The Art of Exandria & The Search For Grog Merch!

Written by on January 14, 2019

After months of planning and preparing, our weekend extravaganza here in Los Angeles is almost here! We have some pretty rad merch offerings at both our art show and live show this weekend (and also in celebration of the 50th episode of Campaign 2!).

Check them out below!


Vox Machina and Mighty Nein High-Quality Art Prints

Featuring Art by Matteo Scalera and Moreno Dinisio

We will have two brand new art prints available for purchase first at our very first art show, The Art of Exandria. Have no fear if you’re not able to join us next weekend — both our Vox Machina and Mighty Nein prints will be available via pre-order through both our US online shop and our UK online shop at the end of the month.

You may recognize the Vox Machina print from the standard cover art for The Chronicles of Exandria Vol. II, but this is the very first time we’ve shared our brand spankin’ new Mighty Nein poster art and we hope that you fall in love with it as much as we have!

Here are a few more details:

  • 24″ x 36″ on fine art paper. These prints are HUGE!
  • Unsigned versions ($49.99 USD each) will be available first at The Art of Exandria art show (starting on January 18th and ending on January 20th at Gallery Nucleus in Los Angeles) and released online via pre-order during the 50th episode of Campaign 2, which is January 31st, 2019.
    • The prints at the gallery are first-come, first-serve, so if you can’t make the art opening, there’s a good chance you might be able to snag one throughout the weekend!
    • Please note that we only accept credit cards at the gallery.
  • Both the signed and unsigned versions of the Mighty Nein and Vox Machina print will also be available for pre-order on January 31st through our US online shop ($249.99 USD for each signed and $49.99 USD for each unsigned) and our UK online shop (£249.99 GPB for each signed and £49.99 GPB for each unsigned). Please note that signed versions will NOT be available at the art show.  
  • Both the unsigned and signed poster pre-orders will end after two weeks on Thursday, February 21st, 2019 at 11:59pm Pacific.

UPDATE @ 1:15pm Pacific on January 14: Beauregard’s skin tone will be adjusted for the final prints available for pre-order in our online shops on 1/31. Due to the super short timeline, the original art prints will be for sale at the art show.

UPDATE on January 31: The pre-order period for our new art prints has been revised from 2/14 to 2/21.


Live Show Exclusive Vox Machina: The Search for Grog Poster

What better way to celebrate our special Vox Machina: The Search for Grog one-shot live show than a really kick ass commemorative poster? This 11″x17″ poster features art by Hugo Cárdenas (@Takayuuki_art) and is printed on 100lb gloss poster paper. This poster will ONLY be available at our Los Angeles live show. ($9.99 USD)

Critter Collection Copper Dice Set

Our 7-piece copper dice set is made of a zinc alloy and coated with copper and features navy blue numbers, including a Critical Role logo on the 20 side of the d20. This dice set comes in a dark blue velvet drawstring bag with a metal Critical Role charm. Our Critter Collection Copper Dice Set will be available for purchase at our live show at the Theatre at the Ace Hotel on Saturday, January 19th and is also included in the gift bags for our VIP attendees. ($29.99 USD)

Copper Mighty Nein Pin

Our copper Mighty Nein pin is a special variant of our standard Mighty Nein Enamel pin and features our Mighty Nein monogram in deep blue with a copper background. This pin will be available at our Vox Machina: The Search for Grog live show on Saturday, January 19th. VIP attendees — this pin will be included in your swag bags! Our Mighty Nein Copper pin is 1” wide by 1.5” tall. Our Mighty Nein monogram was designed by Critter Crystal Sharp.  ($12.99 USD)

Please note that we only accept credit cards at the live show. 

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