Critical Recap: Critical Role C2E96 (Family Shatters)

Written by on February 26, 2020

Hello! Welcome to Critical Recap! I’m Dani Carr, Production Coordinator and halfling cleric. Let’s dive into our recap of Critical Role Episode 96 Family Shatters!


The Mighty Nein are faced with a terrifying gorgon, a metal, monstrous bull creature. The battle is fearsome, with the monster able to shift around the map, making it unpredictable, and certain attacks upon it releasing a poisonous gas. This is in addition to Legendary actions, plus a fume that causes slow petrification on failed saves. This thing is stacked and the battle is brutal. The party whales on it, but Fjord gets knocked unconscious (though is healed by Jester) and Beau, who was lucky enough to be immune to the poison, has two brushes with petrification, with the second one causing her to go full statue. Luckily, Caleb’s web of fire earns him the kill, burning the gorgon from underneath and within. The intense heat solidifies the sand around it into glass to give the charred creature its own statuesque memorial.


Nott uses her willowshade oil to cure Beau of her petrification. Caduceus casts greater restoration on his father and sister, Cornelius and Calliope. They’re surprised but grateful to see him. Jester finds Caduceus’s mother Constance, restoring her as well. She embraces her son, but the happy reunion is cut short when the statue of Corrin, Caduceus’s aunt, is found in pieces, having been shattered during the battle. They gather the stone fragments of Corrin, with Jester casting mending to fit the pieces back together. They keep her stored within Widogast’s Vault of Amber, hoping to do more after a rest.

Cornelius points out Eremis Stone, a keeper of the menagerie who is also petrified. Jester restores him, and the elf is at first upset by the great amount of statues but then pleased to see that the gorgon has finally been defeated. They head to the cave and the beautiful multi-part shrine within, finding many more people all turned to stone, including Caduceus’s brother Colton and sister Clarabelle. Caduceus tells his family of his travels and his success, and the Clays detail their travels independently of each other — Constance and Corrin had no luck at the Dusts, Corrin found green glass, and Calliope has the purple crystal.

Eremis has theories about the gorgon — the oasis calls to beasts of all kinds in worship of the Wildmother and Avandra. Sometimes these beasts come from more dangerous areas, such as Blightshore, that twist the creatures from their original forms. Eramis tells them more about the history of the menagerie, with Fjord paying close attention. The party agrees to get some rest so that tomorrow, Jester and Caduceus can restore his siblings and other Stone family members.


Nott and Caleb take a moment of privacy to chat about the god talk and how that magic differs from what they themselves can do. Nott was affected by Caduceus’s reunion with his mother, and wants that for herself. She knows she needs to change back, and has decided she’s ready to be Veth again. But she’s still not sure on her next step after that. The two are both grateful for everything they’ve experienced together, and agree that baby steps are the best for right now.

Eager to offer up some pranks before bed, Beau, Jester, Yasha, Nott, and a lightly reluctant Fjord go through the frozen dwellings within the cave, rearranging people’s furniture and belongings. Jester tries to convert Nott and Beau to the Traveler, telling them to invite chaos into their hearts. Nott agrees but Beau walks away, despite the attractiveness of Jester and her offer.

While the Chaos Crew spreads, well, chaos, Caduceus seeks out Calliope. He finds her sitting at the edge of the water, holding her purple crystal. He sneaks up behind her and blows into his bone flute, causing her to fall into the water. His sister gives chase, and the two bond over more pranks, having missed each other dearly. They notice that the crystal Calliope was holding when she fell in the water has grown new shards. They toss all their crystals into the water. Each expands, growing root-like shards that branch out. It’s time to take them home, but Caduceus isn’t sure he’s ready to go back yet. He gives the crystals to Calliope to plant in his stead.


In the morning, Jester and Caduceus restore Gaima and Mecatoth, two Stone family members who can aid in the restoration of the other petrified denizens. Caduceus restores Colton and Clarabelle — Colton is standoffish but grateful, and Clarabelle is weird and happy. Jester has devised a plan to fix Corrin. They take out her body and Jester fills in the missing pieces with stone shape, reconnecting the pieces together. She casts greater restoration, and Corrin returns. Caduceus begins healing her wounds, and though her back is stiff and clearly affected by the fusion, she is alive and whole.

Calliope and Caduceus present their transformed crystals, to the delight of the Clays. Everyone thanks Caduceus for saving them in a show of annoyed, loving sibling energy, and Uthodurn is decided as their destination. An attempt is made to inform the archivists of their arrival, but the teleportation to the mountain city is still bumbling and irritates the Scribewarden. Jester messages Reani, asking if she is willing to guide the Clays back to the Savalirwood. Reani agrees and will meet them at an inn, The Broken Stool, in a few days.

While Jester buys cupcakes, Beau checks in with Fjord, asking why he didn’t choose the Traveler as his new deity. He prefers his deities to be stable, and they agree that the Traveler is taking advantage of Jester. They’re wary of what he wants with the cleric and want to protect Jester, who Beau thinks is even more powerful than her god. Mostly, she just really wants to punch the Traveler, and Fjord gives her permission.


Caduceus talks to his parents about how hard it was to stay behind, and they reassure him that it was not his job to stay. He missed them, but knows it’s not time for him to return home yet. He owes it to the Nein to see them through their own journeys. His parents are proud of him for venturing off into the world. He has protected their home and they are excited to return to it, and make it a place he can return to when he is ready. Constance believes that Caduceus was the only one who could have done this.

Caduceus goes to his siblings, telling them he is leaving. Colton and Calliope will protect the family as always, and Clarabelle gives him a jar of insects she was collecting. Caduceus gives her his straw hat in return. Jester, meanwhile, has cast Planar Ally, summoning a Quickling named Trevass. She asks him to take the cupcakes to Isharnai. The Nein decide that they need to get ready for the peace talks in three weeks. They teleport to Yussa’s tower in Nicodranas, again forgetting to inform their host of their arrival.

That is it for Episode 96 of Critical Role!


  • I love every single member of the Clay family. They are all beautiful and perfect.
  • Caleb noticed that the Gorgon is a remnant of the Calamity, which might have to do with it being from Blightshore.
  • Blightshore keeps getting brought up and it freaks me out the more we learn about it!
  • The party took the time to point out that Fjord is also a Stone, and I continue to think there’s something more there.
  • Oh Mighty Nein.

Anyway, catch Episode 97 LIVE in Chicago on Thursday, February 27th at 6pm Pacific (an hour earlier than usual) on or a week later on our podcast. Is it Thursday, yet?

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