror this season lives in more than just the monsters– what is inside of people can be just as scary.


Do you have a favorite scary movie, series, or book? Let’s imagine you’ve suddenly found yourself in the middle of that world, what is your survival strategy?

Amongst a plethora of influences in horror, I am a huge fan of the work of Mike Flanagan. His limited series for Netflix (Haunting of Hill House, Midnight Mass, etc.) were major touchstones in the way I ran Chapter 2 of Candela Obscura. I think my survival strategy in a Mike Flanagan series would be to go to more therapy, as a lot of his protagonists have what they are afraid of manifested by their fears and their trauma. That’s the realest horror for me!


As Gamemaster, what do you define as a monster?

I think the next chapter’s thematic approach would define a monster as someone or something that has become so obsessed with a singular goal that they will do whatever it takes to make it happen, even if that means hurting innocent people.


Describe this next chapter in 3 words.

Found-Family, Sacrifice, and Brutality.

Be sure to tune into Chapter 2 of Candela Obscura to see how Spenser expands this otherworldly realm and shows us more of what lies in the Fairelands.

Also, check back here tomorrow for our final Candela Obscura Q&A with the marvelous Marisha Ray!

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