Critical Recap: Critical Role C2E115 “Fetching Fables & Frosty Friends”

Written by on November 11, 2020

Hello! Welcome to Critical Recap! I’m Dani Carr, the Critical Role Lore Keeper. Let’s dive into our recap of Critical Role Episode 115 Fetching Fables & Frosty Friends!


Sticking close with their guide, Dagen, the Mighty Nein head out into the frozen tundra of Eiselcross. Their destination is A5, one of the smaller excavation sites east of the Allowak Sanctuary. They ponder journeying to other “A” marked areas – one is even labeled with a question mark – but for now they’ll focus on A5. Dagen tells them there are other excavation sites not on the map, but those will cost extra if he’s to guide them. The furthest north Dagen has been is to the crater, a strange place that shows different landscapes to different people. The Nein wonder if this was where the Living City used to be.

Pressing on, they continue their trek, the first day clear. They quietly discuss the likelihood that Vess was in contact with the Cerberus Assembly and that Trent at least definitely knows she was with them. It’s possible that the Assembly members could excuse the lack of messages on the weird magic of the area. The extent to which the Assembly members care about each other is a matter of debate. The real question is – what is the plan? Veth votes they go find some stuff, get Molly back to his senses, get the book, and use it to take down the entire Assembly.

They help Dagen make camp, as Caleb wants to learn how to properly camp in the cold in case something goes wrong with his magic. The night is dark and full of shivers as the group huddles around the fire. They explain to Dagen that they are independent contractors and ask about his previous experience: he’s worked with both the Dynasty and the Assembly up here. All the excavation sites are subterranean and the only one he hasn’t visited is “A?”.

During his watch, Fjord casts see invisibility; eventually, he sees a scrying orb hovering over a sleeping Jester. Fjord moves close, verbally threatening the orb and its listeners, but it remains for a few more minutes before disappearing. Fjord explains to Caleb about the orb, who remembers Lucien saying that they have their scent – maybe this has something to do with blood magic? In the morning, they inform the others, who recall that Cree is a blood cleric. Though Jester got their blood vials back from the Gentleman, they are not full, and Fjord is sure they were full when they were originally drawn. So it’s possible Cree has their blood.


Day 2 begins, and as they travel, Beau and Caduceus spot a strange obelisk jutting out of the ground. It seems like a ruin, covered in carvings but unmarked on the map. Caduceus casts detect magic, picking up on something necromantic emanating beneath the snow. Caleb can tell that the geometric carvings, Draconic in nature, were meant to connect different arcane power sources. Fjord notices that there are empty reliefs in the column that used to hold stones of some kind but have all been pried out. Beau wants to leave this column be – Dagen himself warned them that scavenging is not always worth it.

Using cat’s ire to scoop snow away from the base, Caleb uncovers an emerald still lodged in one of its grooves. The green gem is emitting the necromantic energy Caduceus sensed earlier. When Caleb uses telekinesis to pull it out, he fails, causing a dark shockwave to pulse out in a 60 foot radius. Everyone takes heavy necromantic damage and immediately begins to back up. Despite Beau’s attempts to reason with them all, the gem still entices the group. Caleb casts telekinesis again, as well as cat’s ire, but both attempts fail. As they argue about whether to stay, Caduceus notices bones around the column. They decide to move on. Jester paints a confusing sign on the column pointing out the emerald and Caleb tries a dispel magic to no avail as they, finally, walk away.

Stopping to set up camp, they explain to Dagen that the first night was a learning experience but now they will sleep in comfort, Dagen included. Caleb casts the tower, with no ill effect. Beau takes a bath and reads her poem from Yasha – the poem has been crossed out and instead, it is a heartfelt letter from Yasha explaining the things she likes about Beau and has noticed about her. She makes Yasha feel both stronger and safer. Meanwhile, Jester goes to Caleb, asking him to cast tongues on her so she can read Der Katzenprinz. He instead reads the story to her. It tells the tale of a young sickly boy who meets a cat in a top hat and dances with him in a magical world full of cats. When he returns home, he finds himself cured of his ailments. The story delights Jester and she thanks Caleb for reading it.


On the third day, travel is harsher. As they trek, a net is thrown over them in an ambush by some yetis, one of which is enormous. During the fight, it becomes clear that they speak Common and are smarter than the average…yeti. Caleb turns a low health Caduceus into a mammoth, who gores a yeti as the large one, now heavily injured, calls out for them to stop. The tension begins to de-escalate as Yasha rage heals the unconscious yeti. The Big Yeti, named Gestaf, throws down his spear, calling off his group.

These are yetis from the Allowak Sanctuary, with higher intelligence than others in the area. The ambush was meant for poachers. Caleb shares his boba with them as Gestaf and Beau discuss the Nein’s quarry. Gestaf saw a purple tiefling yesterday morning but did not approach – the 5 of them in the group were using strange magic. Gestaf tells the Nein that if they promise not to inform others about the sanctuary, they will travel with them for a day and watch each other’s backs through the dangerous terrain.

Jester and Caduceus pass out healing to everyone – Caduceus apologizes to the one he killed as a mammoth and gives him a celebone in apology, a gift that is eagerly accepted. The yetis lead the way for the rest of the day and when night falls, Caleb invites them into the tower for food and rest. Gestaf is shocked by this kindness and hopes to repay them one day – if they’re ever near Allowak Sanctuary, say they’re a friend of Gestaf’s. He is grateful that they listened and offered kindness over bloodshed. Caleb makes tents for the yetis and, at Veth’s suggestion and the group’s interest, reads them a bedtime story.


Day 4 is a success as the yetis escort them until their paths diverge, heading north to their sanctuary as the Nein head southwest. On the fifth day, they arrive at A5. A voice creeps into Jester’s mind – she can hear Cree and Lucien speaking together. Lucicree tells her that he’s glad she’s here and was worried she’d been scared off. But curiosity wins. Jester tells the others that it seems the Tombtakers are in A5 and are awaiting them. Also, are Cree and Lucien a hive mind now? Or is this something weirder? Fjord can see another scrying ball over Jester’s head, which eventually fades.

Dagen leads them to the entrance of the excavation. He will be staying out, as he is just a guide. They can see footprints, some that are fresher leading into the tunnel but not out. There are also frozen corpses outside, but they’re older. Caleb points out how much this sucks – their adversary is waiting and can watch them whenever, they have no element of surprise. This is likely an ambush. Jester messages Molly, asking him why he’s doing this. He was their friend once and they just miss him. He responds, saying he doesn’t mean them any harm and he’s inviting them to come along as he pursues his interests. The choice is theirs.

Beau suggests joining him – not actually *joining* the cult but going on the journey to see exactly what he’s after and then they can jump in when things go south. They argue about this suggestion, as the Tombtakers seem to be doing something evil. The least they can do is go down there and try to talk before attacking. This is diplomacy first. Molly killed a high-ranking member of the Cerberus Assembly by himself – why didn’t he kill them too? Agreeing to talk first, the Nein take their first steps into the entranceway, on the heels of Mollymauk Tealeaf.

That is it for Episode 115 of Critical Role!


  • What might that crater be that Dagen mentioned? The site of the Living City? A tear in the planes? The center of the wild magic?
  • Veth attuned to the Core-Cut Dagger, which is apparently cursed. No word yet on the details of this curse but that cannot be good.
  • I love the yetis! Big Yeti, Rave Yeti, there was even a Sensitive Journal Yeti! MORE YETIS!!!
  • Into the unknown it is. Time to see what Mollymauk(?)’s been up to.
  • Oh Mighty Nein.

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