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New show alert: Learn the mechanics of D&D with Critical Role!

A closer look at our bad ass Vol. II cover art!

Our fan art gallery for the week of 8/13!

We hope that you all enjoyed Honey Heist 2: Electric Beargaloo — There were many unbearable puns, a plethora of dick jokes, and too many laughs to count. In celebration of Marisha Ray’s Honey Heist series, we wanted to share some of the incredible fan art that our community has created around our favorite group […]

PuMATT Prime made an appearance at our Gen Con booth!

Our fan art gallery for the week of 8/6!

Our August 2018 fan art and GIF of the week roundup!

Our second art book is coming this fall!

Our weekly fan art gallery for the week of 7/30!

Brian raids Taliesin’s closet!

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