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This week’s Bells Hells playlist dives into the moral mindset of Orym, curated by Liam O’Brien.

Our playlists are curated carefully by each player and our previous character playlists can be found on Spotify via the official Critical Role profile or you can listen to the playlist embedded below. For more music selections inspired by Orym, check out his first playlist from Exandria Unlimited, here.

Lead the Way, Liam!


Orym has been rolling around in my mind for ages now, predating Herr Widogast even, and I’m so happy to be getting to know him better at the table. He’s evolved and changed over the years, but by the time we sat down to play our Dalen’s Closet one shot with Vox Machina, Orym as you know him was already waiting in the wings. He’s a hopeful little guy, as this list of songs will attest. Exactly the kind of hero I needed right now.

Here’s to humble beginnings and the roads they lead to.


Wish You Were Here (cover) – Jim Well Tempered

Orym has made his peace. But some nights, it’s a little harder.

Man on the Moon – Zella Day

Orym and Will grew up together, trained together, and served together as Tempest Blades. And of course, fell utterly and blissfully in love.

He Did – Anaïs Mitchell

Following his footsteps.

West Coast – Imagine Dragons

Will asked, and Orym said yes.

Small Hands – Radical Face

The Halfling has a good heart, bless him. Yes, he has lost in life, like most have. But with years of wandering and wondering under his belt, Orym still holds onto his need to do right by home, to hold others up, and shield them in the face of danger. There is a lot of joy in helping others.

Man on a Mission – Oh the Larceny

Years went by without any answers or resolution. Orym traveled for most of that time, a son of the wind, lending a hand wherever he was able. But when the Voice of the Tempest summoned him home and offered him new purpose, it brought a drive and clarity that Orym had been missing for a very long time.

Look Up – Joy Oladokun

Traveling Tal’Dorei and beyond, the road goes on and on and on.

We’re Going to be Friends – The White Stripes

There is no good explanation for the Bells Hells. They are a bunch of stray-sheep, C Team misfits. But love and friendship defy things like reason and logic, and for whatever reason, it just. feels. right. Everybody into the blanket fort.

I Lost a Friend – Finneas

One got away though.

June Hymn – The Decemberists

Druidcraft, the most powerful spell.

Low Red Moon – Belly

What does it mean, Matthew?

Carry on Wayward Son – Kansas

Halfway across Exandria, Orym still hears their voices.

Clair de Lune – Lofi Fruits Music, Chill Fruits Music

Golden hour on the cliffs of Zephra, the day giving over to night. Brothers and sisters of the Tempest Blades slowly stepping through their forms in unison, flower petals drifting on the wind. Home.

Official character art by Hannah Friederichs (@agarthanguide)

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