Candela Obscura: Chapter 2 Q&A with Marisha Ray

Written by on August 30, 2023

Greetings Investigators, 

Chapter 2 of Candela Obscura is premiering TOMORROW at 7pm Pacific on Twitch, YouTube, AND Cinemark Theaters! This means we are officially ONE DAY away from our otherworldly adventure to the Fairelands and we can’t wait to share this epic tale with you all.

With a new circle, a new game master, and a whole new set of magickal foes, we thought it would be fun to introduce our brave-hearted circle members with a Chapter 2 Candela Obscura Q&A! And since our esoteric order is constantly dealing with the supernatural forces of their realm, we decided to make this Q&A horror themed…

Each day leading up to our Candela Obscura: Chapter 2 premiere, check back here at to learn more about these courageous characters and the brilliant cast bringing this story to life.

In this final Q&A, we’ll be finishing strong with our very own, Marisha Ray!

Tell us a little bit about your character in Candela Obscura Chapter 2.

Everyone in this chapter has been affected by the war in some horrible way. I was very intrigued to tell the story of someone who lost everything to the atrocities of mankind all while fighting to maintain her compassion for humanity. Aunt Bee became a very natural product of that idea, and ended up fitting nicely has the maternal figure of the group.

Are you afraid of the dark, or are you afraid of what’s in it?

 The dark is only scary because of your inability to see through it. Absolutely the latter. I find it fascinating- our primal instincts to protect ourselves is what leads to the fear of the unknown. Not knowing what’s lurking in the shadows is peak existential dread incarnate. Gotta love it!


Do you have a favorite scary movie, series, or book? Let’s imagine you’ve suddenly found yourself in the middle of that world, what is your survival strategy?

I love a lot of the classics. My mother was born on Halloween, so spooky season was (and still is) a big deal for us. All this to say, man, how do you pick a favorite? Amityville Horror. Poltergeist. The Omen. The original Decent (with the original ending, not the soft American ending). Jaws! However I’m loving all the new stuff coming from A24, Ari Aster, and of course Jordan Peele. I think my strategy to survive applies to any of those movies, and that strategy is : Just Nah. If there are ghosts, just leave. I don’t need a medium to confirm that shit. Trying to go hunt the monster in the basement? How about tomorrow we call a realtor, instead? Besides, the realtor got us into this mess, so the realtor is gonna have to get us out of it too!


What does your character define a monster as?

Those whom are willing to allow anyone to suffer for their own systemic gain.


What’s a fear your character overcame to join Candela Obscura?

I’d say, the fear that she had nothing left to lose. Because then why still fight? But as long as there are still people who need her, Beatrix has a purpose. A reason to fight.


Describe this next chapter in 3 words.

Post Traumatic Stress

Be sure to tune in TOMORROW for the Chapter 2 premiere of Candela Obscura and learn all about Aunt Bee (Marisha), her enduring strength, and her compassionate nature.

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