Critical Recap: Critical Role C2E108 (Traveler Con)

Written by on September 9, 2020

Hello! Welcome to Critical Recap! I’m Dani Carr, the Critical Role Lore Keeper. Let’s dive into our recap of Critical Role Episode 108 Traveler Con!


The festivities of Traveler’s Eve continue after Vilya’s quiet exit. Jester, Yasha, Veth, and Caleb dance together while Caduceus, Beau, and Fjord discuss their worries about the Traveler. They want to be cautious while not ruining things for Jester, but are worried about her being his fall guy. They agree to be ready for anything and to run security. Jester wants to reach out to the Moonweaver, to which Caduceus suggests commune. Combining their spells with moon iconography, both are able to contact their gods, but both are told that the spell will only contact their specific deity. Jester asks the Traveler if their relationship will change, but he doesn’t see why it would. She was his first and that is special, whether it was chance or destiny.

While Beau mixes drinks, Caleb talks to her, Veth, and Yasha about their plans after the con. He wants to return to the Empire, to understand and counteract the poison within his country. He needs the Nein with him to sort through this complicated matter. Beau confesses that the Nein is all she has. Distance from them would mean losing another family. Veth is more conflicted. She needs to go home, but Caleb tells her that he’ll soon be able to help her work with the Nein and see her family more often. Yasha wants to be with the Nein, her only family. Veth brings up Yasha’s disappearances and she tells them she was searching for answers about herself. Slowly, she forgave herself and found purpose with the Nein.

Beau goes to Fjord, telling him she dreams of being a pirate with him again as an Expositor along the coast. Fjord doesn’t know what’s next, but they’ve done good things as part of the Nein. Beau brings up Jester, asking how he feels about her – mainly clueless. He’s tried to see if she still feels for him but he’s afraid to ask directly and there are more pressing matters at hand. Plus, he’s changed so much since they started, in better ways, that what he wanted a long time ago seems ancient. He feels strongly for her, but just wants her to be happy.

Fjord turns the conversation around and brings up flying with Yasha. Beau confesses that she once had a crush on Jester and that she swore off Yasha because she doesn’t want to be a rebound. She asks Fjord if he thinks Yasha likes her – he definitely saw she was flustered. Beau thinks that Jester was easy for her to crush on because she’s sparkly. How can you not like her? But with Yasha…Beau has been avoiding feelings that she’s had since the moment she met her. Something deeper.


In the morning, the festivities are in full swing and most of the Nein are hungover. With the plan confirmed, Yasha takes the misty stage and performs (first poorly, then well) as an illusion of the Traveler welcomes everyone to the Con. Veth introduces Jester, who is aided by illusions and effects from both Caleb and the Traveler. She explains the dick hunt and that finding the golden dick will result in a prize. Thus, the day begins in glorious chaos. Eventually, Cylia finds the golden dick. Jester tells her that her prize is to be the final person to take part in the ascension ritual. Veth paints some of the permanent glue onto the golden dick, giving it back to Cylia.

With the sun setting, Jester and the Traveler lead everyone to the top of the volcano. Everyone tosses their dicks into the volcano until it’s down to Cylia. She tries to defer, but at the Traveler’s behest, she runs to the edge. Beau tackles her, thinking she was going to throw herself into the volcano. The misunderstanding over, Cylia attempts to throw the golden dick in, but it remains permanently stuck to her hand. The Traveler revels in the prank, which Veth describes as the best way to begin his ascension.

The Traveler then reveals himself as “the Moonweaver,” disguised as her avatar and here to guide them all to her light. Jester tells the crowd that they are the ones chosen to lead her new sect. As the Traveler rambles about the night sky, Caleb’s moon illusion vanishes and the full moon itself replaces it. Moonbeams turn into chains and wrap around the Traveler. Jester grabs onto him as a blue feminine figure begins to descend. Her voice rings out, telling the crowd that the Traveler lies and does not represent the Moonweaver.


The planetar reveals Artagan’s true form as chains cover his mouth. The Moonweaver appreciates trickery, but not terror. She begins to drag him up into the sky, saying that he will be taken back to the Fey and dealt with there. Jester holds onto his feet, begging the planetar to release him as they’re both lifted into the air. Caleb uses his cat’s claw to grab onto her but the magic is dispelled. Fjord casts Hex on Jester and teleports to her side. He holds onto her and begs her to let go as she weeps, clinging to Artagan’s legs as all three continue to rise.

Jester asks the planetar how to make it right – she is asked why she cries for him, as Artagan is a selfish creature. Jester refutes this, saying that he is very giving and that he likes his freedom, but the planetar states that he uses this freedom to manipulate people. Jester tells her that she loves him, that this was all a mistake that got out of hand. The planetar asks her if she loves him enough to carry his penance with him, but when Jester pauses, unsure of her answer, Artagan kicks her away from him. She and Fjord fall, guided by Caleb’s feather fall and caught by Yasha and Beau.

Artagan is pulled up to the moonlight and stops, where a new, almost amused voice asks if he has learned his lesson. She tells him to be careful where he prods, as he is not beyond reproach. The chains break and Artagan plummets, caught by Veth’s feather fall. The voice tells the crowd to be careful of who they trust and that she is there for any who need guidance. The planetar disappears and a stunned Artagan tells everyone to worship the Moonweaver.


As the crowd disperses, the Nein wrap Jester in a big group hug and comfort her. Jester comments that she didn’t think about how powerful actual gods are. They think it was all pretty spectacular in its own way. She threw a great party and Artagan got what he wanted. Jester thanks them for everything they did, knowing she couldn’t have done it without them. She thanks Fjord for hanging onto her – she doesn’t know what she would have done if he hadn’t been there. She’s so glad she found her best friends.

Artagan joins them in the dome. Beau asks if she can punch him and he allows her one punch, to her delight. Artagan thinks the event could have definitely gone worse and that now he knows his boundaries. He is free again to do whatever interests him. Right now, a duplicate of himself is down in the village, smoothing things over and talking up the Moonweaver. He and Jester take a walk together, where he properly apologizes and tells her that he couldn’t allow her to make such a big sacrifice. His mistakes are his own and he didn’t want to put her or her friends in danger. Speaking of, he should talk to her friends and try to make amends.

He teaches Jester an upgrade to her duplicity spell and he apologizes to the Nein. He took comfort from their protection of Jester and he would never hurt them or her. They mostly accept his apology and tease him about the very good theatre they just put on, which sends him away. They ask what’s next and Caduceus brings up the Living City. They could research the Eyes of Nine and see to Caleb’s business in Rexxentrum at the same time. Accepting Vess DeRogna’s job up north would allow some spying of their own. They agree to stick together – they’re a family. They’ll go to Nicodranas first, then to Rexxentrum.

In the morning, the followers are packing, with some deciding to stay in Vo. The Nein free the ships from the cavern with combined casts of control water and officially claim Eden’s Horizon as their own. They rename it to Nein Heroz and place it in Orly’s capable hands. Beau gives Anola some money to turn the island into a great resort, asking the bar to be named after her – The Fuckin Beaurebar. With goodbyes said, they go through Caleb’s teleportation circle and arrive in Yussa’s tower. They tell the mage what they saw in the Astral Sea and ask him to look into both this and the Eyes of Nine. He agrees and leads them out to the streets of Nicodranas.


  • Holy shit y’all, that was a rollercoaster of emotions. Dicks! Moon chains! Gotchas galore!
  • Cylia “Goldendick” is absolutely going to end up the final big bad and honestly? Good.
  • We got a lot of unexpected romantic revelations from Beau and Fjord that I’ll be thinking on for DAYS.
  • Level 13! That means level 7 spells! The possibilities are endless!
  • Oh Mighty Nein.

Anyway, catch Episode 109 on Thursday, September 10th at 7pm Pacific on or a week later on our podcast. Is it Thursday, yet?

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