HYPE: Celebrate Critical Role’s 7-Year Anniversary With an Entire Week of Fun!

Written by on March 14, 2022

Smiley day to ya, Critters!

Today we’re kicking off an entire week of celebration for our 7-year anniversary! That’s right, it’s been SEVEN entire years since Critical Role first hit the airwaves and we are so grateful to have you with us for the adventure.

If you missed our very special State of the Role celebrating the things we’ve accomplished together and teasing a few things to come, check it out below!

There was a lot packed in there, so let’s break it all down. First and foremost:

Theater of the Mind in a Real Theater Returns!

In addition to our usual Twitch and YouTube broadcasts, this Thursday’s anniversary episode, Campaign 3, Episode 17 will also be available in select theaters in the United States AND Brazil, so you can watch along with fellow Critters!

For ease, here’s a quick list of links to each of the different ticketing sites:

Cinemark (United States)
Landmark (Atlanta)
Cinépolis (NYC)
Cinemark (Brazil)

Brand New Shows on the Horizon

Exandria Unlimited: Kymal

Fleeing from Marquet to Tal’Dorei with his brother, Dorian Storm (Robbie Daymond) returns to his friends, The Crown Keepers, and attempts to lay low in the seedy casino town of Kymal, which naturally leads to the crew attempting a casino heist…

Alongside Robbie Daymond, fellow Exandria Unlimited veterans reprise their Crown Keeper characters, including Matthew Mercer as Dariax, Aimee Carrero as Opal, and Anjali Bhimani as Fy’ra Rai. We’re also thrilled to welcome Erica Lindbeck to the party as a brand new character! And of course, Aabria Iyengar will return as Game Master to guide this chaotic adventure.

Exandria Unlimited: Kymal airs Thursday, March 31st and Friday, April 1st at 7pm Pacific on Twitch and YouTube. The VOD of Part 1 will be available on YouTube on Monday, April 4th and Part 2 on Tuesday, April 5th. The podcast of each part will be available on a one-week delay.

4-Sided Dive

Lore, insight, curiosity, and chaos… Dive into Critical Role’s monthly talk show! 4-Sided Dive features a roundtable discussion between four guests with a signature Critical Role twist. At the top of each episode, guests let the roll of the dice decide who will take on the role of Tavern Keeper (a sort of quasi-host?) and thus steer the show with absolutely no preparation. In addition to discussing the campaign and characters, party games and chaos will be sprinkled in. Fan questions will also be pulled from the Tower of Inquiry, a “Chenga” tower that yields serious consequences when it all comes crashing down.

4-Sided Dive airs the first Tuesday of every month, premiering April 5th at 7pm Pacific on Twitch and YouTube. VODs of 4-Sided Dive will be available on YouTube the Wednesday following the broadcast and a podcast version of the show will be available on a one-week delay.

Critters can submit evergreen questions about the Bells Hells campaign at critrole.com/tower.

Our guests for the first episode of 4-Sided Dive on April 5th will be Matthew Mercer, Marisha Ray, Travis Willingham, and Robbie Daymond!

Answer the Call of the Netherdeep!

Cover Art by Minttu Hynninen


Our first adventure module with our friends at Wizards of the Coast will be out in the world TOMORROW, Tuesday, March 15th!

In Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep, you’ll embark on an epic campaign taking players from levels 3-12 as they swirl through strange underwater locales, mysterious ruins, and an intrigue-filled city! This uniquely-structured adventure module pairs you alongside rival adventurers, who grow in capability alongside you. In the oasis city of Ank’Harel, three secretive and powerful factions offer their own story tracks, and with sufficient trust they will invite you into the deeper secrets of the city, and beyond. Alongside seven chapters of adventure, Call of the Netherdeep includes rich resources like a poster map and a gazetteer bringing Ank’Harel to life—stroll district-by-district with gorgeous illustrations and maps! What choices will you make with your discoveries in the mind-bending aquatic abyss of the Netherdeep?

To celebrate the release tomorrow, we’ll have a special article on critrole.com which includes previews of a few creatures of Netherdeep with notes by Makenzie De Armas, one of the incredible writers who contributed to the book.

You can pre-order the book in our US Store right now or, local game stores, or in other retailers here before it hits shelves tomorrow!

The Week to Come

This is just Day 1 of our celebration week. Here’s a preview of a few exciting things to expect as the party continues. Be sure to follow us on socials for more surprises to come! Special thanks to all of our incredible partners who are joining the celebration with us and offering special perks to our lovely community!

Monday, March 14th

  • State of the Role
  • New merch!
    • Kiri Plush (US, UK, CAN, AUS)
    • Kiri 4-Inch Hanger Plush (US, UK, CAN, AUS)
    • Marquet Market Tote Bag (Live Show Variant) (USUK)
  • Check out Sideshow for a special celebratory giveaway on Twitter.
  • Check out The Op for special celebratory giveaway on Instagram.
  • Check out Penguin Random House for a special discount on the digital version of The World of Critical Role!

Tuesday, March 15th

  • Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep with our friends at Wizards of the Coast is out in the world (and in our US Store)! Check out critrole.com on Tuesday for a special article previewing a few creatures with notes from writer Makenzie De Armas!
  • Check out Dark Horse Comics’ special celebratory offerings, with discounts on the digital versions of comic issues!

Wednesday, March 16th

  • Be on the lookout for a surprise!

Thursday, March 17th

Friday, March 18th

  • Check out Darrington Press for first looks at a few upcoming magical projects we’re pretty married to.
  • We’ll close out the week by kicking off weekly Bells Hells character playlists on Spotify to relax into the weekend and howl at the full moon with.

Follow along for this week of celebration on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to be sure you don’t miss a thing, and join the celebration using #CR7Years.

Your support has meant so much to us throughout these seven years, and we cannot wait for all of the adventures we’ll share in the next seven!

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