Critical Recap: Critical Role C2E125 “The Neverending Day”

Written by on February 17, 2021

Hello! Welcome to Critical Recap! I’m Dani Carr, the Critical Role Lore Keeper. Let’s dive into our recap of Critical Role Episode 125 The Neverending Day!


The Mighty Nein arrive at Tidepeak Tower in Nicodranas, safe and sound and in one piece. They find Yussa and quickly explain the situation with the Tombtakers and the Somnovem, requesting his help. He wants to help, but his knowledge of Aeor and its magical consequences makes him hesitant to go to the ruins in person. He does give them a scepter of blasting and two superior healing potions. Caleb asks to speak with Halas, so Yussa summons his pocket dimension and locates the red gem containing Halas’ soul.

With the Nein ready to subdue him should Halas take control, Caleb touches the gem, hearing Halas in his head. The two wizards talk, with Halas focusing solely on his desire to take over Caleb’s body and Caleb attempting to get information from him. Caleb learns that Aeor had already fallen in Halas’ time, but its downfall was a warning to other fledgling mageocracies, a symbol of how society is destined to crumble. The floating city fell due to its own corruption and in-fighting, in addition to being smote by the gods for its unchecked ambition.

Caleb asks about the Somnovem, who Halas describes as the strangest of Aeor’s philosophers. They felt separate from their own people and had a fanatical belief in imagination, bordering on divinity. When their fanaticism was challenged, they closed themselves off from the rest of society. The Cognouza Ward became socially ostracized within the city. But it fell with the rest of Aeor. Halas does not believe there were any survivors after the gods destroyed the city.


Halas attempts to take over, but Caleb resists his influence, tossing the gem, which Yussa returns to the pocket dimension. Caleb and Beau theorize that the Luxon beacon has something to do with those time bubbles. Maybe the mages of Aeor created the beacons? Except that the beacons were found scattered all over Exandria and the Kryn found theirs in the Underdark, leaving it unlikely that they were created by Age of Arcanum mages.

The Nein want to scry on the threshold crest to see where it landed, so Yussa takes them to his amplification chamber, a Cerebro-like room that enhances Jester’s scrying capabilities so that she can push past the limits of the spell. She sees the crest sitting in a snowy forest – clearly not Eiselcross, but also not the Cobalt Soul. Yussa suggests getting more of the anti-scrying amulets in order to negate the blood scrying. He reaches out to Allura, telling her the Nein need her help. She agrees to see them and Yussa teleports the Nein to Allura’s tower in Emon.


The group arrives safely at Allura’s tall, ivory tower, where they meet Lady Kima, Allura’s wife, a brash and protective halfling warrior. They tell Allura and Kima everything, detailing Lucien’s talents – particularly the anti-magic cone and his ability to watch them. Like he’s doing right now, apparently. Allura focuses on the anti-magic cone, comparing it to a beholder’s abilities.

Fjord shows her Star Razor, asking what might happen to it when inside the cone. Allura recognizes the blade to be a Vestige of Divergence – divine artifacts forged by the gods and other powerful beings during the Calamity, meant to be used to combat the betrayer gods. She is unsure what will happen to the powerful sword in the cone. Jester invites her to come fight, but Allura is nervous about what her magic would do in proximity to the ruins – she is better served here, informing the Council of Tal’dorei and rallying allies should the Nein fail.

Fjord tries to entice Kima to come with them to Aeor. She’s tempted but Allura asks her to stay. Kima does hand her sword, the Holy Avenger, over to Yasha on loan, with clear instructions that the blade be returned. Allura gives the Nein two arcane field generators (which will detect the anti-magic cone,) a bag of residuum, and her own Staff of Power. ALSO on loan. She gives Jester a tuning fork attuned to the Astral Sea, for plane shifting, along with advice about the realm. Privately, Veth asks Allura for a scroll of Intellect Fortress, which Allura provides. Veth thanks Allura for her friendship and the Nein teleport to the Cobalt Soul in Rexxentrum.


Beau finds Yudala Fon, who tells her about the ongoing investigation into the Cerberus Assembly and King Dwendal, particularly the Assembly’s dealings with the Kryn Dynasty. The Augen Trust (the King’s spy network) have now begun their own investigation. The Soul is worried that shoddy work on the Trust’s side will make it harder for the Soul to prove their own point later. The in-fighting at least makes the King and the Assembly look weak.

More importantly, Yudala wanted to let Beau know that Archivist Zeenoth is under arrest by the Archive. Dairon looked into Beau’s claims of being kidnapped by the Cobalt Soul and forced into tutelage. That is not how the Soul operates. Dairon uncovered that Zeenoth pocketed Thoreau’s bribe and orchestrated Beau’s kidnapping himself, along with other illegalities in the Cobalt Soul’s name. Yudala thanks Beau for her honesty and her aid, and offers their sincere apologies on behalf of the institution.

Beau is thankful but in shock. The Soul helped her find her way and it’s odd to look back on the most traumatic moment of her life with a sense of gratitude. Yudala is glad that Beau found a place here and thinks she would have found her way to the Soul regardless, but regrets that it wasn’t her choice. Yudala cannot abide by corruption, which goes against everything the Soul stands for. They invite Beau to participate in the trial in two months, if she wants to. Beau will see if she’s still alive then, as she’s committed to following this Nonagon thread. Beau asks Yudala to watch Trent and Ludinus, which they already do – the two seem nervous lately.

Beau rejoins the Nein and privately recounts what she learned to her friends. She trusts the Soul more now knowing that her abuse was not the norm. Beau goes to see Dairon, thanking them for the investigation. Dairon has also been hurt by the powerful, so did what she wished someone had done for them. Dairon is going to see about this investigation into the king and try to keep control and slow the misinformation. Dairon also apologizes for their prejudice against the Kryn. Working in the Dynasty showed them just how much their beliefs had been fed by Empire propaganda. Dairon regrets it.


Beau tells Dairon about the crest in the woods – they’ll send some teams out to try to find and recover it. Beau returns to the Nein and the exhaustion of this ONE DAY hits them all. Beau gets them rooms in the library and they discuss what to do tomorrow. Shopping, visiting the Bright Queen, maybe Nicodranas to see family. Jester wants to know why Beau & Caleb aren’t telling people about the eyes. They’re worried about who to trust and who might still trust them, but are willing to tell Yussa and get his input.

As Caleb identifies the Staff of Power, items are handed out. Veth is intensely reluctant to part with her Core Cut Dagger, which alerts the Nein. The conversation escalates to a confrontation, so Jester casts Greater Restoration on Veth, removing the dagger’s deadly curse on her. Yasha takes some time with the Holy Avenger, but can’t attune to it – the blade is rejecting her. Beau talks with Caleb, asking to borrow his tower for a night so she can take Yasha on a date. He tells her to write down her requests and he’ll see what he can do.

As they finally rest, dreams come to multiple members. Caduceus dreams of the Blooming Grove, of the corrupted forest becoming a forest of flesh, breaking through the barriers as the Living City erupts and devours his family. Yasha dreams of the Holy Avenger and her friends needing help. She races to pick up the blade but it moves away from her. The Storm Lord appears and tells her that though she has found her strength, she must learn to use it. She is his avatar and this path must be earned.

As for Caleb and Beau, they too dream. Their previous night’s sleep was restful but tonight they dream of two red eyes. They hear voices – “Another finds us. Finds their way home. We dream with you. Dreams are the first step. We can make dreams into anything. Into everything. Together.” Nine eyes pop up and the screaming begins again.

That is it for Episode 125 of Critical Role!


  • Holy shit y’all, the eyes are back! They didn’t read more of the book! AND YET! EYES!
  • So so so glad that Veth is rid of that dagger that was, ya know, SLOWLY KILLING HER. Jeez.
  • If the Nein could go just a couple episodes without getting some new curse or angering some extremely powerful being, that would be great. No? Not gonna happen? Fine.
  • Oh Mighty Nein.

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