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This week’s penultimate playlist showcases the journey of our favorite pop-popping Expositor, Beauregard Lionett.

Our playlists are curated carefully by each Critical Role cast member and our previous character playlists can be found on Spotify via the official Critical Role account or you can listen to the playlist embedded below. The rest of this Mighty Nein installment will roll out weekly on Fridays. If you missed last week’s playlist (Caduceus Clay #2) be sure to check it out, here.

And now, turning it over to our very own punching-enthusiast, Marisha Ray.



Bring Da Ruckus by Wu-Tang Clan

“Marisha, I’m surprised Bring Da Ruckus didn’t make the cut!” Yes, this was probably the most asked about song after I released my first Beau playlist. In truth, this classic from the Wu-Tang Clan has been on my private playlist since the beginning. It wasn’t included in the first batch, because in a way, I didn’t feel like Beau had earned it yet. The Mighty Nein were still a bunch of runts, stumbling through battles, barely making it out alive (some didn’t). But now, with that freshly accrued Expositor status, I can safely say that Beau and the rest of the Mighty Nein can bring the motherfuckin’ ruckus!

Bad Reputation by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

Speaking of that Expositor status! Heh. Look, we know that Beau has never been great with respecting bureaucracy and authority, and that’s certainly not going to change just because she has gained a modicum of respect within the Cobalt Soul. Beau is here to get shit done, and sometimes that means there’s no time to wait for approval or permission. While listening to this song, picture the Mighty Nein teleporting from library to library, dodging monks as Beau shouts “There’s no time to explain!” She’s the living embodiment of that old adage, “sometimes it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.” And even then… fuck you, Beau’s not apologizing.

I Need a Woman to Love by Kesha

On the surface, Beau certainly projects big disaster horn dog vibes with an extra side of relish. But in all honesty, a lot of that is a front designed to hide how utterly terrified she is of ending up alone. While she has certainly been lucky in lust, you can’t really say she has been lucky in love. Ultimately, all she really wants is someone to hold, and someone to hold her.

Undo by Transviolet

The conversation in Ep. 92, Home is Where the Heart Is, that Beau had when she was reunited with her father, was probably one of the most frustrating and traumatizing conversations I’ve ever had…. and it was role-playing! The damage Thereau has done to Beau is immeasurable. But in time, Beau has grown, quite a lot. She harnessed that pain and used it to propel her forward. Now, she is on the path of realizing that the pain that shaped her no longer needs to define her. This song from Transviolet perfectly embodies her thoughts towards her father. The dismissive rhetoric; the cyclical blame; the proverbial comfort blanket that comes with, “I did my best, didn’t I?” Beau has accepted her responsibility in what transpired. We will see if Thereau has the strength to truly do the same.

Something I Can Never Have by Nine Inch Nails

Of course, being “Undone” has its pros and cons. “I always find the most creative ways to destroy myself.”

Enter the Hag.

Beau has finally found the thing that makes her feel whole. So, when Nott began talking about the inevitable… the end of The Mighty Nein, Beau began to revert into her old, self-destructive habits. In her head, if she can control how she loses her friends, maybe it will be less painful, no matter how premature or outlandish that thought might be. And here, fresh off the heels of her reunion with her father, is this hag in the woods. The shadow without a light source that lingers over the Lionett family. Family: something I can never have. The fear of losing the one thing that she cares for above all else is almost too much to bear. This could be her only chance to control how it all goes away. You make this all go away.

It’s easy to say this was Beau’s darkest moment. But luckily….

I’m a Funny Dame by Eartha Kitt

… She has her family. Consider this Beau’s love letter to the motley Might Nein. It was as simple as hearing “we were never going to let you do that” accompanied by the perplexed expressions of her friends to break through the toxic screams echoing in her head that were pushing her towards self-sabotage. Beau might not be great at saying it, but damn it Mighty Nein, I love ya.

Right Through You by Alanis Morissette

Ahh, the Traveler. You dick. While this song is from a first person perspective, the defensive suspicions work too well for Beau’s disposition towards this self-proclaimed “god”. All Jester has to do is say the word, and her army with ammunition on our backs will rush to her side.

Serenading in the Trenches by Sondre Lerche

No one can deny that the awkward flirtations between Yasha and Beau are unique to these disaster lesbians. A crush forged in battle. Glances over our shoulders to see if we can steal away the others eyeline from the deadly beast we’re fighting just for one reckless second. Just to see…

Bad Girls by M.I.A.

I gotta throw in an anthem dedicated to the ladies of M9. Chaos Crew FOR LIFE. <queue slow-mo walk and explosions>

Rye Whiskey by The Pirates Charles

The nights the Nein have spent bonding on the sea are some of my favorite moments in the campaign. Sometimes the quiet brings out the best in us. Or it’s the booze… probably the booze. Also, I have to give a shout out to my friends who are a part of this pirate band, Chris Benton AKA Muppet, and Capt. Diggity AKA Sunshine (Because of course we’d have talented, eccentric friends who are in a pirate band. <3 Love you both.)


Playlist art by Vincent Desmond (@hierothraxs)


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