Talks Machina: July 2018 Fan Art and GIF of the Week Winners!

Written by on July 10, 2018

The Talks Machina team selects their favorite fan art and GIFs each week, submitted to us via email. This is our July 2018 winners thread and you can check back right here for the rest of our monthly winners.

All that you have to do to snag your own GIF of the Week and Fan Art of the Week prize is email your submission to  The cut off for submission is Tuesdays at 9am Pacific and our contest is only open to residents of the United States and Canada (excluding Quebec). Check out our official rules here and check out our June winners listing here.

A very special congrats to all of our winners — we appreciate all of the time, love, and effort that you put into your creations each week.

#StayTurnt, friends… and don’t forget to love each other.

JULY 10TH, 2018

Discussing C2E25: Divergent Paths with Ashley and Sam

Fan Art of the Week


Congrats, Heather Hood (@TotalPartyKillr)!

GIF of the Week

Congrats, Sean Fuller!

JULY 17TH, 2018

Discussing C2E26: Found & Lost with Taliesin, Matthew, and Ashly

Fan Art of the Week

Congrats, Emi Linders (@jesttothenines)!

GIF of the Week

Wildemount Breaking News Critical Role C2E26

Congrats, Claudia Z. (/u/rndmanswrs4rndmqstns)!

JULY 31st, 2018

Discussing C2E27 & C2E28 with Taliesin and Sumalee. Please note that we had two winners tonight since we aired our SDCC panel in place of Talks Machina on 7/24.

Fan Art of the Week (C2E27)

Congrats, Joanna Johnen (@RavennoWithTea)!

GIF of the Week (C2E27)

Congrats, Siobhan Beaumont (@vonnie_bee)!

Fan Art of the Week (C2E28)


Congrats, Angie Gone (@agonethetic)!

GIF of the Week (C2E28)

Congrats, Kris Chapman (@CrivensFeegle)!

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