Critical Recap: Critical Role C2E90 (Bathhouses and Bastions)

Written by on January 15, 2020

Hello! Welcome to the written Critical Recap! I’m Dani Carr, Production Coordinator and Frumpkin Stan. Let’s dive into our recap of Critical Role Episode 90, Bathhouses and Bastions!


Good morning, Mighty Nein! Over breakfast, Beau reveals that the archaeological origins for the beacon are actually legit. Clay could tell during the discussion that while Trent was being honest, he was choosing his words very carefully. The Nein are worried that the Shattengrod beacon has been tampered with, and still don’t know where to find the Felderwin beacon. They decide that they must go to the Bright Queen and be as forthright as they can about their hopes for the parley and their suspicions about the intentions of the Empire.

They need to wait one more day before Yasha’s and Jester’s commissions are finished. Yasha continues reading, Fjord finds a spa, Nott purchases some custom ninja stars for Beau and some parchment for herself, and Beau, Caleb, Jester, and Caduceus go to the Rexxentrum Archives. Beau learns that only one beacon has ever been reported as being discovered in the Dynasty’s 250-year history. Caleb researches strange meteoric discoveries, but nothing matches the beacon.

Jester researches tarot cards, but is distracted by Molly’s Moonweaver deck. Some of the cards are unfinished and some are completely blank. Jester gets emotional upon realizing that Molly was building this deck himself and wants to add her own art to it. Caduceus, with a patient librarian’s assistance, researches occultism, discovering that the date for Traveler Con is the Zenith, the central point of summer and the brightest day of the year. Later, Caleb and Nott work on Halas’ research, making some good progress. They discuss Rexxentrum, and though Nott brings it up, Caleb doesn’t reveal his visit to Astrid. When he asks how Nott is feeling, she claims to appreciate the distraction of danger, but his insight indicates her fears about the future.


In the morning, they pick up Jester’s chalice and Yasha’s harp from Keona the Keen. Both are extremely pleased with their purchases, and Jester immediately fills hers with ice cream. She sits in a park and tries to use it to talk to the Traveler about Traveler Con, as it is 40 days away and she has no idea what her responsibilities are. His lack of appearance distresses her, but Caleb tells her that this might be meant as a leap of faith.

Emboldened by Fjord’s great experience, the Nein decide to have their own spa day. On the way, they run into the good-natured Darrow, who wants to make up with Fjord for his luck in their fight. Thus, Beau invites him along to the spa. He excitedly joins, and tells them some of the work he’s been doing, but withholds the name of his confidential client.


Nott pretends to get a message from the Bright Queen to urge them back on their path. They gather their equipment and use Caleb’s teleportation circle to return to the Lucid Bastion, still clad in their spa robes. Fjord is the only one who tries to get dressed, so Caleb casts Seeming to make everyone else look dressed and Fjord alone in his robe as they walk to the Xhorhouse.

After determining that their home is untouched, Jester messages Essek, who arrives shortly. He tells them about the Kryn’s capture of their spy, Taskhand Adeen Tasithar. Apparently he was working with Vence, leading the assault on Rexxentrum. He also confessed to stealing the beacons and giving them to the Empire. The Nein tell of their defeat of Obann, and the Shattengrod Beacon that the Empire is willing to give back in exchange for peace talks. This news is surprising but welcome to Essek.

The Nein want to talk with the prisoner, and come up with a plan of disguising Fjord as Vence. Essek agrees to this, as a continuation of his own interrogations. He puts Fjord-as-Vence in a neighboring cell. Fjord attempts to get information from Adeen, but the prisoner is deeply confused, saying nothing makes sense and that though he vaguely remembers his treasonous actions, he doesn’t know why he did them. He can barely recall Vence or the Angel of Irons or his own betrayal. On Fjord’s return, the party wonders if Obann also charmed Adeen, but he bears no mark on the back of his neck. They still have suspicions that Adeen was not acting of his own will.


The Bright Queen wants an explanation for Rexxentrum. Between the Nein and Essek, they are able to explain both Adeen and Obann. Jester stands up for the theory that Adeen was controlled, and Yasha steps forward, going into detail on her time under Obann’s mind-control. The Bright Queen asks if Yasha thinks herself redeemable, to which Yasha replies that she hopes so. The Bright Queen wants punishment to be dealt, but an intimate high-ranking officer speaks up, reminding the Queen to keep her emotions in check and judgements to the court.

The Nein tell her about the beacon, King Dwendal’s hopes for peace talks, and their worries about his motives. She is suspicious, and has little fear of Tharizdun, but understands their desire to end the violence. Her own desire for her beacon rules all. Caduceus persuades her that the Empire’s fear makes now a good time to talk, and she agrees to the parley. Her terms include neutral ground at sea, the beacon’s delivery, and a traitor for a traitor: Adeen for Vence. She tells the Nein they won’t be required at the talks, but they convince her they’re needed to ease the political tensions.

The meeting ends, with the Bright Queen commenting warmly on their uniqueness. The Nein and Essek are pleased by how well everything went. Jester casts Sending to the Martinet, telling him that their conversation with the Bright Queen went well and to continue the cease-fire. She invites Essek to dinner, but he departs to work on his own research, citing himself as uninteresting. Nott and Caleb discuss Essek, as Nott was a little put off by the way Essek acted around the prison, and is feeling a little worried about their alliance. Caleb just hopes that they’re doing the right thing. The Nein end their day with the debut performance of Yasha and the Orphanmakers: Yasha on her harp, Clay on his bone flute, and Jester on a spiritual weapon toy piano. It is cacophonous and horrifically endearing.

That is it for Episode 90 of Critical Role!


  • Does everyone else now want a spa day? Because now I want a spa day.
  • I wonder why the Traveler didn’t send Jester a sign. Maybe there were too many people around?
  • Molly’s deck!! I can’t wait to see what Jester does with it.
  • Who was controlling Adeen? I bet it was someone outside of Obann. More spies!
  • Yasha, you are definitely redeemable. Look at you go. I’m so proud. A+ harp skills.
  • Who is the high-ranking officer that the Bright Queen didn’t yell at for speaking up??
  • Nott rolled high Insight on Essek, so her worries about him make ME worried. Is our hot boi actually a hot mess???
  • Oh Mighty Nein.

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