Critical Recap: Critical Role C2E107 (Devoutness and Dicks)

Written by on September 2, 2020

Hello! Welcome to Critical Recap! I’m Dani Carr, the Critical Role Lore Keeper. Let’s dive into our recap of Critical Role Episode 107 Devoutness and Dicks!


The Mighty Nein make the 50 gold goodie bags for each exiting member of Vo, along with some gold for Vilya. They launch into a discussion about Traveler Con preparations and the Traveler appears in person to aid the planning. Jester wants people to believe that the Traveler has ascended beyond the Divine Gate, is now as powerful as the other gods, and therefore will not be as ‘hands-on’ with his followers. Her idea is to get five followers to volunteer for human sacrifices, then alter their memories so they think they saw the Traveler’s ascension.

Caduceus suggests that maybe making a religion where human sacrifice is an element isn’t the best idea. Veth thinks there needs to be an audience participation portion, like making dick-shaped drumsticks and beating drums to pray. The Traveler likes the idea of the followers praying too hard and causing him to “die,” but Beau takes umbrage with the guilt aspect. Jester likes the death because then it allows his followers to be free of their faith and seek refuge in a real religion. This leads to the idea of the Traveler “endorsing” another god in his stead, with Caduceus suggesting the Moonweaver, as she too is a trickery god, emphasizing illusion. They could make a new sect of the Moonweaver’s religion that emphasizes chaos.

They come up with the idea that the Traveler has been the Moonweaver this entire time, having used an illusion to recruit followers that are interested in pranks and chaos. Beau outlines the plan: they’ll build a stage, the followers will make dick drumsticks, the Nein will hide dick statues around the village for the dick hunt. Then they all go to the top of the volcano and throw their statues in while Fjord & Caleb create illusions and the Traveler appears as the Moonweaver in the ultimate switcheroo. Jester feels great relief at having a real plan. She’d been feeling guilty about duping people into a fake religion, but now they can spin it to where these followers will feel chosen and special, along with getting a real god.

As they discuss feeding the followers and how to actually get to the top of the volcano, Vilya arrives with news that the first group is leaving for the Menagerie Coast. The Nein hand out goodie bags to the 13 people leaving imminently, including Deramid’s and Kotho’s groups. Fjord talks to Kotho and contracts her to find Sabien, his former crew mate – he just wants a location. Kotho accepts, asking for a month to find him. With the success of the tree teleport, the Nein divide and conquer on the preparations, with the villagers happy to help out.


Caduceus and Caleb build the stage and everyone hides dick statues. Yasha and Veth make a golden dick that will come with a prize. Caleb casts programmed illusion at the entrance to the village, making a Traveler’s gate that bursts with Traveler iconography whenever someone walks through it. Caduceus uses find the path to chart the best course to the top of the volcano. As they head to bed, Caduceus finds his thoughts wandering back to the visions they saw in Vokodo’s dying moments. The Living City defied the natural order of life: a perversion of everything he holds sacred. He is left with a sense of coldness and fear – he can understand the terror that drove Vokodo.

5 more days until Traveler Con. Jester checks in on the crew, who have found the ships but are struggling with how to get them OUT of the cavern. Caduceus takes a group to start marking out the path and clearing things out to make it safer. He casts commune, asking the Wildmother about the Living City, but she has no answers: whatever it is, it’s beyond the gods. Caleb makes another programmed illusion on the beach, pointing out the path to the village. Beau makes a dance floor fighting ring and Yasha builds out the arts & crafts area. Fjord works on lodging, seeing what repairs are needed and adding beds. Another group leaves for Marquet. 4 days left.

A bigger group leaves for Zadash and the Nein go into the jungle to hunt a T-rex for food. Jester tracks its footprints to an animal carcass, discovering two sets of dino tracks. They continue after the bigger one, hoping that it might be older and more feeble. Eventually, they come upon an older, albino T-rex sleeping under the watch of carrion birds. The party attacks, with Caduceus casting ray of enfeeblement and Caleb turning into another T-rex. Beau is chomped upon, but Caduceus’s support keeps her alive. Fjord’s Eldritch Blasts kill the dinosaur and they figure out that Caleb!Rex can drag the body out, especially once Jester polymorphs into another T-rex to help him. They drag the carcass back to the village, successful in their hunting trip.


With three days left, another round of attendees arrive, including Kovak, the gnoll Jester met in Asarius. Jester is pleased to see him and directs him to Doran for nicer lodgings. Caduceus finishes the path to the top of the volcano and Caleb casts another programmed image, to Jester’s delight. While setting up a bar, Beau makes the acquaintance of a rockabilly halfling lutist named Kent Plucker, who helps her stock the alcohol. Beau irritates Kent with her flippant attitude towards the Traveler, but the bar is ready and day 4 comes to a close.

Jester brings up their shared vision of the Living City and Caduceus mentions his own fears about it. Yasha reminds them about Molly’s tattoos, how he had nine eyes that refused to take ink. They know it’s a big question, but the Nein are torn on if this is something to worry about or if it’s just weirdness from the Astral Sea. They decide to table the conversation to focus on Traveler Con. Jester reminds them that they are representatives of the Traveler. They come up with “Let chaos reign” as a saying, accompanied by a… specific hand motion.

Over the next two days, many more people arrive, and on Traveler Con Eve, there are over 100 followers of the Traveler crowding the village and taking part in the festivities. The Traveler, glamored for everyone but the Nein, tells them how excited he is to soon be rid of his responsibilities. He expresses his appreciation for their help, despite not being fans of him. Jester speaks with him privately, telling him that she’s proud of his growth. While the Traveler appreciates her words, he needed her guidance just as much. He reminds her that the strength he’s given her is a boost, not a source. She tells him he will always be her best friend, but he believes in savoring temporary things.


Veth seeks out Vilya, sitting by herself and uncomfortable with the frivolities. Vilya’s duties are finished, but she’s nervous about going home. Veth can relate to missing her child and being unsure of her place in the world. But at some point, you have to go home. Vilya asks if the Nein would be upset if she left without saying goodbye, but Veth tells her they will understand. They thrive on unfinished business. Vilya gives Veth three flowers – a pink one for Caduceus, to remind him that he protects the green that keeps many alive. A blue one for Fjord, so new in his faith, to remind him that nature is there to protect him. And a white one for Yasha’s collection. To everyone else, she simply says thank you.

Veth promises to give out the flowers and Vilya tells her that she’ll be able to see her own child soon. Vilya opens the tree and Veth can see Zephra before her. A woman with red hair and antlers, wearing a beautiful mantle, turns and looks, clasping a hand to her chest in surprise. Vilya steps through the tree and the red-haired woman begins running to her. The tree closes as Veth says goodbye.

That is it for Episode 107 of Critical Role!


  • Don’t touch me, I’m still crying over Vilya and Keyleth’s reunion.
  • I love this Moonweaver idea so much, especially when Caduceus brought up that she’s often depicted as blue in the stories.
  • Tomorrow is Traveler Con and I think this might…maybe work?? Could this be a solid plan?? Messing with gods has never backfired on anyone before!
  • Oh Mighty Nein.

Anyway, catch Episode 108 on Thursday, September 3rd at 7pm Pacific on, or a week later on our podcast. Is it Thursday, yet?

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