Critical Recap: Critical Role C3E19 “Omens Above”

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Hello! Welcome to Critical Recap! I’m Dani Carr, the Critical Role Lore Keeper. Let’s dive into our recap of Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 19 Omens Above!


Estani gives Bells Hells more details on how the Lumas Twins died – while on a walk in the Herald’s Hill Garden, three masked individuals came down from the trees and killed the twins in seconds. Two of the attackers fled south and Breshio killed one, whose body melted into a black liquid. Estani doesn’t have the twins’ notes, but he recalls that their satchels were missing after their deaths. He and the twins became friends several years ago when they reached out with interest in his studies on ley lines during the solstice.

Over the past year, the twins’ research began to focus on the light flares of Ruidus, the moon of ill-omen. Sometimes, the small red moon glows bright without warning. Decades can pass between these flares or sometimes only a few months. Many people superstitiously believe that a Ruidus flare is a sign of imminent disaster, but this is unproven. Children born under the light of Ruidus are Ruidusborn and many historical figures are theorized to have been born this way. The flares have been occurring more frequently, with the last about two and a half years ago.

The twins were planning to visit the Omen Archive in Yios, where a study is recording all existing Ruidusborn children in an attempt to dispel the superstition or to pinpoint what it means. Estani is not sure if the twins were Ruidusborn. Most people consider this birthright a curse, but scholars believe it means that a person is fated to be important. Signs of being Ruidusborn are strange marks on the body, premonitions, bad dreams, and psychic phenomenon.


Estani offers to show them Ruidus through his telescope tonight, as one was built for him here as a retirement gift. Imogen tells Estani about the ruin they found in the jungle and gives him the piece of it she took. He’ll give it to his archaeologist friend Deramond, so the ruin can be studied. Estani also lets her know that her blue skin is just a minor curse from errant magic. FCG can likely break the curse with a spell and promises to do so after the heist.

Estani takes Bells Hells to the open garden where the twins were killed. There is a large fountain nearby and he points out the tree that the attackers jumped from. Orym hops up into the tree to investigate it, finding a trace of the assassin’s tarry substance on a branch. Ashton inspects the fountain, wondering if the attackers might have used it to escape. The fountain’s statue has an enchantment on the jug to gently produce a constant stream of water.

Upon discovering that the jug is bottomless, Fearne wildshapes into a frog to explore within the jug’s depths. She finds endless freshwater in every direction, with strange distant masses and landshapes that she can’t make out. She also sees two blue lights getting closer and closer. Laudna pulls Fearne safely out of the jug but the creature remains a mystery.


Bells Hells’ focus shifts to tomorrow night’s heist. They split into three groups to look for supplies in town. Chetney, Fearne, and Laudna head to the general store, Mosscobble Wares, where they meet its proprietor, Ify Mosscobble, and purchase a variety of goods like fishing supplies, ball bearings, climbing equipment, and a shovel. At Witherbough Medicines, FCG and Orym meet Timma the apothecary and purchase a tanglefoot bag. They learn that Hutchin from the other group bought some supplies and potions here, as well.

Imogen and Ashton head to Knot Forgotten, a cottage full of handmade toys and antiques. They meet Zadro Ichlen, the owner and toymaker. She mentions the previous trainer, a cutthroat toymaker named Oltgar who nearly ruined her business before leaving. Ashton asks if she has anything that would be good for pranks. She shows them a harlequin marionette that was part of a set of six that she was commissioned to make – this doll was left behind for being too creepy. Imogen and Ashton buy the doll for Laudna, as well as jacks and a musical jack-in-the-box.


Back at the Sodden Grange Inn, Chetney asks the owner, Dobby, about Hutchin’s group. He claims to have not seen them but he was clearly paid to stay quiet. Chetney keeps a look-out on the inn while the others return to Estani’s to use the telescope. Ruidus is covered in varying topography, with crevices and mountain ranges. It takes some trying, but Imogen is able to see that Ruidus is covered in red lighting storms that are very reminiscent of the ones from her dreams, which leaves her with more questions than answers.

Estani doesn’t know anything about Sumal’s work, but the twins had visited Yios once before. On the day they died, they said they wanted to talk to Estani about something important, but never got the chance. Yios is probably the next stop for Bells Hells, so they can talk to Kadija Sumal. Imogen recalls that the dreams come more often at certain times of the year, lining up with Ruidus’ six month orbit. Ruidus is ascending, so the dreams will be more frequent. Before bed, Imogen and Ashton give the marionette to Laudna, who names her Sashimi.


Imogen falls asleep holding the purple crystal and experiences her storm dream. Her mother tells her to run but she questions why, telling her she doesn’t want to run anymore. She steps into the storm, walking alone until she sees a shadow in the distance. The shape of a woman standing defiant. Outlines on either side of the woman begin stepping out behind her, folding out in pairs. The woman in the front smiles maliciously as Imogen tries to listen to her thoughts, but there isn’t anyone truly there – just a vision. The storm consumes her and she wakes up.

Fearne has been watching Imogen sleep during her and Orym’s watch. They wake up Laudna and discuss the dream, with Laudna starting a dream journal. The entity was not her mother, it felt unfamiliar. Like one person with a uniformed presence. Fearne checks the lightning marks on her arms and notices they have grown incrementally. The marks have been a slow spread over the years. Imogen just wants to know why this is happening and how to control it. Fearne makes her a friendship bracelet out of her ribbon and Laudna’s yarn, to remind Imogen in the dream that she will get through it and come back to them soon.


The day of the heist arrives and Bells Hells find themselves standing outside the Twilight Mirror Museum just before midnight. Hutchin’s group is the other team of burglars. They call themselves The Verdict. Evon lays down the rules – both teams can enter the museum however they see fit and they must take care to not cause any unnecessary damage. Their quarry is Wind Folly, a lapis earring once owned by the djinn Harudan during the Age of Arcanum. The earring is somewhere within the vault, clearly displayed and labeled. They must bring it to Evon before sunrise in order to win.

FCG checks out The Verdict – Hutchin has a sword and a hidden dagger, as well as a case of crossbow bolts. The katari has two shortswords, the human has a massive warhammer, the goblin has a crossbow, and the firbolg has no weaponry. No one is the praying sort, according to Hutchin. Orym asks Evon about himself and the focus of his museum. Evon talks at length about the places he has been and the famous people he’s met and the secrets he knows and how the museum is curated from the relics he has uncovered in his travels. The two groups take their places in the street and the heist begins!

That is it for Episode 19 of Critical Role!


  • RUIDUS!!!!!!!!
  • So is Imogen Ruidusborn? Is her mother? Are the assassins attacking people who are Ruidusborn or who know too much?
  • Oltgar has been mentioned before as Chetney’s previous employer and Chet didn’t seem too pleased to hear that name again.
  • It’s heist time! Evon said the numerous traps probably wouldn’t kill them, but I don’t really trust Evon’s safety codes.

Anyway, catch Episode 20 on Thursday, April 14th at 7pm Pacific on and on or a week later on our podcast. Is it Thursday yet?

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