NEW: Official Critical Role Miniatures

Written by on June 25, 2018

Over the past few years, so many of you have asked us to create Critical Role miniatures… and we’re very proud to announce today that we have delivered! Our minis are available right now on Kickstarter!

We’ve partnered with our friends at Steamforged, one of the leaders in PVC minis, to create two special mini sets, including Campaign 1’s own Vox Machina and Campaign 2’s Mighty Nein. You’ll receive 8 minis (and a few Kickstarter backer exclusives!) from each campaign. And, the best part — each backer will receive our special Kickstarter set that includes everything that you see below!

Vox Machina: Keyleth, Grog, Percy, Pike, Scanlan, Vax, Vex, Trinket

And, bonus Kickstarter backer exclusives: Tary, Doty

Mighty Nein: Beauregard, Caleb, Fjord, Jester, Nott, Mollymauk, Yasha, Shakäste

And, bonus Kickstarter backer exclusives: Pumat Prime and 3 additional Pumat simulacrums

Our Kickstarter will be live at noon Pacific on Tuesday, June 26 and run until July 6th at noon Pacific. Click here to check out the project right now on Kickstarter and reserve a set of your own Critical Role minis!

Check out our gallery of each mini below. You can click or tap on each mini to be taken into our gallery viewing experience.


Edit: This article was edited on 6/26 to include the live Kickstarter link and promo video from Matthew and Marisha.

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