Critical Recap: Critical Role C3E12 “Make It Fashion”

Written by on February 9, 2022

Hello! Welcome to Critical Recap! I’m Dani Carr, the Critical Role Lore Keeper. Let’s dive into our recap of Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 12 Make It Fashion!


Imogen, reeling from the revelation that her mother’s name is included as part of this study of dreams, questions the scribe about the torn pages. The scribe tells her that the torn pages are unusual and that the last people to inspect this book were the Lumas Twins. The professor from the study, Kadija Sumal, works out of the Aydinlan Seminary in the city of Yios. Imogen returns to her friends and reveals what she found, as well as the fact that she never knew her mother – her father refused to ever speak of her.

The group decides that this crossing of Imogen’s past and the Lumas Twins’ research is too great to ignore – tomorrow, they’ll return to the Lumas house to look for the missing pages, as well as plan for Jiana Hexum’s job in the Heartmoor Hamlet, as that was where the twins were studying. Before doing either of those things, however, the group spends the morning shopping at The Golden Veil for fancy outfits to wear to the ball, successfully finding items to rent.

FCG is studied by the tailors, who make something for him to wear, with the outfit as trade for permission to sell the design. FCG opens up to the group about their goals to seek justice for their friends’ deaths, as well as to figure out what they truly are and if there are others like them. Imogen points out he must be alive in some way, since the polymorph was successful.


In search of potions, the group heads to the Trove of Marwa, a store within a massive ship. There, they meet Marwa Endalia, a scattered, sarcastic, and energetic human woman in her early twenties who took over the shop from her deceased father. She sells them an odd healing potion and an Eversmoking Bottle, as well as a magical rope and various components. She also has a strange, blood-filled orb that helps with “spooky magic”, but she can’t find it because Fearne already stole it (though Fearne returns the item before she leaves).

Laudna desperately wants to be Marwa’s friend, though Marwa is uninterested until she proves that the friendship isn’t about ulterior business motives. Laudna promises to return with baked goods. Upon leaving, they discuss names for their group, learning that FCG’s former group was called The Division of Public Benefit, or just The Division.


Later, Orym and Imogen return to House Lumas, honestly explaining to Ginang Ela their desire to look at the twins’ research. The kindly matriarch allows them into the twins’ study to search for the missing pages, but Imogen is unable to find anything. Ela suggests that they speak with Estani, their friend in the Heartmoor. She gives Orym a pin to show Estani and prove they are a friend of House Lumas.

FCG sculpts a ziggurat out of clay to use as an arcane focus and talks about the other members of The Division – Terrawyn, an earth magic user; Ozene, a fighter who used water magic, and the last was Axer, who… used an axe. FCG is fairly sure that he saw what attacked his friends, so Imogen casts Detect Thoughts while he thinks back to the one-eyed creature. But there is a scar wrapped around FGC’s mind, a trauma that won’t let Imogen truly access the memory.

Imogen takes FCG with her when she returns to the library under the pretense of them being her “automaton assistant”. Hoping to help Laudna, Imogen finds basic information about the Briarwoods and their overthrow of Whitestone and the heroics of Vox Machina. She learns that it’s difficult to break a pact without losing the granted powers in the process.


Late one night, Orym talks to Fearne about Ira recognizing her. She brushes it off, claiming to be well-known royalty in the Feywild. Her gut reaction is to not worry about it, though Orym can tell she is a little concerned. Imogen dreams of the red storm again. This time, Imogen sees two young adults stepping into the horrible storm. She assumes these are the Lumas Twins. She runs as the storm overtakes her and wakes up to Laudna comforting her. The twins being in the dream is strange, since they had already died, but both women are determined to find answers.

The next day, everyone crafts their masquerade masks at the Krook House with Ashton and Milo. Orym reveals a talent with woodworking, thus bonding with Chetney, and Ashton makes a mask that resembles the face of the Nightmare King. Chetney gifts Dorian a toy skyship and Laudna returns to the Trove of Marwa with a croissant for her potential new friend. The two bond over trash, treasure, and Pâté and Laudna purchases the blood orb, which is a Bloodwell Vial +1 that she can use as a spellcasting focus.


They return to Eshteross the day before the ball. He procured invitations for them all as two separate groups, his and a fictional person. One of them has to masquerade as a guest of the event and Dorian is the obvious best choice. Eshteross explains the Chandei Quorum, a council of eight anonymous individuals who speak through a ninth public facing member known as the Face of Quorum – this is Gavis Aranda, a charismatic member of the Beautification Guild.

They all have reason to mistrust the Treshis, so Eshteross presents a plan – during the ball, they must switch a ring of Armand Treshi’s with an enchanted replica ring that can be tracked. Armand is a tall dwarf with no partner who values business connections, so that might be the way to speak with him. Interest in employing the Paragon’s Call beyond the boundaries of Jrusar might catch his attention. Eshteross has arranged transportation and lodging at the event. They will have to sneak in any weaponry, as anything overt must be checked.


The group debates how to get Armand to take off his ring. Eshteross has rings and clothing that Dorian can use to look more on Armand’s level of pomp. The group realizes the easiest story is for Dorian to go as himself, Brontë Wyvernwind of the Silken Squall. Dorian is reluctant but willing, though he needs Eshteross to ensure his family’s protection. Dorian pulls new clothes from Eshteross’ closet and leaves his own preferred items behind.

They decide on the teams – Dorian will have Orym, Imogen, and Fearne, while Eshteross will have Ashton, Chetney, Laudna, and FCG. They ponder the multiple ways to pull off this heist, considering charm and flirtation as well as a simple bait and switch. They will need to be prepared for several scenarios and Dorian warns them that this could easily result in their deaths if they aren’t careful. The evening of the ball arrives and the party takes their carriages to a beautiful tower in the Core Spire. A heist awaits!

That is it for Episode 12 of Critical Role!


  • I love Marwa and I can’t wait for Laudna to make her the group’s new best friend.
  • MOON WATCH: No sign of Catha during Imogen’s dream, but Laudna did see the dull glow of Ruidus. Interesting…
  • Poor Dorian. He was SO excited about the ball and now he has to go as the person he was trying to leave behind. Hugs For Dorian, please.
  • At least it’s a chance to try out possible group names! The Bell’s Hells, the Grab Bags, the Focus Group. Probably not the New Nobodies.

Anyway, catch Episode 13 on Thursday, February 10th at 7pm Pacific on and on or a week later on our podcast. Is it Thursday yet?

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