An Important Announcement Regarding Critical Role

Written by on June 18, 2018

Bidet, Critters!

We have been working behind-the-scenes on a lot of amazing things over the past few months and we are incredibly excited to share some new announcements with you today!

You have graciously welcomed us into your hearts and homes, followed us on adventures through Tal’Dorei and Wildemount, and watched Matthew facepalm 324 times (thanks, CritRole Stats!). Now, we’re very excited to announce a few new changes here at Critical Role. Check out our very first State of the Role video below and a quick recap of the announcement below.


We have our very own studio now! This will allow us the opportunity to make even more shows for you. We’re incredibly excited to have a space of our very own — this is a huge step towards our future.

Our official YouTube and Twitch channels are launching today. Over the next few months, we’ll roll out new shows on both, helmed by the cast of Critical Role — including Marisha’s Honey Heist 2 (Electric Beargaloo) and Matthew’s fireside chat and NPC build, both of which were part of our last 826LA campaign. We will have more to share about our new shows soon so please be sure to keep an eye on our Twitch and YouTube channels and follow and subscribe.

An important housekeeping note: Critical Role will be dark on July 5, 2018 while we move our sets into our new studio.


Critical Role is 100% creator-owned and this means that we have the freedom to be as adventurous and creative as we can be. The cast will continue to manage and lead all aspects of Critical Role’s business and creative ventures.


We have our very own online shop now! Moving forward, all new products will be released in the Critical Role shop. And we’re very excited to launch our very first Mighty Nein t-shirt, which was designed by fellow Critter Bryan Weiss at RPG + Co. and GearHouse Studios. This shirt is available right now in our brand new online store.


Moving forward, you will find our weekly fan art gallery right here on… and we’re also working on a new cosplay series to highlight our amazing cosplayers every month. We will have more about that soon.


We also wouldn’t have the opportunity to branch out on our own without your support, love, and this community. Changes like this are so important for us and we are focused on staying true to ourselves and to you as we continue to grow. We feel incredibly fortunate that we have had the rare opportunity to live out our dreams — all of which is due to you.

If you have any questions at all, please drop a comment below. We’re all listening to your feedback, always and forever.

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